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The V4 Official Art, with MATCHA on the right
Name Kobayashi Matcha
Birthday September 13
Horoscope Virgo
Blood Type AB
Height 158cm
Eye Color green
Hair Color green
CV Ayaka Ōhashi
Moe Points Excellent Student, sharp tongue, Tsundere
Related Characters
LoversMasaoka Azuki Friends: Yuzu Yosano, Ono Koume

Kobayashi Matcha is the debut character of SEGA's project "project575" and its derivative works.


Kobayashi Matcha (こばやしまっちゃ), the constellation is the Virgo of thousands of hates, a girl with good character and academic excellence. Founded (?) project575 with Masaoka Azuki, she likes haiku. Occasionally be attacked by Azuki

An honest, introverted, calm, and composed girl. She is a prudent character who doesn't expose his feelings too much.

Have a unique worldview and occasionally say thorny things to people around him.

Her hobby is making doujinshi.

The name refers to Kobayashi Issa, a Haiman from the Tokugawa shogunate, and "Matcha" corresponds to the character's representative color.

VOCALOID4 Sound Library

Recommended range: G2-E4

Recommended rhythm: 70-180BPM

Notes and external links

General website: http://project575.jp/

Article of Kobayashi Matcha in VOCALOID Synthesizer Wiki: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Kobayashi_Matcha