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Nightwing (2018) Issue 39 Variant Cover.jpg
Name Richard "Dick" Grayson
Other Names Robin
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Moe Points superhero
From Gotham City
Group Affiliation Teen Titans, Batman Family
Related Characters
Girlfriend/Wife: Starfire

Nightwing is a character in the comics published by the American company DC Comics.


As a child, he, along with his family, were part of a group of circus acrobats called "The Flying Graysons". However, during a performance, a terrible accident happened which took away the lives of his parents, leaving him an orphan.

Some time later, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne, and later became his sidekick in crimefighting, the original Robin. But as he matured, he outgrew this identity.

He was also a member of the Teen Titans, and had a crush on fellow member Starfire.