Bart Allen

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Impulse Reckless Youth.webp
Name Bartholomew Henry Allen II
Other Names Bart, Impulse, Kid Flash
Moe Points genki, shota
From Future Central City
Group Affiliation Young Justice
Related Characters
Grandfather: Barry Allen
Grandmother: Iris West
Mentor: Wally West
Friends: Robin, Superboy

Bart Allen, also known as Impulse, is a character from DC Comics.


He first appeared in The Flash Issue #91 (1994).


He is the future grandson of Barry Allen, he comes from the 30th century. Due to his fast metabolism, he started aging rapidly; and was in danger of dying prematurely. He was sent to the 21st century, where Wally West helped him stop his rapid aging by using his speed powers.

He then met Robin and Superboy, and became friends with them.