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少女前线 logo.png
"The bullpup layout is the highest form of rifles! No objections accepted!"......Fire!
MDR 1.jpg
Basic info
Original name Desert Tech MDR
| Beret, Black silk, Heterochromia, Loli
Hair color Silver
Eye color Red, Blue
Type AR
Rarity ★★★★★
Developed by Desert Tactical Arms

MDR is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky and its derivatives. She joined the struggle on March 22, 2018.

Historical basis

The former Desert Tactical Arms, now Desert Tech, presented a bullpup rifle named the MDR at the start of 2014. The name MDR stood for Micro Dynamic Rifle, with the biggest highlight of the utilization of a novel forward case-ejection technology to support ambidextrous operation. The long-barreled variant was named the MDR while the short-barreled variant was named the MDR-C. The rifle was soon introduced to the public at the SHOT Show in 2014. According to visitors who attended the show, the MDR felt like a Magpul Masada in a bullpup layout.

The forward-ejection technology of MDR includes an ejection port located to the right of the chamber, with what appears to be a dust lid being the guide tube through which the empty casings are ejected. When a casing is extracted from the chamber it is sent to this tube, being pushed to the front-right, eventually leaving the rifle at a front-right position relative to a traditional ejection port. Due to that the casing would not travel a long distance as in the FN F2000 or the Kel-Tec RFB, and that the dust lid can be opened, manual extraction of faulty cases can be easily accomplished. Direct extraction by simply opening the extraction port lid is also possible. This extraction technology already has a patent pending.

In addition, a number of design features are also present on the MDR to facilitate ambidextrous operation, such as the charging handle which could be placed on either the left or the right side arbitrarily, the bolt-release button at the end of the magazine well, and the magazine releases on both sides of the receiver, which can be easily operated by the index finger, a relatively convenient design for users who are acquianted with AR-type rifles. This design takes inspiration from that of the IWI Tavor X95, and the MDR could be said to be based on a bullpup Magpul Masada with the design elements of a Tavor X95, while having its own extraction mechanism.

Similar to the SRS and HTI rifles of the company, MDR supports swift caliber-change, with 5.56mm NATO, 7.62mm NATO, .300 BLK, 6.8mm SPC and 7.62x39mm currently available. Desert Tech also claimed to be applying for a patent for keeping the MDR's sights zeroed even after the barrel is changed. However, this feat was never demonstrated, making it uncertain that whether or not it is similar to the quick-detach barrel design of the Magpul Masada.



Specifications found in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and represent only the game's opinion towards the firearm. For reference only.
Type                       Bullpup assault rifle
Weight                     3.93 kg
Length                     665mm
Cartridge                  5.56x45mm NATO/7.62x51mm NATO/.300 BLK
Rate of fire               750 RPM
Feed system                20- or 30-round detachable box magazine
Sights                     full-lenght top MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rail for optics or other sighting systems


Index number: No.215 Rarity:★★★★★
Nationality:AmericanFlag of United States.svg Type: Assault Rifle
CV: Illustrator: RAN
Health (B) 60 →119 Damage (A) 20 →56
Dodge (B) 5 →41 Accuracy (A) 6 →50
Movement speed 10 → 10 Rate of Fire (A) 51 →76
Crit chance ? →?
Operational Effectiveness
205 →?
Resource demands
Ammo 20 → 60 Rations 20 → 60
Ability Description
Danger sensor (危机嗅探器) Deploys a shield absorbing 15 (40) points of damage and provides 40% (80%) extra dodge to the teammate standing one tile to the front. If there is no such a teammate, raises firepower by 20% (45%) and rate of fire by 10% (22%)
Lasts 6 (10) seconds, with a cooldown of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypads 3,6

Effect Applies to SMGs
Damage +25%, Accuracy+65%
Acquired by
Production 3:53:00
Pic MDR.png
Pic MDR D.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
Chibi version animation

MDR Q.gif



She's a very pro-active T-doll, a fan of "commentator anonymous" and SNS, and a fanatic of push-button cell phones. (她是一个非常活跃的战术少女,沉迷吐槽匿名版还有SNS,也是按键手机的忠实拥护者。)
— T-doll-pedia: 5-star AR "MDR" (战术人形百科:五星突击步枪"MDR")[1]

MDR (in Chinese)

MDR setting.jpg

Keyboard Girl

Almost immediately after the illustrations were released, some commanders started to poke upon MDR's perculiarity and created a number of dojin works.

And since she bore the "Long-stationed Keyboard Warrior with Alias on Grifon Commentator Anonymous", coupled with the existence of various Keyboard Warriors on numerous forums and social sites,

MDR was given the Keyboard Girl nickname as a result.

Celebration for being heavily damaged
Weibo:@砧板13 [2]

The following
Weibo:@三尾未完酱 [3]
MDR: [Just now] from Block If No Repost Android
Visitor: MDR|Too much teasing part eh ww? And there's this "block if liked", lmao. Even so she's got all her fans.
Visitor: Can I say that she ps'd her face in the wrong place?
Visitor: ↑hahahahahaha
Smacking the blackboard: Disliked her from early times, finally there's someone to do the job.
[In the typebox]: F*ck you all these b*tches


CV not implemented
Case Line Audio
Login screen ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon login
Alas?? So YOU are the commander! You're a famed figure in "Grifon Commentator Anonymous"! Let me take a picture to show off later!
As adjutant
"The bullpup layout is the highest form of rifles! No objections accepted!"......Fire!

"SHOCKING! COMMANDER DID THIS TO ME....!"......So if you don't stop I shall "fire"?

I modded this phone after I bought it on the 'net, so how does it look? Even the commander hasn't seen this model eh? The push-buttons of this phone has the same exciting feel as the trigger!
As adjutant (post-oath link establishment)
Tell me, why is commander the only one to reply my teaser post......So you-you ain't pitying me!
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch)


Echelon formation
Beginning mission
Beginning battle
Winning battle as MVP
Beginning autobattle
Beginning logistic support
Finishing logistic support
Finishing production
Establishment augmentation
Ability activation

Oath-link establishment
Alas, is the commander serious? Must become an urban legend if I post this to the "Anonymous" section. Let me take a photo and show off in their faces to not get those idiots suspecting~

External links and references


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