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Name Rana
Birthday September 9
Age 0
Height 153cm
Weight 41.5kg
Eye Color blue
Hair Color pink
CV Ai Kakuma
Moe Points Loli, singer, Braid, long hair, Micromastia
From Japan
Active in Whole World
Group Affiliation VOCALOID, We've Inc.
Status Debut

Rana is a VOCALOID3 Japanese voicebank character developed by We've Inc.


Rana is an original character of the magazine, "Vocalo-P ni Naritai", the voicebank was presented with the magazine on September 9, 2014. The image was designed by Shindo Kamichi.

RANA has three robots, they are Jasmine Kenkyuuin, Morio Shishou, and Sakiko. In V4, a robot named Kouhei was added.

The design concept is "You can dye your own color, which is completely your VOCALOID." In order to maximize RANA's eyes, the serial number is placed in the eyes. The serial number is 00001. (The serial number under the left eye of the V4 version of Rana has been replaced with "V4 Rana")

Very characteristic loli voice, with something suspicious of a light bulb on his head.

"Rana" means "frog" in Latin, Spanish and Italian.

About Sound Bank

Range: G#2-F4

Rhythm: 85-145BPM

Sale date: September 9, 2014 (V3), December 1, 2015 (V4)

In the 24th issue of the bimonthly, Rana changed her hairstyle to the same as Anko Omori, and sang the Happy Birthday song to wish her a happy birthday.

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