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Life is short, gotta draw more

TID's profile photo on Weibo
Origin China
Occupation artist, illustrator
Years active 2011 - now

TID is a Chinese artist and illustrator. He was most known in China for illustrating the character design of VOCALOID voicebanks Luo Tianyi, Zhiyu Moke, and Mo Qingxian.


TID is an illustrator active in the VOCALOID CHINA and ACG community, known for his Japanese illustration style. He started uploading VOCALOID CHINA art since 2011; his first illustration of Luo Tianyi was published in June 2016. In 2017, he became the official character designer for Luo Tianyi's new V4 voice libraries and a collaborating artist of Vsinger (Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co. Ltd.).

TID is a die-hard Ball-jointed Doll fan. He owns a large collection of clothes for his "children" (the dolls); you can often see pictures of TID's "children" on Weibo.

TID's yuru-chara, or mascot, is a girl named "Niya". She was often mistaken for an anime character by many of his fans, but Niya is indeed an original character by TID.

Selection of works


  • VOCALOID4 character design
  • VOCALOID4 character design
  • VOCALOID4 character design
  • VOCALOID5 character design


Art collections

  • LIGHTROOM, personal art collection themed around Hatsune Miku
  • SQUARE, ninth personal art collection
  • FANCY, personal art collection published in 2016

Music Videos

  • Piao Liang Mian DuiThis page does not exist in English Moegirlpedia yet. You may want to refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: 漂亮面对. (zh:漂亮面对)


Moe Jam Maid Cafe (Chinese: 萌果酱女仆咖啡厅) - collaborating product visual design


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