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Jatingja b.gif
Name JatingJa (จ๊ะทิงจา)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Moe Points hairpin, animal skin clothing, shota, singer, Thai school uniform, mascot
From Thailand
Active in Thailand, etc.
จ้ามาจ๊ะทิงจา มาจ๊ะทิงจา มาจ๊ะทิงจา...
Jama Jating jama jating jama JatingJa...

JatingJa (Thai: จ๊ะทิงจา) is the mascot of Thai television station JatingJa.


JatingJa is the mascot of Thailand's television station JatingJa. He has his hair held in a bun with a hairpin, wears animal print cloth.

He also has a theme song with the same name.

The TV station JatingJa was launched in 2008, and it is aimed at children and families. Its programming are cartoons and some Thai costume dramas.

Theme song



  • Zig-zagged bangs, with a bun held by a hairpin.
  • Wears a one-shoulder animal skin dress, like the prehistoric people.
  • Is barefoot, sometimes wearing straw sandals with flip-flops.
  • His "Jama Jating, jama Jating, jama JatingJa..." is a verbal tic.

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