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少女前线 logo.png
Commander, are you tired? Want me to play some music?
61866240 p0.jpg
Pixiv ID:61866240[2]
Basic info
Original name Suomi KP/-31
| White silk
Hair color Flaxen
Eye color Blue
CV Toyosaki Aki
Type SMG
Rarity ★★★★★
Developed by Tikkakoski Oy
Developed 1921
In service 1931–1982

KP31 is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky. She joined the struggle on 7 July, 2016.

Historical basiss

The Suomi M/31, also known as Suomi KP/-31 (KP for Konepistooli, Finnish for Machine Pistol), is a submachine gun designed during 1930-1931 in Finland. It is an improved model over the M/22 prototype and the KP/-26. Due to how the word "Suomi" meant "Finland" in the Finnish language, it is also sometimes referred to as the Finnish SMG.


  • Weight:4.72 kg empty, 5.74kg with loaded 50-round magazine or 6.2 kg with loaded 70-round drum.
  • Overall length: 870mm
  • Barrel length: 314mm
  • Cartridge: 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Action: Simple blowback
  • Rate of Fire: 750–900 rounds /min
  • Muzzle velocity: 396 m/s
  • Muzzle energy: 624 J
  • Effective range: ~200m
  • Sights: Iron sights with 100-500 meter markings at an interval of 100m
  • Feed system:
    • 20,36 or 50-round detachable box magazine
    • 40 or 70-round detachable drum
Specifications found in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and represents only the game's opinion towards the firearm. For reference purposes only.

Type Submachine Gun Weight 4.6 kg (10.14 lb) Length 870 mm (34.3 in)

                           925 mm (36.4 in) (SJR)
                           740 mm (29.1 in) (bunker version)

Barrel length 314 mm (12.4 in) Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum Action Straight Blowback Rate of fire 750–900 rounds/min Muzzle velocity 396 m/s (1.299 ft/s) Effective firing range 200 m (660 ft) Feed system 20-. 36- or 50-round box. 40- or 71-round drum.

                           Also modified German MP 38 u. 40 32-round box magazine

Sights Front blade. rear notch


The Suomi M1931 uses a traditional open-bolt simple blowback action commonly found on contemporary submachine guns. Designers made some necessary improvements to the M/26, around 100 of which was produced back in 1925-1926. Redundant space in front of the bolt was removed, clearing the possibility of a ham occurring when a round is chambered. The muzzle end of the barrel shroud was slanted to mitigate vertical recoil, with a simpler and more reliable design. The barrel can be quickly detached and replaced, while the cartridge chambered for was changed from the 7.65x21mm to the 9mm Parabellum. The KP/-31 has numerous feed systems, with the earliest 20-round magazines and 40-round drums being used during the 1930s to 1940, and were used as backup devices during WWII. The 70-round drum and the 50-round magazine are mainly used during WWII, with the former being the most reliable feed system of the KP/-31, while the 50-round magazine, designed by Swedish personnel, was unreliable due to its complexity, suffering from jams should dust enter, and was abandoned in Autumn, 1943. The 36-round magazine was designed by Swedish personnel in the 1950s, and was as reliable as the 70-round drum and was lighter.

The Suomi KP/-31 entered serial production at Tikkakoski Oy in 1931, most of which were supplied to the Finnish Defence Forces. However, not many were ordered, with only 375 units delivered by the end of 1934. The number rose to no more than 4000 at the start of the Winter War. The KP/-31 suffered from a few problems during the war, including perceptible vertical recoil despite the weapon's design limiting it. Another problem of barrel wear was found in January, 1940. This issue was deemed the result of dust and snow entering the barrel from the muzzle, prompting the installation of a muzzle device on the KP/-31, adding another 55 millimeters to its length, with the overall weight reaching 4.9kg. This variant was called the KP/-31 SJR, where SJR stood for ‘’suujarru’’, or “muzzle device”. However, Aimo Lahti opposed this modification, deeming that the original design had sufficed in countering muzzle rise, and that the recoil from a submachinegun itself was not heavy enough to produce substantial consequences, in addition to the muzzle device lowering the muzzle velocity of its cartridges, affecting ballistic performance. [3]. Aside from that, the muzzle device was not reliable in the cold weather, causing gunpowder residue to accumulate inside before flowing into the receiver, sticking onto the bolt causing misfires. The barrel wear issue was actually caused by moisture of the cartridges. Starting from 1942, all KP/-31 submachine guns ordered by the Finnish Defence Forces are equipped with muzzle devices, eventually having half of the M1931 submachine guns in service within the military being the SJR variant. The Suomi KP/-31 was initially meant for replacing light machineguns, with a few being equipped with bipods and foregrips for the role, but the attempt was a failure. To the time of the Continuation War, an ordinary Finnish infantry squad was equipped with a KP/-31 and a light-machine gun (usually a captured DP), with an additional KP/-31 in 1943 provided to each squad. A third KP/-31 was planned, but the plan was abandoned as the war ended.


Index number:NO.115 Rarity:★★★★★
Nationality:FinnishFlag of Finland.svg Type:SMG
CV:Toyosaki Aki Illustrator:Anmi
Health (S) 102 → 220 Damage (A) 13 → 28
Dodge (B) 10 → 56 Accuracy (S) 2 → 15
Movement speed 12 → 12 Rate of Fire (A) 60 → 93
Operational Effectiveness
226 → 4201
Resource demands
Ammo 25 → 85 Rations 20 → 60
Ability Description
Evasion concentration Raises dodge by 80% (150%) for 3 (5) seconds.
Has an initial cooldown of 6 seconds and can be activated at an interval of 10 (8) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypads 1,7

Effect Applies to ARs
Raises Rate of Fire by 15%
Accuracy by 30%
Acquired by
Production 02:25:00
Drops (No records of drops)
少女前线-索米KP31 大破.png
Censored damaged
Pic KP31 Dhx.png
Snow Fairy of Korvatunturi (耳朵山的雪妖精)
索米 耳朵山的雪精灵.png
索米 耳朵山的雪精灵 大破.png
Censored damaged
索米 耳朵山的雪精灵 大破 和谐.png
Fairy of the Midsummer Night (仲夏夜的精灵)
Pic KP31 1103.png
Pic KP31 1103 D.png
Censored damaged
Pic KP31 1103 D HE.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
“Ritual of the Holy Night-Snow Fairy of Korvantunturi (圣夜祭-耳朵山的雪妖精)”chibi version animation
Christmas 索米 Q.gif
“Ritual of the Holy Night-Snow Fairy of Korvantunturi (圣夜祭-耳朵山的雪妖精)”live2D
“Girls and the Sea-Fairy of the Midsummer Night (少女与海-仲夏夜的精灵)”chibi version animation

索米 泳装 Q版.gif


Serious and calm, with a born sense of duty and saviorism, and a constant pursuit of perfect victories. Simple and naive in daily lives, doesn't have a taste with words, and has a strong disdain towards Soviet-based T-dolls. (性格认真冷静,有着天生的使命感和救世情怀,对完美胜利有着执着地追求,日常中天然单纯,不善言辞,且对出身于苏联原型的人形有着明显的抵触。)

— The official artwork collection《THE ART OF GIRLS'FRONTLINE UNTIL THE STARS》
Celebration of Suomi having her own CV


Due to the KP-31 having a deep connection with the Winter War (1939-1940), I viewed a lot of related data before I started.

Gave Suomi-chan a white coat according to the white cloaks Finnish soldiers had worn then, as well as to give a fluffy texture as found on rabbits and bears in the winter forest. Wanted to have a girl who can represent the winter days.

Wanted to draw black thigh-highs initially, but changed it to white ones as advised by Phantania-san.

Really happy to be able to make illustrations for Girls' Frontline!






Her Illustrator Anmi mentioned white cloaks worn by Finnish soldiers then, but technically Finnish soldiers do not have white cloaks, but rather the snowland camouflage uniforms.

This kind of camouflaged uniform is hand-modified from bed sheets, and is one of the iconic clothings of Finnish patrols, while the all-white winter camouflage made up of a hooded top and trousers cover the woolen hat, fur coats and Lapland-style boots worn by Finnish snipers.

Finnish uniforms in winter


Cafeteria stories-Suomi KP31“Snow Fairy of Korvantunturi”

(To be supplemented)


Heavy Metal

According to Grifon communications--Bar stories (KP31) (《格里芬通讯》——吧台琐事(KP31))[5]” and T-doll interview:Suomi (人形访谈索米篇 [6]) (see below) and description from her own illustrator, contrary to her behaved look, Suomi is a hardcore fan of heavy metal music, and is completely ignorant of all the trouble this causes to those around her.

Even wanting to play heavy metal music when oath links are established.

So practice caution when Suomi asks: Commander, are you tired? Want me to play some music?

Soviet bears are the worst

Takes inspiration from the Winter War.

She hates all USSR-related articles, which inevitably includes T-dolls wielding Soviet firearms, and was angry to that she visually shivers when she was mistaken for Papasha when she first reported in.

Though to most commanders who don't actually have too much military knowledge, the Papasha and the Suomi were indeed quite close to each other, with rumors stating that most of the designs of the PPSh-41 was taken from the Suomi. But in fact, in terms of structural design, the only possible source of inspiration is the drum magazine, which is still the least reliable part of the entire weapon, before being replaced with a Soviet magazine on the PPS-43.

And regarding Soviet bears, Suomi probably has another special friend. The Mosin Nagant M1891 equipped with her exclusive chip, refer to Mosin Nagant.

Translated text of Grifon communications--Bar stories (KP31) (《格里芬通讯》——吧台琐事(KP31))[5]]

少前 索米 波波沙1.jpg

"Yo, Comrade Papasha? Coming to take the stuff left at yesterday's welcoming party?"

Karina at the bar took a glance at the girl coming in from the door dressed in white.


However, the girl only replied with silence.

"What's up? Comrade Papasha?"



Kalina turned around, only then did this foolish bartender pay attention to this lovely girl.

And her body shivering out of agony and the stagnating smile.

"Don't take me as one of those nasty Russkis!"

KP31, who had only just arrived at the command center was very unhappy.

Yes, verym unhappy.

The first person she met here just mixed her up with those contemptible Slavic girls, let alone the commander who had promised to come pick her up but instead left her alone in the bus station for half an hour.

Yes, KP31 was indeed very upset.

"Sorry! Forgive me this time."

"Humph!" Though KP31 still pretended as if still angry about it, it was obvious that she couldn't actually get angry with the idiot in front of her. "I won't let you go next time."

"Drinks on me this time~"

"Small-sized berry juice."

"OK! Just a second~" Kalina turned away to grab this very bottle of drink favoured by northern people.

Northern people from Scandinavia all the way to Caucasus, before they had vodka, used to make alcoholic drinks out of this kind of juice, out of climate reasons.

"Now habits and likings are basically the same." Kalina whispers to herself.

"What is it?" The voice of that girl behind her made her realize that she was just about to say something that would guarantee agonizing that kid again.

"Ah-ah, it's nothing." Kalina switched topics the moment she handed over the juice. "Speaking of which, KP31 just arrived at the command center today eh?"

"Yeah, the commander had told me that he would pick me up at the bus station, but instead left me alone. Humph."

"Ahahaha, we had a party stretching into late night, perhaps our commander should be still resting now, ahahahaha."

Of course, the fact is that 9A-91's welcoming party ended out of a sudden due to unexpected issues, with the remaining alcoholic drinks entirely consumed by that drunkard PK who also made the commander drink himself into unconsciousness.... Just keep those from her.

By the way, those drunk girls attended the morning exercise as if nothing had ever happened. It makes people wonder what exactly are Russian stomachs made up of.

"Humph, that's it. Should have at least someone come pick me up! Took me long enough to find my way here."

"Ahahaha, indeed. Don't know who's in charge of this." Of course, Kalina herself, who had been tasked with this matter did not get up in time. Just keep this matter which had only just came into mind away from her as well.

So just switch topics.

"By the way, what does KP31 like? You should be the first person from Finland. I'll see if I can get you something from Logistics."

"Ummm, then just give me some Surstromming"


"Pfft, just a joke. I'm not taking too much of that myself."

"Phew, thought you were serious." If this Finnish girl actually opened one in the canteen, it could literally spell disaster.

"Now mind your manners. All you southern people know is to make fun of our traditional food. Alkali-processed fish was actually quite delicious." Seeing how Kalina was relieved, KP again showed upset.

"Aleh??" If remembered right that alkali-processed fish was made from actual caustic soda, is it really fine?

"But still, does Ms. Kalina like music?"

"Finnish ones? Heard of them before, some folksongs are actually quite nice."

"I brought CDs here today, come and hear it."

"OK!" Kalina seemed to be excited, as Finnish music often receive critical acclaim.

5 minutes later

"Ms. KP31?"

"What is it, Ms. Kalina?"

"This music of yours...." Kalina pointed at the music player producing unintelligible low-pitched roars, "is heavy metal?"

"Yeah~ it's from Children of Bodom. Guitarists are the proud of Finland. I love it so much, bought every single one of their albums!" KP31 kept on talking about her hobby that directly contradicts her lovely image.

"Wait, Ms. KP31....."

"What~Does Kalina like Nightwish more?" KP expressed happiness through her face, "I have their CD as well~"

"It's not the problem..."

However Kalina's agonized look was never paid attention to.

"Come on, I'll give you this one to listen to, their latest album. The riffs in this one is super great~!"


Eventually the one who saved Kalina from the hell of rock was Comrade Papasha who came to the bar to clean up the mess while murmuring "Who the heck is playing noise here".

Of course, the bigger problem emerging from her and KP31 in the bar is a later story to tell.



















“好!您稍等~” 转过身的格林娜从柜子里拿出一瓶这深受北方民族喜爱的饮料。










“啊哈哈哈~ 是呢,不知道是谁负责这个事情的啊。”当然,实际上被拜托了这个事情的自己今天早上也没有准时起床,直到刚才才想起来有这么一出的事情就更不能告诉她了。


























When doing an interview by Kalina, knowing that the stool she's sitting on had a previous sitter of 9A-91, Suomi immediately expressed upset.

T-doll interview-Suomi (人形访谈索米篇)[6](Large picture)


If commanders want to have Suomi in their production yields, it might be better to first retire all Soviet T-dolls. (NO)


Case Line Audio
Login screen ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon login 指揮官、部屋の整備が終わりました。お仕事始めてくださいね。
Commander, I've made the room. Please start your work.
Acquisition スオミKP-31、着任します。指揮官の部隊で、使命を果たします!
Suomi KP-31, reporting in. Commander... Allow me to fulfill my duty in your ranks!
As adjutant は!もう、びっくりさせでくださいよ。
Yah! Just don't suddenly scare me!
Commander, are you tired? Want me to play some music?
It's not me disliking you, commander, it's just.... I'm not used to being this close...
As adjutant (post-oath link establishment) 指揮官、この間のコンサード、なかなか良かったでしょう?私もとっても楽しかったです!今度機会があったら、また一緒にいきましょうよ、二人で。
Commander, how's our last concert been? I was enjoying myself. Go there again when we get a chance to next time, just the two of us!
As adjutant (Outfit: Snow Fairy of Korvatunturi) メリークリスマス、指揮官。今夜の私の服、どうですか?サンタクロースをお迎えまする物として、ちゃんっとおメークしなきゃだめですよね。
Merry Christmas, Commander... Do you like my clothes tonight? I can't dress poorly as the first person to welcome Santa Claus.
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch)

Echelon formation あの、皆さん、そんなに近寄らないでも...
Umm... You don't need to be this close...
Beginning mission 私一人でも、勝利を持ち帰り見せます。
Even if I'm alone, I'll bring back victory.
Beginning battle 敵です。倒しましょう。
Contact. Bring them down.
Damaged ここで倒れる訳にはいかない。私には、使命があるんです。
Can't fall here, I still got a duty!
Restoration あの、サウナ付きの部屋、選んでもいいですか?
Umm, can I choose a room with Sauna?
Winning battle as MVP やったの?良かった!これで、名前を残せます。
Retreating 私、また消えちゃうですか?でも、これは最後じゃないですよね。
Am I... disappearing again? But this is not the end.
Beginning autobattle ルールは破るものです!
Rules are to break!
Beginning logistic support 私達の使命のため、出発しましょう。
Let's go, for our duties.
Finishing logistic support 終わりました、みんな無事です。
Mission accomplished. Everyone's fine.
Finishing production 新し仲間?相変わらず、の人たちですね。
A new friend? Still those barbaric ones.
Establishment augmentation ん、もう一人いれば問題無いです!
Hmm, one more would be all fine!
Powerup 引き続き改善してください、もっと強くなりたいです。
Please continue to strengthen me, I want to be stronger.
Ability activation ここからは一歩も引きません。
I won't back off a foot.
Please get out of here!
This cocktail's for you, Comrade.
Suspected to be referring to the Molotov Cocktail, a Finnish nickname given to improvised incendiary grenades.
Oath-link establishment 遂にこの日が来ましたか。いつもそばに居てくれてありがどう、指揮官。私の使命、ようやく果たせしました。あ、音楽を流せてお祝いしましょう。へ、いいんですか?
So this is the day, Commander. Thank you for being with me all this time. And my duty's finally been fulfilled. Ah, allow me to play some music to celebrate? Eh? Can I?

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