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I have no interest, in cheap excuses!
H&K G36
63186699 p0.png
Pixiv ID:63186699[2]
Basic info
Original name H&K G36
Nickname(s) HK50, Lady-in-waiting
| Maid dress, bad eyesight, sinistromanuality
Hair color Golden
Eye color Blue
CV Ami Koshimizu
Type AR
Rarity ★★★★
Place of origin Germany
Manufactured by Heckler & Koch
Developed 1990年-1995年
In service 1997年-至今

G36‎ is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES gameGirls' Frontline and its derivatives developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky.

Historical basis

H&K G36 is a modern assault rifle introduced by Heckler & Koch in 1995, and fires standard 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. It is intended to replace the aging G3 in the Bundeswehr. G36 utilizes a large amount of stainless-steel reinforced FRP material, lightening it.

Specifications of a standard G36
  • Weight: 3.63 / 3.77 kg (Empty/Loaded)
  • Length: 1002mm / 755mm (Stock extended/folded)
  • Barrel length: 480 mm
  • Cartridge: 5.56 × 45mm NATO
  • Caliber: 5.56mm (.223 in
  • Action: Short-stroke gas-operated piston, rotating bolt
  • Rate of fire: 750 rounds/min (cyclic)
  • Muzzle velocity: 920 m/s
  • Effective range: 800m
  • Feed system: 30-round box magazine or C-Mag


HK submitted its G11 and G41 designs to the Bundeswehr in the 1980s, but work on the former halted due to the unification of Germany, while the latter was too expensive that it was rejected. Experiencing two failures, HK started to work on a new small-caliber assault rifle in the 1990s, codenamed HK50.

The Bundeswehr proposed to replace its 7.62mm-caliber G3s with a new service rifle. The Federal Defense Technology Institute then evaluated the numerous designs submitted. Many were eliminated for being unable to meet the standard requirements, with only the native HK50, the Austrian AUG and the British L85A1 remaining. The latter was eliminated first for its high stoppage rate. The press was optimistic on the then-famous AUG assault rifle, predicting that the AUG was to be selected. However, the AUG lost to the then-unknown HK50, for its two-stage trigger design (with a half-pull of the trigger on semi-auto and a full pull activating full-auto).

This led the Bundeswehr to choose the HK50 in 1995, and it demanded Heckler Koch to improve it, designating it as Gewehr 36Rifle 36, abbreviated to simply G36. It works in a similar way to the AR-18, using a short-stroke piston gas system, and kept its bolt structure. However, it differs from the AR-18 in terms of the number of return springs, the design of the gas piston tube and the piston itself.

The G36 fires 5.56x45mm NATO rounds at a cyclic rate of 750 rounds per minute, with semi-auto, two-round-, three-round-burst, and full-auto available depending on the trigger group. It uses a rotary bolt, a short-stroke gas piston, more reliable than that of the M16, effectively reducing the number of stoppages. It sports good ergonomics, and supports ambidextrous operation. The AG36 40-mm grenade launcher can be mounted on the G36. On some occasions, a modified AKM type II bayonet from the former East Germany stockpile can also be mounted..

All models of G36 have folding stocks which do not hamper the operation of case extraction. The cocking handle is positioned above the receiver, and can be operated by either hand. The receiver is made of glass-reinforced polymer, and the gun does not require tools to maintain. The G36 mainly uses 30-round transparent plastic magazine, with studs to support horizontal stacking. It can also use the Beta C-Mag which houses 100 rounds. Though its magazine is similar in appearance to that of the SIG SG 550, the latter cannot be used on the G36.

Though possessing decent accuracy, the G36 is not the most accurate. Rapid-firing from 100 meters away on semi-auto yields a spread of 2-2.5 inches (5.08-6.35 centimeters), with the SG550 yielding a spread of less than 2.5 centimeters under the same conditions.

The G36 had numerous flaws exposed after years of use.

According to Der Spiegel of Germany in April 2012, the Bundeswehr proved via experiment that the G36 will experience a severe drop in accuracy after "continuously firing several hundred rounds" (note that this refers to firing a high number of rounds within a relatively short timeframe in high-intensity combat, but not firing cyclically, which would be problematic even for water-cooled heavy-machinegun barrels). Bild then verified this claim by referencing Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 91the 91st Defense Technology Institute subordinate to the Bundeswehr. It is mentioned in a report to the Federal Defense Minister that “All G36s had their impact points deviating from their reticles in overheating situations, therefore unsuitable for safe combat with enemies 200 meters away". The Bundeswehr also deemed that combat would be extremely difficult if the weapon does not cool down after continuous firing at targets 100 meters away. But no open criticism is found by soldiers in combat.

In a following announcement by Heckler & Koch, H&K denied the criticism, and accused the testing conditions set by the Federal Ministry of Defense, calling it a "systematic" attack against H&K. It stated that the control weapon was still a Heckler & Koch product, instead of a competing product, and that it is hardly convincing to compare weapons of different classes and different calibers, while mentioning that the G36 was not made to provide sustained firepower in combat either.

The Federal Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen officially announced on 22 April, 2015 that the Bundeswehr would no longer purchase and use G36s, stating that it "has no future" in the Bundeswehr.

Conspiracy by the Federal Ministry of Defense and H&K

According to civilian tests the G36 is still capable of maintaining accuracy after expending 120 rounds cyclically, with no deviation from its reticle whatsoever. The spread at 50 meters is at 3 centimeters, while no related problems were found during its time in service. The Federal Ministry of Defense stated that the spread at 200 meters was at 0.5 meters after 60 rounds on full-auto, expanding into 6 meters at 500 meters, and subsequently prosecuted H&K for this. The Bundeswehr is currently in an equipment change period after 20 years, however the anti-military voices were prominent, with constant trouble of fund allocation. Attempting to replace the large number of G36s will only make it "have no future", with the replacements being HK416s and HK417s still HK, or the RS556 by Rheinmetall and Steyr family of AR-15. The Federal Ministry of Defense lost in court in September 2016 for not providing detailed-enough test reports of the G36, but the spokesperson of the Federal Ministry of Defense stated that this would not change its mind on replacing the G36.

In-game stats

Catalogue number: No.064 Rarity:★★★★
Nationality: GermanFlag of Germany.svg Type: Assault Rifle
CV: 小清水亚美 (Koshimizu Ami) Illustrator: 薯子Imoko
Stats (Growth: A)
Health (A) 64→127 Damage (A) 18→47
Dodge (B) 6→41 Accuracy (A) 6→44
Movement speed (B) 10→10 Rate of Fire (A) 50→72
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 20→60 Rations 20→60
Skill Description
Firepower concentration-T Raises firepower by 40% (70%) for 6 (10) seconds.
Initial cooldown at 4 seconds with an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypads 3 6

Effect Affects SMGs only
Increases damage by 30%, rate of fire by 10%
Acquired by
Production 3h 40min


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo dummy expansions.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
Pic G36 Left.png
Pic G36 D.png
Censored damaged
Pic G36 Dhx.png
Little waitress
G36 61.jpg
Little waitress-damaged
G36 61 D.jpg


Celebration for one week on iOS platform (Chinese: IOS上线一周~贺图~)


When early teasers were released, what the T-doll was holding was an area not protected by the insulation layer, which can cause severe problems after firing, which was amended to what she looks now.

While to exhibit the ambidextrous operation-capable feature of the G36, she was set to be left-handed (from how she holds her gun). However her chibi version uses the right.


While a big sister-like illustration G36 possesses, she is, according to her creator, "According to T-doll-gun scale estimations, with the gun at 1 meters..... Emm..... Perhaps G36 stands at around 150cm, and is not a high-standing big sister......_(:3」∠)_", Which promptly brings us to the topic of the height of the German Queen (Smirk)

Height (Caution:Large picture)

G36 4.jpgG36 5.jpg



While seemingly aggressive from the look of her eyes, she is just trying to see things clearly since she's a bit long-sighted. Not angry at all.

Kind look

G36 3.jpg

Caption: G36: ......Can't see clearly. Outsider: Woah... She's angry...


G36 1.jpgG36 2.jpg

Seems a bit cold but not a bad kid~!

Lady-in-waiting (Head maid)

G36 might seem a bit cool and a bit aggressive, but in the German-T-doll-oriented Midnight portion of Episode 1 where she didn't really make an actual appearance, (the Midnight portion of Ep. 2 is American-oriented, that of Ep.3 being USSR-oriented, and lastly Episode 6 being Israel-oriented)

she made dedicated supplies for every single companion out for the mission, and handled problematic kids such as G11 and P7 just fine. She does her best as an adjutant to serve her commander as we can tell from her lines. These all indicate that G36 is an excellent maid who deserves her maid dress.

One of the Fake European Certifications

During the early Public Test phase, she was one of the rarest 4-star T-dolls, with many having their 5-star ARs nearing maximum level, but still missing G36 in their inventories. Harder to get than a certain 416 anyway. (Smirk)

"Have you ever experienced... The burning sensation... (of having a daughter missing) [Call from a desperate mother]"Like the mother of that Negev next door...

G36 Missing from own mother

G36 7.jpg

Caption: Have you seen a kid like this?
Welcome home

G36 01.jpg

Note: After months....


Case Line Audio
Login ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon Login グーテンターク、ご主人様。お仕事を始めますか?コンディションが大事なので、食事を忘れずに。
Sir, are you starting today's work? Please do not forget the meal time, to keep a good condition.
Acquisition グーテンターク、今日からはご主人様の専属メイドとなり、ご奉仕いたします。
GutenTag, 我的长官。感谢您的赏识,G36从今天起,正式为您服务。
Guten Tag, my commander. Thank you for your appreciation. G36, from today on, officially serves you.
Adjutant ご用があれば遠慮なさらず申してください。
Please speak out any needs, I believe your judgements.
Sir, do you need an extra meal? I can fry some sausages.
Sir, though it's my honor to solve your problems, but if you keep on doing so, I can't go on with my work.
Adjutant (post-oath link establishment)
Here's the start of a new busy day, and only you know how hard I'm working...... So, what do you want in this procurement? I'll keep hiding this secret from everyone.
Adjutant (Little waitress)
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch) フフフフ。
Echelon formation 面倒なことならメイドのわたしに任せてください。
Do we have a problem? Leave it to me.
Mission start ご主人様のために…参ります。
Is everyone ready? Let's go!
Battle start ゴミは…駆逐(くちく)します。
Repel combat, begin!
Damaged 心配はありません、まだ戦えます。
Don't worry! This is not all... I can do!
Restoration たまには、ご主人様に世話して頂くのも、イイですね…。
It feels nice, to have you take care of me once.
Winning battle as MVP メイドとして、当然の勤めです。
It's expected for a maid!
Retreating 申し訳ありません…ご主人様…
Many apologies, master!
Beginning autobattle 集団行動なら、わたしの得意分野でございます。
It is my specialty, to have group operations!
Beginning logistic support 貴方様(あなたさま)の望みはわたしが叶えてあげます。
I will make your wishes come true!
Finishing logistic support これが貴方様(あなたさま)が望んだ結果です。
Here's what you wished for!
Finishing production 新しい見習いさん?厳しく指導しますね。
A new companion? Does she need anything?
Expansion ふむふむ、人手が増えて、仕事の効率が上がりますね。
Hmm...Now I can help even more people. Thank you, sir.
Powerup ダンケ!指揮官の信頼は恩義(おんぎ)でお返し致します。
Danke! Your trust in me will be paid back.
Skill activation 汚物(おぶつ)は消毒よ!
Vanish! Dirty thing!
Only I am chosen!
I have no interest, in cheap excuses!
Oath link establishment ご主人様、貴方様がわたしを必要としてくれるから、わたしも頑張ってこられました。これからも貴方様(あなたさま)専属のメイドとして、おそばに置いてくださいませ。
It's because of your guidance and assistance, sir, can I manage to play my role in front of everyone. Now I'm all good as your maid. As long as you are by my side, I can put myself together, to face anything.

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