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voicebank packaging diagram
Name DEX
Eye Color golden
Hair Color gray, black
CV Kenji-B
Moe Points kemonomimi, tail
Group Affiliation Zero-G
Status On sale
Related Characters

DEX is an English VOCALOID4 voicebank ofproduced by Zero-G, which was originally expected to be released in the summer of 2015. But it is already on sale in late November 2015


DEX is a male English sound source planned and produced by Zero-G in June this year. The character design painter was SteelEmissary, and DEX has an American accent.

The box is a human version, but he actually seems to have a half-orc setting.

He has wolf ears and tail, and his voice is very similar to VY2 and KAITO.

The recommended range is B1-F#3. The developer stated that the Japanese, French, and Spanish sound banks of Dex and Daina are also considered, but cannot be guaranteed. Another Second World singer after MAIKA?!

Introduction to Zero-G

Zero-G is the oldest VOCALOID sound source producer, the first VOCALOID voicebank LEON, and the first female VOCALOID voicebank LOLA. When VOCALOID4 was released, I expressed the hope of creating a new V4 English sound library , and then they made Dex and Daina.

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