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Base Info
Term Duang
Origin Jackie Chan's advertisement

Duang is a Chinese neologism from Jackie Chan's advertisement for Bawang Shampoo in 2004, which has become a meme.


The word was coined in a notoriously bad 2004 advertisement for Bawang Shampoo in which Jackie Chan says, "...after filming, visual effects are added, the hair – Duang! – becomes black, very shiny and very smooth."

Unluckily, the advertisement was proved to be a forgery by CCTV the following year.

For the advertising kichiku spoof and video has it is often seen. What let "Duang" fire up again is a video kichiku that was uploaded by Bilibili user 绯色toy in February 20, 2015 (the video has received 210,700 clicks and 7,000,485 thousand danmu commments.)

The original dialogue


When I first learned to shoot the shampoo ad, in fact, I refused! Because I think... ah... you can not ask me to shoot immediately. First, I want to try. I don't want to say... you shot an ad with much filming, visual effect, that the hair – Duang! – becomes black, very shiny and very smooth. Then the audience must call me out, (that) there would be no such hair! This proves that the above is false... I have said to give me a try. Later, I also knew that they do use traditional Chinese medicine with no chemicals. So... using it this month... then... at least it is very comfortable. Now...using (it) everyday...I even gave it to my crew members! Come on! Come on! Come on! Let's try! Then I told to the director: "Shoot! After shooting, the hair should be mine, no effects, if (you) do add, just like there were none! I want audience to see, your appearance could be the same as mine!

Parody versions

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