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Senpai once told me "Death isn't honorable, but victory has its price."
Girls' Frontline: M99
Gfm99 1.jpg
Basic info
Original name M99 Anti-materiel Sniper Rifle
Nickname(s) Type 99 Sniper Rifle
Hair color Black
Eye color Purple
CV Rumi Ookubo
Type RF
Rarity ★★★★★
Place of origin China
In service 2010-

M99‎ is a character from the Tactical SLG game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Sunborn Games and its derivatives. She joined the struggle on October 1, 2016.

Historical basis

The M99 semi-automatic sniper rifle is a large-caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle developed in China.

The weapon is a newly-designated anti-materiel rifle for export to the international market. Externally, it resembles the British Accuracy International AS50, and both use a gas system to cycle the bolt, with the barrel protected by a heat shield, to prevent the heat from interfering with aiming. However, upon closer examination, the M99 differs from the AS50 both visually and structurally. The M99 uses a rotary-bolt similar to the M16, different from the AS50.

The receiver of the M99 appears to be thicker than that of the AS50, but the gas tube is extended rearwards to protect the bolt from the residual fouling, and the bolt carrier is fitted with an extra part to the top that shrouds the end of the gas tube to cover it throughout the cycle, which is the reason why the receiver has a raised rear section. Also due to how the receiver is cold-forged from a single aluminium-alloy block, the weapon's overall size is larger. However, despite the larger profile, the M99 is 2 kg lighter than the AS50.


  • Overall weight (without sights): 12kg
  • Effective range: 1500m
  • Muzzle velocity: 800m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 5 rds
  • Sight magnification: 8×,10×
Specifications found in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and represent only the game's stance towards the firearm. For reference only.
Type                       Semi-automatic Anti-materiel rifle
Weight                     12 kg 
Length                     1480 mm 
Barrel length              800 mm 
Cartridge                  12.7×108mm
Action                     Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity            800 m/s 
Effective firing range     1500 m
Feed system                5-round box magazine
Sights                     Iron sights


Index number: No.128 Rarity:★★★★★
Nationality: ChineseFlag of China.svg Type: RF
CV:Rumi Ookubo Illustrator:Saru
Stats(Growth: S)
Health (B) 44 → 88×5 Damage (S) 52 → 157
Evasion (C) 4 → 32 Accuracy (A) 9 → 81
Movement speed 7 → 7 Rate of Fire (C) 21 → 32
Crit rate 40% → 40%
Combat effectiveness
174 → 3986
Resource demands
Ammo 15 → 55 Rations 30 → 90
Skill Description
Steady Shot Aim for 2 seconds and shoots the furthest target for 3.5x (8x) damage.
Initial cooldown 15 seconds
Cooldown 20 (16) seconds.
Formation buffs

Keypad 6

Effect Buffs HGs
Skill cooldown -18%。
Obtained from
Production 04:55:00
Heavily damaged


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.


Adept in studying, a model student who's serious and obeident. Very competent yet fresh to the world, a bit stubborn, which coupled with her extreme emphasis on her own image, often creates embarrassing scenarios. (擅长学习、认真听话的模范生,十分有上进心,但是涉世又浅,脑筋比较死,加上极度重视本体形象,常常闹出各种哭笑不得的状况。)

— From the official art collection THE ART OF GIRLS'FRONTLINE UNTIL THE STARS


The inspiration for M99 is mentioned in the official art collection, as shown below:

Your game [Girls' Fronline] has too many [characters with] breasts, for world peace I have to increase the numbers of [characters with] flat chests, so M99 was turned into a loli. The dress is stars on red since [she] is a Chinese gun, with the Daduizhang badge. Finished and found it's quite rabbit-ish, so [I] added a bunch of rabbit doll-bots. (你游巨乳太多了,为了世界和平我一定要增加贫乳的数量,所以M99就变成幼女了。因为是国产枪所以裙子是红色底色配星星,还有大队长肩章,画完发现好像蛮兔子啊,所以加了一堆兔子布偶机器人。)


Official setting for M99


M99 appears to be tripped by her own weapon as she wins a battle.

Squad leader

On M99's arm is a daduizhang (Squad leader) badge, and M99 is called "squad leader" by 56-1 at the end of 5-4N.

According to descriptions of the midnight chapter of Episode 5, the reason why M99 was chosen as a makeshift squad leader is because she is cute, and the squad itself in the story appears to be dynamically formed, with the possibility of being reformed if the situation requires. M99 also mentioned having not comminucated with and mutually take advices with Type 95 and Type 64 for some time.

However, judging from how squads are formed with dolls of different "nationalities", it may be possible that members of this specific squad would be re-arranged according to their different preferences towards food.


Unexpectedly, M99's stats appear to be one of the worst-nerfed among high-damage RF dolls.

As a semi-automatic anti-materiel sniper rifle, M99's Rate of Fire remain at a slow 32 (~1.56 sec/shot), which, though high in her class, the actual rate of fire of an M99 in reality is roughly on par with that of a bolt-action PzB 39.

Aside from the Rate of Fire, the 12.7 x 108mm-chambering M99's damage also falls behind NTW-20 (20 x 82mm), IWS 2000 (15.2 x 169mm) and PTRD (14.5 x 144mm). While this may seem reasonable, her damage is even behind the 12.7 x 99mm-chambering DSR-50Not yet released in the English build. All the aforementioned characters, aside from DSR-50, are also given a damage rating of SS, while M99 and DSR-50 are given an S instead, which, barring minor differences among characters of the same class, puts them on par with PzB 39.

Despite so, the M99 still proves to be a formidable doll once properly leveled and powered-up.


  • English quotes in italic are rough translations from the Japanese/Chinese part due to a lack of reliable data present in the files.
Case Quote Audio
Login screen ショウジョゼンセン。
Upon login 指揮官、はじめますか?
Commander, do we get a start?
Introduction 敬礼!こんにちは、M99です!指揮官、お疲れ様です!
Salute! Nice to meet you, I'm M99! Commander, please keep up the good work!
As adjutant 指揮官、今日私、仕事ありますか?M99いつでもご命令を待ってますよ。
Commander, do you [have] any assignments for me today? M99 is ready for your orders any time.
I learned something new again, but I don't know if they're of any use, haha...
Commander! W-w-w-what are you doing?! I'm going to call the police!
As adjutant (post-oath) 指揮官、今夜もいろいろ教えてください。でも、前みたいに変なもの教えたら、承知しませんよ?恥ずかしすぎますから。
Teach me some new things again tonight, Commander, but don't tease me this time. Last time was too embarrassing!
Dormitory (liftoff) うわあぁ!
Dormitory (touch) えへへ。
Echelon formation 皆さん,よろしくお願いします。
Greetings everybody.
Beginning mission 皆さん,出撃!
Everyone, beginning attack!
Beginning combat 敵がきた!迎撃!
Enemy spotted! Fire!
Heavily damaged わああ…指揮官,こんなときってどうすればいいですか…
Waaah...Commander, what should I do in this situation...
Repairing ごめんなさい,反省していますから…
Sorry, I'm thinking about it...
Winning battle as MVP へへへ。指揮官,私,成長しました?
Ehehe~ Commander, did I become better again?
Retreating すみません,指揮官。私のせいで…
Sorry commander, it's all my fault....
Beginning autobattle 皆さん!勝利は目の前です!
Everybody! Victory is straight ahead!
Beginning logistic support 了解です,しゅっぱつ!
Understood, heading off!
Finishing logistic support こ報告します!任務完了です!
Reporting in! Mission accomplished!
Finishing production やった!新しい友達が来た。
Great! A new friend is here again!
Dummy link 認めてくれてありがとうございます,指揮官!
Thank you for your appreciation, commander!
Powerup ありがとうございます!勉強になりました!
Thank you! I've learned a lot!
Skill activation 逃がさない!
Don't you run!
For victory!
Work harder!
Oath 指揮官、こんな未熟な私でも受け入れてくれますか?ご期待通りな姿になるまで、まだまだ時間がかかると思いますが…でも、私は気を緩めません。貴方も信頼に答えるために、もっともっと頑張ります!
Commander, are you really willing to accept the person that I am right now...? I originally thought that I still had a long way to meet your expectations... However, I won't be complacent! In order to repay your trust, I must work even harder!
长官,您愿意接受现在的我吗…我原本以为,我还需要很久很久……才能您所期望的样子… 但是,我不会松懈的!为了回报您的信赖,我要更加努力才行


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.