Born to Die (Yuezheng Ling)

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Illustration by Qian Liang Liang Liang Zi
Pinyin: Xiàng Sǐ Ér Shēng
English: Born to Die
Uploaded on July 16, 2019
71,000+ bilibili views
Yuezheng Ling
Yuezheng Longya, Mo Qingxian, Xingchen, Luo Tianyi (chorus)
Jiang Wu Luan Wan (composition, arrangement, mixing & tuning)
Tong Ying (lyrics)
Qian Liang Liang Liang Zi (Illustration)
Shu Nian Ci (Visual Art)
Feimi Yinghua (PV)


"Born to Die" is a VOCALOID Chinese original song by TheSeaing, submitted to bilibili by Jiang Wu Luan Wan on July 16, 2019, sung by Yuezheng Ling, Yuezheng Longya, Mo Qingxian, Xingchen, Luo Tianyi as chorus.

The high and penetrating "whistle register" is tuned to express the hope and love for life.

The vocalist Zu Ya Na Xi also sings.


VC ver.
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vocal ver.
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English translation

This is a rock track with a harmonic minor key with swing rhythm type. I was often exposed to tunes like this when I first learned guitar in college.
When tuning it, I tried a Bb5 whistle register with Ling to match the feel of the vocals. Fantastic!!!
Tong Tong is very careful to fill in the words with his own friends' experience, wanting to know the background of the composition of the words can go to the vocal ver. at the top of the comments to taste in detail.

— VC ver. attachment



English translation

The reason for writing this song is because of a friend of bilibili.
On March 18 this year, he sent me a private message, leaving his bilibili account and password, saying that he wanted to say goodbye to the world, saying that he didn't know why the last person he thought of would be me.
At that time I was really shocked, the first time I saw it, I replied to him in a hurry, for fear that a bad thing would happen in time.
I chatted with him while asking for help with bilibili editors, while tweeting out space to ask for help from all my friends, until he sent me a blood-soaked photo and never replied, I asked for help from human customer service to help contact him three times under the guidance of editors.
At 5:18 pm that day, he said to me, thanks to the stranger, was saved and did not die.
I really breathed a sigh of relief, although in my various anxiety and nervousness to seek help, colleagues have told me that this is a joke with me and do not take it seriously, but what if? I dare not and can not bet on the odds.
I told him that we send each other a message every day to talk casually, if you do not persist I will go to you.
I told him not to think about what to save, you yourself is the light ah, you like nameless love letter, but the story of "you", is the healed self, not what others.
I don't know what I can do to help him, but now we talk every day in private messages, as a simple pact to give ourselves hope.

You know what?
The clearest star in the pupil can only be completely extinguished by yourself.
Most people live a very hard life and are under a lot of pressure.
"There is no way to stop the tiredness, there is no escape from the suffering."
We have no way to escape, no beliefs, we can always expect only ourselves.
Martin Heidegger said, "When you are infinitely close to death, you can deeply appreciate the meaning of life."
But those so-called life to death, which one is not to hold the desperate despair will be accidentally triggered by a ray of life?
I have written the phrase "crying in life and laughing in death."
Life is much more difficult than death, but when you come to this earthly life, how can you see only the gray side of the world? You have to go to see the magnificent refraction of the aurora borealis in the sky, see a Halley's comet visit the earth, see the meteor shower falling together, see the early morning dew hanging budding flowers, see the unexpected warmth around ...... see all the beauty and tenderness in this world.
These chicken soup-like words can cause others to resonate. I do not know, but you must know!
Living towards death is not worthy of respect! Respectable is rooted in the darkness and can still be born to the sun! Respectable is the desperate who can not give up the desire to live!
I hope that every one of you in front of the screen is worthy of respect.
Look, when the last star of the eternal night hangs helplessly and falls down.
Beautiful flowers will bloom in the desolation.
It will explode out of the flow of colorful haze.

— Lyricist Tong Ying posted in vocal ver. video comment section


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无从止歇的累 无法回避的苦
Tiredness that can't be stopped, suffering that can't be avoided
无路可逃的人们 沉默熄灭了灯烛
The people who have no way to escape Silence extinguishes the candle
无止境的奔赴 无能为力认输
The endless running, the inability to admit defeat
无人问津的心 绝望缠绕攀附
The heart that no one asks for, the desperate winding and climbing

当天尽头最后一颗星星无力悬挂 坠落下
When the last star at the end of the sky hangs helplessly and falls down
The end of the night will come and the beautiful flowers will bloom}
(绝处逢生 挣扎出的花)
(The flower that comes out of the struggle to survive)
Hidden beneath 6,000 miles of barren land in a quiet glacier
心脏满腔炽热 要将积雪融化
Heart full of fervor to melt the snow

有人说向死而生 是生命无限可能
Some say to live from the dead is the infinite possibility of life
熬过末日亡冬的绝望 同希望相逢
Surviving the despair of the dying winter and meeting hope
命运反复嘲弄 羡蜉蝣暮死朝生
Fate repeatedly mocks, envying the death of the mayfly
Let the darkness consume the fire in my hands

无从止歇的累 无法回避的苦
Tiredness that cannot be stopped, suffering that cannot be avoided
无路可逃的人们 都被自己紧紧束缚
People who have no way to escape are bound by themselves
无止境的奔赴 无能为力认输
The endless rush, the inability to admit defeat
无人问津的心 伤得体无完肤
The heart that no one asks for is wounded to the core

当天尽头最后一颗星星无力悬挂 坠落下
When the last star at the end of the sky is unable to hang and falls down
When the last star at the end of the sky is unable to hang, the night will explode into a colorful haze
A grain of sand that was mistakenly entered into the shell of a clam years ago
经岁月打磨成珍珠 绽放光华
Polished by the years into a pearl and blossom

用青春作为筹码 梦想一定会抵达
With youth as a bargaining chip, the dream will definitely arrive
伤口会结痂然后 任由时间治愈抹平它
The wound will scab over and then let time heal and smooth it out
Scholars always like to write philosophical words
可哪个向死而生不是走投无路 毫无办法
But which life to death is not a desperate and helpless one?

有人说向死而生 是生命无限可能
Some people say that life after death is a life of infinite possibilities.
熬过了末日亡冬 才同希望[1]相逢
It is only after surviving the end of winter that meet hope
命运反复嘲弄 羡蜉蝣暮死朝生
Fate repeatedly mocks, envying the mayflies that die and live
Unwilling to let the darkness consume the flame that is extinguished in my hands

我说向死而生 是破釜沉舟的孤勇
I say to die and live is the solitary courage to break through
敢抛弃一切的坦诚 是明知而无畏的骁勇
The courage to leave everything behind, the courage to know and not be afraid
是绝路逢生后 还敢同世界相拥
It is the courage to embrace the world even after you have survived
熬过漫长永夜后 阳光轻吻过伤痛
After a long night, the sunlight kisses the pain
The warmth to continue the journey
  1. actually sings "绝望"。