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Name Kumarba
Age 5
Eye Color green
CV Fairouz Ai
Moe Points Mascot, bear, son, genki, transmigrationer
From Japan
Related Characters
Tabris, Nekolun, Bagrin

Kumarba (クマーバ) is a Japanese children's character created by Akatsuki Co., Ltd.


"Let's go to the world of YouTube!"

Kumarba is a 5-year-old bear cub who loves watching kids' videos on his father's old tablet.

Whenever he finds a video of a fun song or a funny dance, he immediately imitates it, and his mother praises him every day.

One day, when he watching a video on his playroom as usual, a mysterious voice came from inside his tablet.

"Would you like to go to the YouTube world with me?"

And so, the story of Kumarba, traveling around the world of YouTube with the mysterious talking tablet, Tabris, begins now.[1]


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