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Girls' Frontline: CZ-805
Gfcz805 1.jpg
Basic info
Original name CZ 805 BREN A Assault Rifle
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
CV Uchida Maaya
Type AR
Rarity ★★★
Manufactured by Ceska Zbrojovka
Developed 2009
In service 2011-

CZ-805 is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky and its derivatives.

Historical basis

The CZ-805 Bren is an assault rifle developed by Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ). Designed as a new standard-issue assault rifle for the Czech Army, it is scheduled to replace all the Vz. 58 rifles remaining in the army.

The CZ 805 BREN A is originally named the CZ S805A, the newest Czech-made assault rifle to date. It is first unveiled at an exhibition in 2007, albeit without detailed information back then. Visually the CZ 805 appears to be influenced by the FN SCAR and the XM8, in addition to elements from the G36.

The prototype of the CZ 805 is first officially announced in 2009, and the CZ 805 is subsequently announced as the next-generation standard-issue rifle for the Czech Army, however, detailed schedules are not announced.

The CZ 805 employs a modular design, and is chambered in either 5.56×45mm (the A variant) or the 7.62×39mm (the B variant) cartridge. A further development chambering the 6.8mm SPC is anticipated. The upper receiver is made of aluminum alloy, while the lower receiver is made of polymer. The magazine well is a separate module detachable from the weapon. The magazine well as well as the barrel is swapped out when switching calibers.

The CZ 805 uses a quick-detach barrel to facilitate caliber-change or barrel length change. Each caliber has four barrels available, converting the weapon into a carbine, standard rifle, marksman rifle or light support weapon respectively. The weapon uses a short-stroke gas piston, rotary bolt system with a gas regulator in the gas system. A bolt change is mandatory when switching barrels.

The firing mechanism can fire in semi-auto, two-round burst or full-auto mode, with the manual safety/selector lever on both sides of the receiver.

The magazine resembles that of the G36, made from translucent polymer, with stacking struts to stack magazines horizontally. The 5.56mm-caliber variant of the CZ 805 is directly compatible with G36 magazines.

A full-length picatinny rail is located at the top of the receiver, and accepts compatible iron/optical sights.

The stock can be extended or folded on the weapon, intially inspired by the FN SCAR, albeit with some differences in detail. A cheek rest was added to the improved stock introduced in 2010, while the newest stock appears to take elements from the telescopic stock of the M4.


  • Overall weight: 3.6kg
  • Overall length: 855 - 910mm (Stock extended) / 670mm (Stock folded)
  • Barrel length: 360mm (Bren A1)/ 277mm (Bren A2)
  • Overall height: 260mm
  • Cartridge:
    • 5.56×45mm NATO
    • 7.62×39mm
    • 6.8×43mm Remington SPC
  • Action: Short-stroke gas-driven piston, rotary locked bolt
  • Rate of Fire: 760 RPM
  • Effective range: 500m
  • Feed system: 30-round detachable box magazine
  • Sights:
    • Iron sights
    • Sights compatible with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails
Specifications found in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and represent only the game's opinion towards the firearm. For reference only.
Type                       Assault rifle
Weight                     3.6 kg (7.9 lb)
Length                     910–855 mm (35.8–33.7 in) (butt extended)
                           670 mm (26 in) (butt folded)
Barrel length              360 mm (14 in)
Cartridge                  5.56×45mm NATO
Action                     Gas-operated. rotating bolt
Rate of fire               700-800 RPM
Effective firing range     500 m
Feed system                20-. 30- or 100-round box magazine
Sights                     Iron sights


Index number: No.108 Rarity:★★★
Nationality: Czech20px Type: Assault Rifle
CV:Uchida Maaya Illustrator: 木子翔
Health (B) 58→116 Damage (B) 16→43
Dodge (B) 6→41 Accurary (S) 7→49
Movement Speed 10→10 Rate of Fire (A) 52→75
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 20→60 Rations 20→60
'Ability Description
Fragmentation grenade Launches a grenade dealing varying damage to enemies within a 1 / 2.5 / 4 radius, the closer the target is to the center of explosion, the higher the damage.
Has an initial cooldown of 10 seconds and an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles


Effect Increase rate of fire and accuracy by 25% and 50% for Machine guns
Acquired from
Production (Currently not obtainable)
Drops 3-6 3-4E
Pic CZ805.png
Pic CZ805 D.png
Normal "Neutralized version"
Pic CZ805hx.png
Damaged "Neutralized version"
Pic CZ805 Dhx.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.

CZ-805 Trivia

(To be continued)


Occasion Line Audio
Login Screen ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon Login おはよう指揮官!わたしに会えて嬉しいでしょ?
Good Morning Commander, arent you happy when you see me ?
Acquisition やっほー!ピカピカのBren805(ぶれんはちまるご)、今日から作戦に参加します、期待してよね!
Roar! Brand new CZ805A1, is ready to serve, commander, please look forward for my performance.
Secetory どうしたの、指揮官?わたしはここだよ。
Commander what's the issue ? I'm here.
Experience ? I dont need them since I'm the best.
By just looking at my apperance, you can see how pro am I ? Well I will let you continue for a while.
Secetory(After Marriage)
Yep, just like that, before the mission, please go on admire me ! And don't forget to record my swagness during battle.
Accommodation(When lifted )
Accommodation(When you touch her head) へへへっ。

Tag along
Echelon formation よしっ!せっかくの出番、ちゃんと見ててよっ!
Good ! Since is my turn, you guys take a good look !
Begaining mission 負けるわけがない!
If I cant win, I'm a dog !
Attack そんなやつ、適当にやっちゃえ!
This kind of enemy, can be taken down within 2, 3 move.
Damaged うわぁ!わたしのせいじゃないよ!…どっ…どういうこと?
This ain't my fault... Must, must be the vison issue !
Repair これは…あの…ごめん…わたしがうっかりしててさ…。
Ah.... this... is because.... sorry.... this is because of my mistake.....
Winning battle(MVP) こんなの当たり前じゃん!
Haha !! Like I said, how are those enemy possibly be my competitor !
Losing Battle うん…えっと…今日天気が悪いからうまく照準(しょうじゅん)できないんだよね…。
Emm... that... that is because the weather isnt good, which effected my ability!
Auto Battle 諦めないでよね、先輩たち!
Dont give up so early, elders.
Logistic support(Begaining) たまには外回りも悪くないわね。
Alright, going out for a spin isn't that bad afterall.
Logistic support(Return) ただいま、いい収穫があったわよ。
I'm back, everything gone smooth.
Finishing production 新人ちゃん?見せて見せて〜
New members had arrived let me have a look.
Establishment augmentation これで陣形も変われるわね。
Now I'm able to switch into diffrent type.
Power Up へへっ、今回の設計は誰に似てるのかな?
This time refrence, will be design by who ?
Skill 無理しないでわたしに任せて!
Dont hold back, go down now !
This type of ending wouldn't it be to quick ?
I'm able to withstand any condition !
Oath link establishment こんなたくさんの武器の中から、わたしを選んでくれて…はいっ!これからもよろしくお願いします!!
What a special eyes you have, commander. I thought you wouldn't notice me among all of them........... Well, since you had find me, I will be sticking to you all day long, dont blame me for irritating.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.

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