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Later, from A Certain Scientific Railgun
Real Life
A domestic cat (tabby cat) in real life, as a baby
Animal Name Cat
Origin Europe, Mediterranean territories, Asia, etc.
Related Species tiger, lion, dog, nekomata
Characters Tom Cat, Chen
Works Tom and Jerry, The Legend of Luo Xiaohei, etc.
Species Info
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Superphylum Deuterostomia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Class Synapsida (Mammalia)
Subclass Theria
Infraclass Eutheria
Superorder Laurasiatheria
Order Carnivora
Suborder Feliformia
Superfamily Feloidea
Family Felidae
Subfamily Felinae
Genus Felis

The cat is an animal in the Felidae family.

In ACGN works, cats and other cat-related things (such as nekomata, or even catgirls) appear from time to time.



Cats are animals that are closely related to humans, the history of cats owned by humans dates back to 3600 years.

Here, "cat" refers to the domestic cat, which is a subspecies or variant of the wild cat (spotted cat) that was domesticated in captivity. With many varieties, it is one of the most popular pets among humans. Broadly speaking, "cat" is used to refer to animals in the genus Felis, including jungle cats, desert cats, etc.

Since cats are lone animals, there's no concept of an "alpha", like dogs have. So, although domesticated by humans for 3,600 years, they aren't fully domesticated like dogs.

Cats in ACGN works

For the cat category in Moegirlpedia, see Category:Cat.


  • A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun: An innocent black cat that was discarted, which has been given many names, that in the end, nobody knew what his actual name was. It ended up being called "Inu Tokugawa Ieyasu Schrodinger". Also, Sphinx, a cat owned by Index's family (named after the Sphinx in Egyptian mythology).
  • DC Comics: The character Dex-Starr was originally a domestic cat before its owner was killed, then it was grabbed by two punks and thrown off a bridge. That's when a red Power Ring chose it, making him a member of the Red Lantern Corps. Also in DC Comics, Supergirl has a pet cat named Streaky, and Batman and Robin also have a pet cat named Alfred.



  • Tom and Jerry: Tom is an anthropomorphic blue British Shorthair cat. He is supposed to be the natural enemy of mice, but he is always outsmarted by Jerry. Other cats apart from Tom have also appeared.
  • Hello Kitty: Kitty lives in London, England, along with her mother, father, and sister.
  • Sailor Moon: The cat Luna is Usagi Tsukino's pet and battle partner, her husband, the white cat Artemis is Minako Aino's partner, and their future child, Diana, is Chibiusa's friend.
  • Black Cat Detective: The main character Black Cat Detective, who has White Cat Squad Leader among his men.
  • Howie and Landau: The cat Howie, who is the inheritor of the Rainbow Sword.
  • Year Hare Affair: Germany is represented by the Hans cat.


In these works, yōkai and deities resembling cats make an appearance.

  • Inuyasha: Sango's pet cat Mika is actually a cat yōkai, having two tails.
  • The Legend of Luo Xiaohei: The cat spirit Luo Xiaohei is in trouble and lives on the streets. After being picked up by Luo Xiaobai, he got his current name.

Humans that turn into cats

  • Ranma 1/2: Shampoo fell into a spring which cursed her, giving her the ability to turn into a cat when coming in contact with cold water, and back into a human when in hot water.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: Ichigo Momomiya was injected with the DNA of the Iriomote cat, and in some cases she turns into a full-blown cat. The purpose of the Platinum Experiment was to inject cat DNA into her, and can also become a cat, but if she doesn't become human again for a long time, she risks staying in her cat form forever.

Cat-related things in ACGN works

  • Di Gi Charat: Dejiko and Puchiko wear cat costumes, wearing cat paw accessories, shoes and gloves.
  • DC Comics: The character Ted Grant, also known as Wildcat. His son, Thomas Bronson, is the third-generation Wildcat, later renamed Tomcat. The second Wildcat was Yolanda Montez.
  • The DC Comics character Thomas Blake, also known as Catman.
  • The DC Comics character, former villain Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. She was one of Batman's female rogues. Her best friend, Holly Robinson, became the second Catwoman. The third Catwoman was Eiko Hasigawa. Selina's assistant, Kitrina Falcone, was also known as Catgirl.
  • The Marvel Comics character Black Cat.
  • Pokémon: Meowth, Litten and Sprigatito are examples of Pokémon modeled after cats.