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Near Threatened (NT)

This species is near-threatened.

The wild population of this species is under threat, and if measures are not taken, it is highly likely that it will be in trouble for some time to come.
Real Life
A leopard in real life
Animal Name Leopard
Origin Asia, Africa etc.
Related Species cat, jaguar, tiger, lion, saber-toothed tiger
Works Noah Fantasy, Kemono Friends, etc.
Species Info
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Superphylum Deuterostomia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Class Synapsida (Mammalia)
Subclass Theria
Infraclass Eutheria
Superorder Laurasiatheria
Order Carnivora
Suborder Feliformia
Superfamily Feloidea
Family Felidae
Subfamily Felinae
Genus Panthera
Species Panthera pardus

The leopard is an animal in the Felidae family.

In ACGN works, leopards and leopard-related things appear sometimes.



The leopard is a large cat and a fierce animal of the Felidae family in the Carnivora order. "Leopard" specifically refers to the species Panthera pardus, and its subspecies. Animals related to the leopard include the panther, the snow leopard, and the jaguar.

The leopard has an elongated body and strong, stout, short limbs, which makes it easy for it to catch prey. Leopards are among the smaller of the large cats in size, smaller than tigers, lions, jaguars and cougars, but larger than cheetahs. The distinguishing feature of a leopard is the distribution of black, brown, or coppery black spots on its fur, with larger spots on the body and smaller spots on its face, white whiskers on both sides of the mouth, and the surface of the tongue bears barbs.

Leopards are primarily carnivores, they prey on even-toed species such as deer, wild boars and antelopes, it also preys on small vertebrates such as rabbits, rodents, birds, fish, frogs, and even arthropods such as insects. It occasionally eats wild fruits as well.

Leopards in ACG works


  • Kemono Friends: The appearing characters are Leopard, Panther, Snow Leopard, and Peach Panther.

Leopard-related things in ACGN works

  • Mobile Suit Gundam X: The appearing mecha is Gundam Leopard.
  • World of Warcraft: Druids can shapeshift into different species, one of these is the Leopard incarnation, which specializes in agility attacks. In addition, the territory of the Night Elves is inhabited by beasts known as Nightsabers, which often become mounts for the Night Elves.