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Ordinary Editor
Name xctan
Species Human
Ability Ability to edit Moegirlpedia
User groups ordinary Autoconfirmed users,
ordinary Users
Pages edited 144 pages
Editing Times 564 times
Fighting capacity 185
Age 15
Constellation Pisces
Hair color & pupil color black
Mainly act-range bilibili, Moegirlpedia

This user is a Chinese native speaker.

He has dug many holes and it seems too much to fill.

This user is a fan of Touhou Project.

He likes musics of Touhou Project very much.
His favorite characters are Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame.

He recently changed Moegirlpedia logo by editing his CSS. You can find it below.
He is a Houkai 3rd player.

My sandbox(es) and CSS(s)

To-do list

  1. Create Touhou character pages.
  2. Set down standard.
  3. Create Vocaloid character & song pages.
  4. Move templates from zhmoe.