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What a fate it is, Commander, did not expect to meet you here.
Pic M1911Mod.png
Basic info
Original name Colt M1911
Hair color Gold
Eye color Blue
CV Yahami Saori
Type Pistol
Rarity ★★→★★★★
Developed by US
Manufactured by Colt
Springfield Armory
Developed 1903
In service 1911-1985

M1911 is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and piblished by Digital Sky and its derivatives.


M1911 was invented by American weapon designer John Browning and was taken into production by Colt during 1911. It was carried along with the America army during WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, Korean War and the Bosnian War.

The reason it was born because during 1899-1902, during the Armed conflict between America units and Moro guerrillas, the America soldiers noticed that the using the then-standard Colt M1892 revolver, .38 (9mm) Long Colt, found it to be unsuitable particularly in terms of stopping power, and the reload speed is too slow for close quarters combat. So, they decided to bid .45 Colt caliber or semi-auto pistol as thier new standard equipment. During the bidding, M1911 had experienced 6000 shots, anti corrosive, anti dirt and many other brutal test. Following its success in trials, the Colt pistol was formally adopted by the Army on March 29, 1911 as a standard equipment and started it's 74 years journey with the army.

After the World War 1, the Amry requested several minor changes based on M1911 combat performance : 1. A wider front sight, creating a "Patridge-type" sight, allowing the user to aim quickly even in low lights. 2. A shorter trigger, making people with smaller hands to reach the trigger easier. 3. Simplified grip checkering, making users with smaller hands or gloves to trigger more easily. 4. Cutouts in the frame behind the trigger, increases the feel while firing the gun. 5. An arched mainspring housing, increases the texture of the housing. 6. A longer grip safety spur, to prevent hammer bite. 7. Shortened hammer spur, making it easier to operate.

All of the changes are done and tested in Springfield Armory. The upgraded M1911 was put into production in 1926 and was named as "AUTOMATIC PISTOL, CALIBER .45, MODEL OF 1911A1".

Colt M1911
colt M1911

colt M1911


  • Cartridge: .45 ACP
  • Action: Recoil-operated, single action, semi-automatic
  • Weight (unloaded): 1.1 kg (without clip) / 1.3kg (with empty clip)
  • Total length : 216mm
  • Barrel: 127 mm/108 mm/89 mm
  • Rate of twist: 406 mm
  • Rifling: 6 left-hand twist
  • Capacity: 7+1 rounds (7 in standard-capacity magazine +1 in firing chamber)
  • Muzzle velocity: 253m/s
  • Muzzle energy: 477J
  • Rate of fire: 35 rounds/min (practical)
  • Caliber: .45 (11.43mm)
  • Effective range: 50m
  • Overall length: 160mm
  • Height: 133 mm
  • Length: 210 mm
In-game stats
  • Stat listed here might be inaccurate, it only represent the game's view, reference only
Type                       Semi-automatic pistol
Weight                     2.44 lb (1.105 g) empty. w/magazine
Length                     8.25 in (210 mm)
Barrel length              Government model: 5.03 in (127 mm)
                           Commander model: 4.25 in (108 mm)
                           Officer's ACP model: 3.5 in (89 mm)
Cartridge                  .45 ACP (11.43 mm)
Action                     Short recoil operation
Muzzle velocity            825 ft/s (251 m/s)
Feed system                7-round standard detachable box magazine

Weapon-Related Trivia

World War 1

U.S. Army 82nd Infantry Division 328th Infantry Regiment Alvin York and his buddies suddenly met the Germans, York Corporal uses his own Enfield M1917 and M1911 and managed to take down 25 and captured 132 Germans.

World War 2 pacific

U.S. Marine Corps First Division John Basilone and two other Marines used M1911A1 and two M1917 machine guns to hold off a charge by hundreds of Japanese soldiers. On the other hand, the U.S army uses M1911A1 causing a stop on Japanese army advantage between close quarters knife combat.

Myanmar battlefield

U.S. pilot Owen J. Baggett uses his M1911A1 to take down a Japan fighter, causing it to crash.

In China

During the time when the people knowledge isn't that good, so some rich people or warlord given a nickname "大眼撸子""Big-eyed gun" to M1911 based on how it looks like.


Although nowadays U.S armies are more equiped with M9 pistol, but being a classic .45ACP launcher, and furthermore, .45acp is born to be used with silencers due to the effectiveness. Most people have a unspeakable feeling agaisnt .45ACP Even the Japanese had ate it before and they said it taste great !, partical police or special forces are still equiped with M1911 series handgun, and the world's largest M1911 production company (Jinbo Company) also produce a specific version for Naval Task Force (M45A1). Due to the fame of it, causing many other countries to counterfeit for example lolicon millitary company Norinco, one America journalist made a comparisons between the original and the counterfeit, and Colt original M1911 is on number 6 whereas Norinco is on the first..

Centennial feelings

Unlike any other weapon with more than a hundred years in service, M1911 is still in service within the American military Lets ignore M2HB…… due to its classic design, leaving a deep impression in many American minds. Numerous American companies and workshops are still selling modification accessories for the M1911, having superior Chirstmas Tree capabilities of modification, it is often a must for firearm collectors. During the 90s, the Beretta M9 had been issued in large numbers to the U.S army but most Spec Ops still preferred using the M1911A1 and its derivatives, because they considered that one shot-one kill is more viable than three shots-one kill. US Special Operations Command had been demanding improved .45-caliber pistols based on the M1911A1, but recently shifted its focus to high-velocity, small-caliber rounds such as the 9mm Luger or the 5.7mm FN for their improved stability and higher magazine capacity due to their small size, and also because of that the low-penetration, high-stopping power .45 ACP cannot effectively counter enemies in grade II or III vests. Despite this, the M45A1 used by marines never had a replacement.


Index Number:NO.002 Rarity:★★→★★★★
Nationality: AmericanFlag of United States.svg Gun type: HG (Handgun)
CV:Eriko Matsui Illustrator:Spirtie
Stats (Growth:A)
Health(A) 37→73x5 Damage (B) 10→27
Dodge (B) 9→74 Accuracy (B) 6→50
Movement Speed 15 Rate of Fire (B) 38→57
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 10→30 Rations 10→30
Skill Description
Smoke Grenade Launch a smoke grenade that decreases the enemies'
Rate of Fire by 36% and Movement Speed by 45% within a radius of 2.5 units for 4 seconds.
Initial cooldown 1 second
Cooldown 12 seconds.
Outright Sharpshooter(Can be obtained after Digi-mind upgrade ) Throws a smoke grenade and deal 150% (200%) damage to the closest target for 7 times.
Formation buffs

Keypads 2,4,6,8

Effect Buffs all
Rate of Fire+10%
Accuracy +25%
Acquired from
Production 00:20:00
M1911 D.png
Censored damaged
Pic M1911 D.png
Reworked Censored damaged
M1911 D1.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.

M1911 Trivia

Character settings

M1911 is the first gun for every players, but other then that, due to the high drop rate and not so effective buffs, she was used as food for other T-dolls At least her fame is also special.

Showed in the second map (night battle) as commander.

Most of the time she was being compared with M9Fighting over Commander's :) as competitor,causing confusion and sadness.

Coffee shop_M1911(Upgrade)

(On the way)

Ebony & Ivory

Many Devil May Cry fans will notice that M1911 is holding one black and one white version which is quite similar to the main character's weapon. Not

only that, Ebony & Ivory is the modified version of the original M1911. People who have sharp eyes will notie that the white gun have a golden line

which isn't the same as Ivory. Further more, unlike Ebony & Ivory, both of the guns doesn't have the grooves on the gun barrel. Which make it seems

like the combination of (Ebony & Ivory) + (Light & Dark). And on the handle, there isnt the paint job which is done on the Ebony & Ivory, making the

feel that it was confiscated. One little point is that Dante holds the Ebony on his left while Ivory on his right but appearently, M1911 hold it in a diffrent way.She finally get it right after the upgrade

Ebony & Ivory


Light & Dark


Aria The Scarlet Ammo

In the anime, Kinji Tōyama also uses two Silver M1911(maybe is M1911A1 ?), which has custom paint of 神崎香苗 side profile on the handle.

Digi-mind Update related

第一次世界大战中著名的美国英雄阿尔文·约克(Alvin York)的战斗经历是一个使用M1911手枪的著名例子,也是在战场上成功应用辅助武器的例子。

约克下士所在的部队是美国陆军第82步兵师第328步兵团,当时在马斯河的阿尔贡地区,位于223高地后面的铁路沿线。在1918年10月8日的清晨,该团正被德军机枪的火力所压制。包括约克在内的17名士兵被派遣到机枪的侧翼进行侦察,负责指挥的是约克的好朋友兼上司伯纳德·厄尔利(Bernard Early)军士。 这支17人的巡逻队由于看错了地图(法语地图)而走错了路,碰巧的是德军的战线上居然有个薄弱部位,被他们正好绕了过去进入到敌人的战线后面,结果他们看到一名德国军官和一些德军士兵在吃早餐。这些德国人认识到他们被包围了,便迅速投降。然而当厄尔利军士打算押解俘虏回自己阵地时,另一边机枪阵地上的德国人一边用德语呼唤自己人趴下,一边用猛烈的机枪火力横扫了这支巡逻队,当场射倒9人,包括伯纳德·厄尔利也被17发子弹打成重伤,他临死前让阿尔文·约克中士指挥这支巡逻队。

当时美国人仍然控制着他们的俘虏,幸存的美国人和德国人都趴在地上,同时避免误伤自己人,德军的机枪手不敢打得太低。约克看到德军机枪的位置大约有30米远。能清楚看到戴着“煤桶”钢盔的敌人的脸,于是他用他的恩菲尔德M1917步枪开火了,约克来自田纳西州山区的穷乡避壤,他餐桌上的食物是靠枪打来的。山区人很节俭,每一枪都不能落空,所以他是一枪一个德国猎手。 在约克看不到的地方,另一些德国兵利用地形掩护向前推进,接近到约克的位置。他们计算着约克的枪声,算准了他的恩菲尔德连续打了5枪并开始装弹的时候就跳出来扑向约克,然而他们没想到的是约克除了步枪外,随身还携带了一把M1911自动手枪,迎接德国人的是他们意想不到的持续枪声。(注:在电影《约克军士》中,约克并没有携带手枪,此时他用的手枪是从俘虏身上缴获的鲁格P08手枪,另外电影中他使用手枪的射击方法是从最后一个人打起,由远至近,最后被手枪打死的德国兵离他只有一步之遥,但是才举起上刺刀的步枪就被手枪打死了。)




Occasion Line Audio
Login Screen ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls Frontline.
Upon Login おやおや、今日は何をしますか?
Acquisition 運命的な出会いですね、また指揮官様に逢えるなんて…
Secatory 暇なの?


编成 ナイスチョイスです!
出击 出撃だ~私の帰りは、ちゃんと待っていて下さいね。
攻击 敵軍はそこです!
重创 ダーリンの愛があれば……私は、無敵です!
修理 補給の用意はできましたか?指揮官様、優しくしてくださいね。
战役胜利(MVP) ヤッター!ダーリン❤
战役失败 そんな…ダーリンの力になれなかったなんで……
自律作战 指揮官様、私はここですよ、早く見て~
后勤(出发) 指揮官様、行って参ります。寂しがらないでくださいね。
后勤(归还) 指揮官様、ただいま戻りました!寂しがったですか?
建造完成 製造完了しました。
扩编 編成完了~私がいっぱい、愛がいっぱいですよ~
强化 ダーリンの愛を感じます~
技能 今から撃ちま~す!
誓约烙印 指揮官様、私の気持ちが…やっと報われたのかな?えへへ、あ…あんまり急過ぎるから、どうしていいか分かんない…あ!これからは頑張って反撃しちゃいますからね!

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