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You can't just sit all day, Commander. Fancy a drive with me?

Girls' Frontline: Grizzly
Gfgrizzly 1.jpg
Artist: @Izumi-帅气的泉桑
Basic info
Original name Grizzly MKV
Hair color Flaxen
Eye color Purple
CV Akaya Itatani
Type Handgun (HG)
Rarity ★★★★★
Place of origin USA
Manufactured by L.A.R.
Developed 1983—1999
Relative(s) or related person(s)

Predecessor: M1911

Grizzly is a character from the SLG game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Sunborn Games and its derivatives.

Historical basis

The Grizzly Winchester Magnum is a large-caliber semi-automatic pistol first concepted, invented, designed, manufactured and developed by Perry Arnett in the 1980s. The first models fired .45 Winchester Magnum rounds. Arnett, with the related patents (US Patent 4,253,377), founded the L.A.R., a company that once manufactured the most powerful pistols in the world. The Grizzly Mark V introduced later on also supported the .50 Action Express cartridge as a rival to the Desert Eagle.

Essentially a modification based on the Colt M1911, albeit with up-scaled parts, the Grizzly is built to withstand cartridges larger and more powerful than what the M1911 could. Despite this, many parts of the weapon can be swapped out for standard-sized parts from other pistols.


  • Caliber: 12.7mm
  • Muzzle velocity: 426 m/s
  • Feed system: 7-round detachable magazine
  • Length: 260.35mm
  • Weight: 1.36 kg
  • Barrel length: 165.1mm
Specifications found in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and represent only the game's stance towards the firearm. For reference only.
Type                       Semi-automatic pistol
Weight                     1.36 kg (48 oz) empty
Length                     267 mm (10.25 in) with 6.5 in barrel
Barrel length              5.4 in. 6.5 in. 8 in & 10 in
Cartridge                  .45 Winchester Magnum
                           10mm Auto
                           .44 Magnum
                           9mm Winchester Magnum
                           .357 Magnum
                           .50 Action Express
                           .45 ACP
                           .357-.45 GWM
Action                     Recoil-operated. closed bolt
Rate of fire               Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity            426 m/s (1.400 ft/s) (.45 Win Mag 230gr bullet from 5.4 inch barrel)
Feed system                Detachable box magazine: 7 round
Sights                     Fixed ramped blade front. fully adjustable rear.


Index number: NO.096 Rarity:★★★★★
Nationality: American20px Gun type: HG
CV:Akaya Itatani Illustrator: REALMBW
Stats (Growth: S)
Health (S) 43→86×5 Damage (S) 13→38
Evasion (C) 8→66 Accuracy (B) 6→51
Movement speed 15→15 Rate of Fire (B) 36→54
Crit chance 20% → 20%
Combat effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 10→30 Rations 10→30
Skill Description
Fire command Increase all allies' damage by 15% (25%) for 5 (8) seconds.
Initial cooldown 6 seconds / Cooldown 15 (12) seconds.
Formation buffs

Keypads 1,2,6,7,8.

Effect Buffs all types
Damage+15%(30%), Evasion+10%(20%).
Obtained from
Production 01:10:00
Pic Grizzly.png
Heavily damaged
Pic Grizzly D.png
Heavily damaged (censored)
Pic Grizzly Dhx.png
Weekend Cop
Pic Grizzly 105.png
Heavily damaged
Pic Grizzly 105 D.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.


Calm and open, swift with things and likes exciting challenges and adventures. Trusts her teammates, and doesn't distance herself with the commander. (性格沉着爽朗,行事果断利落,喜欢刺激的挑战和冒险,对同伴十分信任,和指挥官也没什么距离感。)

  • The markings on her gloves and the slide of the weapon read "L A R" and "MARK V", respectively, identifying the weapon as a Grizzly Mark V instead of an M1911.
  • Grizzly's clothes were designed for outdoor sports as opposed to military service, complete with a mountain-climbing jacket, goggles for range-firing and hotpants for sports.
  • This hints that Grizzly may be a fan of going outdoors instead of being housed inside Griffin's command center all day, which is further indicated by her quotes (see below).


  • English quotes in italic are rough translations from the Japanese/Chinese part due to a lack of reliable data present in the files.
Case Quote Audio
Login screen ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon login また会えたね、指揮官。…どうしたの、寂しそうな顔して?ちょっと会えなかっただけじゃん~。
Here we meet again, commander. ...What? Miss me after a day?
Introduction あら、指揮官。グリズリーマグナム、今日からあなたについていきます。
Oh? Why if it isn't the Commander. Grizzly MkV, I'll be tagging along from now on.
As adjutant 座ってばかりじゃダメ。ドライブでも行こうか?
You can't just sit all day, Commander. Fancy a drive with me?
Don't get the wrong idea, okay?
Don't rely on me too much, Commander. You can do perfectly fine on your own...

[As adjutant, post-oath] Wanna drive me home after work, Commander? Your driving sure did impress me last time. Show me more tonight.
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch) はははっ。
Echelon formation ラジャー、新たな挑戦、期待してるよ。
Roger, let me expect the new challenges.
Beginning mission 出発よ!
Let's go!
Beginning combat 敵発見、作戦開始!
Enemy spotted, beginning combat!
Heavily damaged ちっ、そうじゃないと面白くないよ!
Tch, it only gets exciting when there are challenges!
Repairing ちょっとはしゃぎすぎたかな…。
Just, I overplayed..
Winning battle as MVP みんな、お疲れ様!指揮官もよく頑張ったね!
Great job everyone! So is your commanding, sir!
Retreating 状況がまずい。指揮官、今回は撤退しよう…。
The situation is bad. Commander, let's back off this time.
Beginning autobattle 安心して指揮官。
Rest assured commander.
Beginning logistic support またおでかけ?いいわよ。
Another outing? Great.
Finishing logistic support ただいま戻りました。
I'm back.
Finishing production 新しい隊員の準備が出来たようね。
A new team member's ready to come.
Dummy link 戦力が増えたね。
Power's increasing. [per Japanese audio]
Powerup おお?カッコよくなったじゃん、ありがとう!
Oh? Became smarter, thanks!
Skill activation ターゲット確認、撃てぇ!
Target confirmed, fire!
That's what you have?
There's no escape!
Oath 指揮官、今日は何の用?…はぁ?何それ?パートナーって、あなた、何考えてんの?…いや、嬉しいけど…もう…早く言ってよ!
Oh? Do you want something from me, Commander?<>Huh? Are you kidding?! I think of you as a friend, but wanna...<>Not that I hate it, but at least give me...some time to prepare...




  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.