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Name English Girl
Other Names Foreign Language Girl
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Moe Points tsundere
From Great Britain
Active in The whole world
Group Affiliation The Moe Subjects Family
Related Characters
Chinese Girl, French Girl, UK Girl, US Girl

English Girl is the moe anthropomorphic character of the language and the subject English.

Basic information

English Girl is one of the most distinguished girls in the Germanic Family (languages). She originates from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She wears long, wavy and blonde hair, and has a gorgeous figure reminding people of a classic Nordic princess; She has a pretentious personality (as tsundere) and is usually a straight-talker.

She owns an enormous wardrobe. Typically she would wear a white blouse with ankle-high trousers. A pair of jeans would not be out of her repertoire. Though she can also fit in a Gothic Lolita attire without any problems.

Although she is treated by the crowd in China with great hostility, she will not give up. She always tries to work hard on her own out of the public eyes to prove that she is a good kid herself. But we cannot gossip about her much because she would then whine in bed and feign innocence in the next day.

Her favourite book is Holy Bible. Moreover, she disputes the fact that literally everyone is rejecting her. If you have said "I hate you English Girl (as a subject)", she will kill you by going insane and keep stomping on your stomach with her high heels. QED

She always claims that she is much easier to be understood when compared to other language girls (for instance, French). Although with that saying, to many students, (Many students in China think the subject of foreign language is only English, but they can also choose France, Russian, German, Japanese, or Spanish as the tested foreign language in The National College Entrance Examination) she is not as easy to master as she believes.