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Name Air Girl
Eye Color blue
Hair Color white
Moe Points
From Atmosphere of Earth
Active in Atmosphere of Earth

Air Girl, also known as Heaven Girl, is an moe anthropomorphic of air.


Air Girl is the sister of Land Girl and Sea Girl, and is also a subordinate of Earth Girl.

Air Girl has long white hair and blue pupils and wears a dress. Unlike Land Girl or Sea Girl, Air Girl's presence is weaker and people are less likely to notice her presence, so her color is translucent, but like Land Girl and Sea Girl, she is a necessary presence to beings in the biosphere.

She has a powerful energy shield, the ozone layer, against all kinds of cosmic rays that can harm the creatures on Earth.

She also has a powerful physical defense (ionosphere) that vaporizes the large number of small celestial bodies that fall towards the Earth Mother.

In addition, Air Girl is not completely transparent, her clothes will appear blue when the light from the Sun Girl shines on her, and black when no sunlight passes through her at night, and both Star light and Moon light are not strong enough to illuminate her.

In order to keep Earth Girl warm, she always holds Earth Girl and does not let Earth Girl get cold.

Unlike Earth Girl and Ocean Girl, Air Girl does not have separate men in charge of different regions, but Wind Girl, Cloud Girl, Weather Girl, etc. are all Air Girl's subordinates.