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Briar, from Boonie Bears, is a brown bear
Real Life
A bear in real life... and a child
Animal Name Bear
Origin All continents except Antarctica
Related Species Panda
Characters Briar and Bramble, etc.
Works Boonie Bears, etc.
Species Info
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Superphylum Deuterostomia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Class Synapsida (Mammalia)
Subclass Theria
Infraclass Eutheria
Superorder Laurasiatheria
Order Carnivora
Infraorder Arctoidea
Family Ursidae

The bear is an animal in the Ursidae family. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

In ACGN works, bears and bear-related things sometimes appear.



"Bear" is a generic term for animals in the Ursidae family in the Carnivora order. In the narrower sense, "bear" refers exclusively to animals in the genus Ursus (brown bears, black bears, polar bears, etc.) The largest in size is the Kodiak bear. There are eight extant species in the Ursidae family, respectively the giant panda, the sun bear, the sloth bear, the spectacled bear, the black bear, the American black bear, the brown bear, and the polar bear. In prehistoric times, there were cave bears, short faced bears and other bears.

For humans, bears are fierce and dangerous beasts. When in danger or severely hungry, or when they come near their cubs/home, they will attack humans, but most bears are usually mild-mannered, and rarely start an attack (but polar bears are an exception, attacking humans on their own accord).

Bears are large, robust, omnivorous animals, most bears prey on herbivores, in addition to other prey such as frogs, rodents, shrimp and crabs, they also eat tender shoots, moss, wild fruits, honey, etc. And polar bears mainly prey on fish and seals.

The bear's limbs are thick, short and powerful, with sharp claws on their feet, which can be used to hunt prey or climb trees. Their tail is short. They have a good sense of smell, and are quick when running at full speed.

Bears are located mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, found throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. There used to be bears in Africa, but they are now extinct. Among them, are bears in the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere that have the habit of hibernating.

Bears in ACG works


  • The Long Dark: Black bears are one of the aggressive beasts in Survival Mode.
  • Hetalia: Matthew Williams (also known as Canada) has a pet polar bear named Jiro.


Brown bears (and grizzly bears)

  • Boonie Bears: Bramble, one of the main characters, is a brown bear (though he is set up to be an Asian black bear).
  • Kuma Miko: Machi Amayadori has a guardian brown bear named Natsu Kumai.
  • BEASTARS: Riz, from the sound crew of the acting department, is a brown bear.
  • Kemono Friends: Ezo Brown Bear, Kodiak Bear and Bergman's Bear form a group called "Large Lovers", which collects large items.

Black bears (and Asian black bears)

  • Boonie Bears: Briar, one of the main characters, is a black bear.
  • The Jungle Book: The black bear Baloo is one of Mowgli's friends.

Polar bears

  • Bernard Bear: The main character, Bernard Bear/Backkom, is an unlucky polar bear.
  • Shirokuma Cafe: The manager, Shirokuma, runs the cafe, the main customers are a panda, a penguin and an alpaca.
  • We Bare Bears: Ice Bear is a polar bear.


  • Pokémon: Teddiursa, Stufful and Bewear are Pokémon modeled after bears.
  • Brother Bear: The bear cub Koda, and Kenai, a human who was turned into a bear.
  • We Bare Bears: There is a panda called Panda.

Bear-related things in ACG works

  • Girls' Frontline: MKV Grizzly is named after the grizzly bear.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The "sea bear" is an animal that is a mix of a fish and a bear.