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Number One Foodie in the World!
Luo Tianyi.jpg
V3 official character design
Name 洛天依Luò Tiānyī
Other Names Luo Tianyi
Birthday July 12
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Age 15
Height 156cm
Eye Color green
Hair Color grey
Character Voicing Shan Xin (Chinese)
Kano (Japanese)
Moe Points foodie, singer, tennen boke, genki, uniform, acting cute
From China
Group Affiliation Vsinger
Related Characters
VSingers: Yuezheng Ling, Yan He...
C.D. Draft: Yayin GongyuThis page does exist in English Moegirlpedia. You can still refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: 雅音宫羽. (zh:雅音宫羽)

Luo Tianyi (Chinese:洛天依Luò Tiānyī) is a Chinese VOCALOID voicebank formerly developed by Bplats, Inc.[citation needed] and created in collaboration with Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co. Ltd. Her voice was provided by the Chinese voice actress Shan Xin.

She was originally released in July 2012 for use with the VOCALOID3 engine, the first released VOCALOID with a Chinese voicebank.

In 2017, her Chinese voicebank was updated to VOCALOID4; a Japanese voicebank was also released, with voice from Shan Xin and the utaite Kano.

Official Character Description

Luo Tianyi is a somewhat shy girl who is sensitive to others' emotions. She admires earlier Vocaloids who have created history in the human world; she dreamed to be a Vocaloid that can touch hearts and spread happiness with her voice.

All of a sudden, she was summoned one day with an important mission and came to the human world as a Vocaloid.

She has the gentle empathy in that she will shed tear for others; and the staunch persistence in that she will not give up no matter the obstacles.

Since she is new to the human world, she knows nothing about human language. She couldn't talk to others and could only express her feeling and melody in her heart by singing.

Basic Information

  • Name: Luo Tianyi
  • Character design by: MOTH & ideolo (V3 official), TID (V4 official)
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 156cm
  • Appearance: silver hair, green pupil, circle braid, a piece of jasper on her neck, a Chinese knot on her waist
  • Representative color: Tianyi Blue (color code: #66CCFF)
  • Spirit of music: "Tian Dian" (Chinese: 天钿)
  • Voicebank source: Shan Xin (V3, V4 Chinese); Shan Xin and Kano (V4 Japanese)
  • Voicebank producer: G.K (V3), 人形兎This page does not exist in English Moegirlpedia yet. You may want to refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: 人形兎. (zh:人形兎) (V4 Power)[1]
  • Releasing date of Chinese voice bank: July 12, 2012 (V3) ; December 30, 2017 (V4)
  • Releasing date of Japanese voice bank: May 21, 2018 (V4)
  • Tone of Chinese Voicebank: Original (V3) / Normal (V4), Power (V4)
  • Tone of Japanese Voicebank: Normal, Sweet
  • Musical instrument: Microphone
  • Optimum tempo: 80-170 BPM
  • Optimum range: A2-D4
  • Nickname: Number One Foodie in the World; The girl on the top of the food chain

Character Design

Luo Tianyi's official character design was created by Ideolo based on the character Yayin Gongyu (Chinese: 雅音宫羽) designed by MOTH, chosen from the "VOCALOID China Project Singer Audition"[2] Her design was officially released on March 22nd, 2012; the original character design of Yayin Gongyu was not used verbatim on Luo Tianyi.

The relationship between Luo and Yayin are not that of original and spin-off designs; instead, it is that of official and draft designs.

The character design for the V4C and V4J voicebanks are both drawn by TID.

About the name

The full name is from Tiānyī Shēngshuǐ (天一生水) in Luòshū (書)[3]. [4]

Cover and configuration of V3 library

洛天依V3声库封面.jpg 1065.JPG


On March 22nd, 2016, Vsinger posted on Weibo announcing that the work of upgrading Luo Tianyi to V4 had started.

On July 15th, 2016, the new outfit for performance appeared at Firefly Carnival of Anime and Game (Guangzhou).

On July 24th, 2016, Luo Tianyi's V4 DEBUT AR figure appeared at Bilibili Macro Link 2016, and she sang the new song Night Dance with "V4 Power" tone, and sang CONNECT with "V4 Normal" tone。

On December 8th, 2016, at Vsinger official Conference & AR Live Melody across the Galaxy, she sang the new song Light follower with V4 voicebank.

On June 9th, 2017, the official weibo account of Luo Tianyi posted a blog announcing that Luo Tianyi's V4C and V4J would be put on sale, and the cover of the library was published.

On September 15th, 2017, the official weibo account of Luo Tianyi posted a blog, officially published the pre-sale information of of Luo Tianyi V4C Library.

On December 30th, 2017, V4C library was officially on sale.

On August 16th, 2018, the official weibo account of Luo Tianyi posted a blog, officially published the presale message and the audition song Lies Are The Start of Love嘘つきは恋のはじまり)。

On May 21st, 2018, V4J library was officially on sale.

300px 洛天依V4声库中文版封面.jpg 洛天依V4声库日文版封面.jpg

Official Albums

Secondary Persona

The chapter below overviews some famous secondary personas of Luo Tianyi, their origin, and their influence.


Before the release of the V3 voicebank, the official website of VOCALOID China uploaded demo songs of Luo Tianyi. One of them is A Millennial Menu of China produced by H.K.kun.

The song told a story of Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling who paid the bills traveling around China and tasting different foods.

On 3 July 2012, the day after the release, the Nightmare of Xmas Eve posted the PV of A Millennial Menu of China to Bilibili. The song's cute and charming lyrics, melody, and music video lead the audiences into a journey through Chinese cuisines; it had a great reaction. This song became the first Luo Tianyi song to reach 100,000 views, and has gained 1,000,000 views in 2016.

In the description of the song, Luo Tianyi was called "Number one foodie in the world" [5]. Influenced by A Millennial Menu of China, the foodie trait became almost an integral part of Luo's persona; works like Feeding Song for Luo TianyiThis page does not exist in English Moegirlpedia yet. You may want to refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: 洛天依投食歌. (zh:洛天依投食歌) were produced, and the fan base of Luo often proclaim themselves as the Foodie Party, with A Millennial Menu of China being the Song of the Party[6].

Henian soon recognized "foodie" as part of the official character persona; steamed stuffed bun was deemed her favorite food. Luo Tianyi advertised for brands like Three Squirrels, Mirinda, Vita lemon tea, Pizza Hut, and Nescafe, and great songs were produced for these commercials.

Notably, Shan Xin, the source of Luo's voicebank, is known for her strength and appetite; there were even urban legends of Shan Xin eating her fans. Thus the foodie trait could also be inherited from her dad. [7]

Traditional suit

Elements in Luo's character design made illustrators prefer to add some elements from traditional Chinese culture; thus, traditional Chinese dresses, including hanfu and cheongsam are common in illustrations featuring Luo.

Luo performed twice on CCTV: once in 2018, on Everlasting Classics S1E5, when she sang "Danyuan Ren Changjiu" (Chinese: 但愿人长久) with Wang Peiyu, a famous Bejing Opera performer; the other time in 2020, on the Little Chunwan when she sang "Jasmine" with Dimash, a Kazakh singer. In both performances, Luo wore traditional dresses.

According to ratings and media coverages of these programs, the traditional suit is probably the most well-known and well-accepted dress of Luo, even more famous than the dresses from the official character designs since those have yet to appear on national media like CCTV.


The persona of "dark Tianyi" appeared in some songs; and it is favored by quite a few creators because of the gap between it and Tianyi's original "cute" personality.

No one knows the origin of this persona, and the earliest clearly "dark" song of Luo Tianyi is probably Heart bitten posted on Aug. 1st on Bilibili by PoKeR.

However, because reversal songs often has "horrifying" or "violent" elements, it's limited by the goverment and becoming more and more rare.

(To be implemented)


(To be implemented)

Notes and external links

  1. The "V4 Normal Voicebank" is based on the original V3 voicebank fine-tuned by 人形兎.
  2. an activity from December 12th 2011 to January 17th aiming to pick character designs for Vsinger; this is not an official translation.
  3. a magic square discovered in ancient China
  4. from a blog posted by Shan Xin in 2017
  5. The name is a neta of 世界第一的公主殿下 (lit. No.1 princess in the world), a nickname of Hatsune Miku that is derived from the commonly used Chinese title of her song World is Mine.
  6. which is also a neta. Fans of Hatsune Miku call "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru" their Song of the Party, so A Millennial Menu of China is promoted likewise, a nod to its importance to Luo Tianyi.
  7. This is not a mistake: Chinese sometimes jokingly use male pronouns on females to poke fun at their tomboyish qualities; many female use male pronouns on themselves in the same spirit.