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The V4 Official Art, with Azuki on the left
Name Masaoka Azuki
Birthday June 11
Horoscope Gemini
Blood Type O
Height 154cm
Eye Color red
Hair Color red
CV Yuka Ōtsubo
Moe Points genki
Related Characters
LoversKobayashi Matcha Friends: Yuzu Yosano, Ono Koume

Masaoka Azuki is the debut character of SEGA's project "project575" and its derivative works.


Masaoka Azuki (まさおか あずき), a member of project575, A good friend of Kobayashi Matcha June 11 Gemini. There is a hairpin decorated with hydrangea on the head, and the CV is Yuka Ōtsubo. She went to a high school in Kamakura and liked haiku. One day, she suddenly had a whim and proposed to record the trivial things in life in the form of "575" and got the support of good friend Kobayashi Matcha.

Very energetic, positive girl. It is a frank character that will immediately express his feelings.

The natural ability to act will involve everyone around you, even if you don’t consider the consequences...

The name refers to the haiku master Masaoka Shiki during the Meiji era. "Azuki" is the red bean, corresponding to the representative color of the character.

VOCALOID4 Sound Library

Recommended range: F2-C4

Recommended rhythm: 70-180BPM

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