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Avanna official artwork by akiglancy-d5kg6zc.png
Blood Type O
Age 18
Height 5'6/approximately equal to 167cm
Weight 110 pounds/approximately equal to 50kg
Eye Color blue
Hair Color purple
CV Rachel
Moe Points Freckles, four-leaf clover, cloak, domineering lady, big breasts, curly hair
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AVANNA is a VOCALOID3 English female voicebank character developed by Zero-G.


AVANNA is the only V3 sound library developed by Zero-G. The design image is a girl representing Irish four-leaf clover, drawn by AkiGlancy. The sound library was released on December 22, 2012. Avanna is characterized by fresh cartoon character design After all, the zero-G character design before V2 is either not designed or realistic. It has more than 161 songs and 33 albums, including famous, original and the cover songs are really popular in English skills.

Perhaps because of its good performance, gentle voice, and distinctive design, it was unexpectedly popular in ytb.

Well-known works