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Dofus Logo.png
Original Name Dofus
Platform PC, Mac
Published by Ankama
Designed by Mathieu Bourgain
Programmed by Anthony Roux
Camille Chafer
Emmanuel Darras
Engine Unity
Mode Multiplayer
Publication Date September 2004
Linked Works Wakfu

Dofus is a game developed by the French company Ankama.


Dofus is a French MMORPG developed by Ankama. Its first version originally included a "PvP" mode, which was called "Arty Slot - Duel". The developers gradually improved the game, entered beta testing and changed the game name to Dofus. A few months later, Dofus was released in France on September 1, 2004. Version 2.0 was released in 2009 with new graphics.

In 2016, Ankama released a mobile version of the game called Dofus Touch.

In 2019, the game marked its 15th anniversary with the release of Dofus Retro, which made the game look as if it was originally released in 2004.

Game system

The game takes place in the World of Twelve. The premise of the game is to find dragon eggs called Dofus, which are scattered across the world.

There are 18 playable classes in the game, these are:

  • Feca: Brown-haired humanoid species, specializing on shields and magic. Their name is an anagram for "cafe".
  • Iop: Orange-haired elf species. Known for being fearless warriors, but also for not being very smart. Their name is an anagram for "Poi", meaning "pea" in French.
  • Cra: A blond elf-like species known for being proficient with bows and arrows. Their name is "Arc" (bow) spelled backwards.
  • Eniripsa: An elf-like species with healing powers. Females have fairy wings, while males have bat wings. Their name is "aspirine" (aspirin) spelled backwards.
  • Xelor: A cyborg-like species with the ability to control time. Their name is "Rolex" (a popular watch brand) reversed.
  • Osamodas: A race which can talk to and summon creatures.
  • Sram: A skeleton-like species which are assassins.
  • Enutrof: An elderly race of humans who are treasure hunters. Their name is a reversed form of "fortune".
  • Ecaflip: A cat-like species whose strategies are based on gambling, themed after card games. Their name comes from "pile ou face" (heads or tails).
  • Sadida: A treant-like class who uses the power of nature for attack or defense. Their name comes from "Adidas" (a shoe/sneaker brand).
  • Sacrier: An elf-like species similar to Iops, which are berserkers.
  • Pandawa: A class based on Pandas, which was first introduced in 2010. They come from the island of Pandala, which is located east of Astrub.
  • Rogue: A class of thieves, skilled with bombs and other explosived.
  • Masqueraider: A class who are known for hiding their faces behind masks.
  • Foggernaut: A class which specializes in "technomagic", and are underwater explorers.
  • Eliotrope: A class who are clones of the Eliatropes.
  • Huppermage: A magician class that can control the elements.
  • Ouginak: A canine-like species that are berserkers.

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