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Birthday January 21
Horoscope ♒Aquarius
Age 15
Eye Color Deep Blue
Hair Color Cerulean
CV Tadokoro Azusa
Moe Points
From No.68 Island
Group Affiliation Winged Guards
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Chtholly Nota Seniorious is the heroine of the TV anime series What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? and its derive series.


A young leprechaun(fairy soldier) in Orlandry Alliance Warehouse No.4 on No. 68 Floating island.

As the eldest of all fairy soldiers, she plays the role of senior to younger (and immature) leprechauns.

She is the compatible wielder of the strongest Carillon, Seniorious.

She accidentally fell down from a four story building on No. 28 island, and was helped by Willem.


Seniorious, one of the strongest Carillon that remains.

It has 41 talismans, and is only wielded by those who have the burden of death.

It's special ability is to make everything die, including the immortal. (It can cast a complicated curse named 'death'.)


She is one of the five mature fairy soldiers on Regulu Aire(along with Nephren Ruq Insania, Ithea Myse Valgulious, Rhantolk Ytri Historia and Nopht Keh Desperatio).

She was chasing a black cat on a four story building when she first appeared in the series. However, she accidentally lost balence and fell down, and was caught by Willem, who bought her a new hat to replace the one that went lost when she fall down, and brought her to the highest building of No.28 Island. She asked Willem to forget her when she left.

She met Willem again in the forests on the outskirts of No.68 island, when Willem has already became her manager. She fell in love with him. After a fight, she said to Willem : "If, just if, if I am going to die in a few days, will you be nicer to me ?", and asked for a kiss. Willem then found out the truth ad taught her how to use the Carillon/Dug Weapon correctly, and performed a massage on her.

She, along with Nephren and Ithea, went to No. 15 island to stop the invasion of the hidden beast No.6 - Timere. And lost due to a surprising reason. She began to suffer from past-life encroachment, and part of her hair turned red. After talking with her past life, she was allowed to wake again, however her memory began slowly crumbling away. Apart from that, she was diagnosed as "no longer a leprechaun". She can neither wield a dug weapon nor cast magic(venenum) again.

She went to Ground Level(the surface) with Willem and Nephren to help the other two soldiers, Rhantolk and Nopht. She met her past life and lost consciousness for a short while. The ship they took to return to the island cluster was attacked by more than 600 Timeres, Willem and Nephren fell down. Chtholly, using Nopht's sword, killed all the beasts. She died and her body was brought back to Regulu Aire as an everlasting memory.


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