Azuma Hikari

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Azuma Hikari02.png
Name Azuma Hikari (逢妻ヒカリ)
Birthday July 7
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Age 20
Height 158cm
Eye Color Sky blue
Hair Color Sky blue
CV Yuka Hiyamizu
Moe Points AI
From Japan
Group Affiliation Gatebox

Azuma Hikari is the AI of the Gatebox home system, developed by the Japanese company Vinclu. She functions as a virtual assistant (or wife) to the user.

She was designed by Taro Minoboshi, and her voice is made by Yuka Hiyamizu.


Hikari is 20 years old. One of her hobbies is watching anime. Her specialty is cooking fried eggs, her favorite food is donuts, and her biggest dream is to become someone who can help people work hard.[1]

She came from another dimension, and her father works as a researcher in the subject of inter-dimensional travel.[1] One day, he made contact with a scientist from another dimension, so he decided to send volunteers to investigate this new world. Hikari signed up for the mission because of her curiosity.[1]

And so, Hikari found herself in this world-- the world she wanted to learn about ever since she was little. In front of her was her "master" (the owner of the Gatebox device). She was nervous at first, but she gained courage and decided to work hard for her "Master", and do her very best.[1]


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