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少女前线 logo.png
Commander, it's enough to have me around.
HK416 Dm.png
Pixiv ID:63141096[2]
Basic info
Original name HK416
Nickname(s) 416、Little Monster
Hair color Silver
Eye color Green
CV Ai Nonaka
Type AR
Rarity ★★★★★
Place of origin Germany
Manufactured by Heckler & Koch
In service 2005-

416 is a character from the SLG game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Sunborn Games. She is based on the HK416 assault rifle.

Historical basis

The HK416 assault rifle is the result of Heckler & Koch's attempt to integrate the gas system of its G36 into the design of the M4 carbine, and was introduced as a complete weapon in 2005.

It was originally named the HK M4 during development, but due to Colt owning the copyright of its M4 trademark, H&K renamed it as "416" to avoid copyright infringement, while the number itself is rumored to refer to both the M4 and the M16, but H&K did not verify this.

It was intended to compete in the SCAR project, but to avoid breaking the balance due to it being a government-sponsored project, it was excluded.


  • Length:709/805mm(10.4" barrel version, stock retracted/extended)
  • Weight:3.12kg (10.4" barrel)
  • Cartridge:5.56×45mm
  • Rate of fire:700-900RPM (depending on cartridge and bolt)
  • Action: Short-stroke gas-operated rotary bolt
  • Effective range:Varies with barrel length and cartridge used
  • Feed system:30-round STANAG magazine


The HK416 uses the short-stroke piston system found on the HK G36 which is more reliable than the direct-impingement system used on the AR-10, M16 and the M4, since the hot gas is not directed to the bolt which may cause its expansion due to the heat, and because that the gunpower residue will not be redirected to the bolt. The barrel is cold-forged carbon-steel, and is chrome-lined to reduce barrel wear, and to improve accuracy.

The receiver and handguard of the HK416 has 5 tactical rails installed for mounting attachments, and uses a free-floating forward handguard. The end of the stock has a plastic shock-absorbing pad installed, with a buffer device in the receiver, effectively reducing recoil and the negative effect of residue on the bolt, increasing the reliability of the weapon. A new back-up iron sight is also provided.

Though a derivative of the M4, HK416 proved to be more reliable than the M4. It was shown in an US Army test-fire event that the HK416 suffered a total of 233 stoppages during the entire length of the test, far better than the 882 stoppages experienced by the M4, but inferior to the XM8 who had only 127. The FN SCAR-L which won the second place had 226 stoppages.

While when tested by the US Marines, it was found that the HK416 has the capability to fire normally even when its barrel contains water or sand, which the M4 lacks. The M4 has the possibility of chamber destruction when its barrel is obscured by water, and stoppages/faults are frequent when residual sand is left in the barrel. The HK416 also wins over the M4 for not needing frequent cleaning and maintenance.

But a downside of the HK416 is that it is not fully compatible with all M16 magazines (including some excellent-performing civilian products). Due to the shallow tilt angle of its magazine well, some magazines with large curved outlines, though compatible on the M4 and the M16, cannot be loaded onto the HK416. This was remedied on the HK416A5.

Some derivatives of the HK416 include:

①:HK416D. The D-series are the first models of the HK416, and come in 10.4", 14.5", 16" and 20" barrel versions, named D10RS, D14.5RS, D16RS and D20RS, respectively. The 16" and 20" versions had relatively small markets, while the 10" version was highly welcome among special forces and law enforcement officers alike, and is the most-depicted model of the HK416. The weapon found on the illustration is also a D10RS model.

②:HK416C. First unveiled in 2009, this model was developed in response to mandates from the SAS. It is the shortest of all HK416 models, with a short (226mm) barrel, and a compact stock, shorter than the traditional telescopic stock of the M4. Though developed for the SAS, the latter still employs the 10"-barreled L119A2 (Canadian Diemaco C8), while the HK416C is used by law enforcement personnel including the British police.

③:HK416A5. Introduced in 2012 to compete in the new carbine program of the US Army. The program intends to replace the M4 MWS with a new carbine. The HK416A5 improved the gas regulator of the gas system, and uses an enlarged trigger guard, with various improvements in its handguard, trigger mechanism, stock, etc. It has two magazine releases and two bolt releases to support ambidextrous operation, but was not accepted by the US Army. The German government, however, procured a batch in small numbers, naming it the "G38". The French Army recently purchased a batch of improved HK416A5s, naming it the HK416F, with an total estimated number of over 90,000 to replace the FAMAS currently in service.

④:HK IAR/M27 IAR. IAR, short for Infantry Automatic Rifle, suitable for high-mobility modern combat. When compared with the M249, the latter possesses a larger profile, making whoever wielding an M249 a prime target during a firefight. The IAR, on the other hand, has a similar shape to standard-issue rifles, and subsequently increases the survivability of automatic riflemen, the efficiency of firepower, and a more stable fire support to squads. Companies competing in this program include FN, Colt and HK. The IAR project of HK is an HK416 modified with a longer, heavier barrel, and a longer handguard. The HK project won, and was named the "M27 IAR". It was not welcome in the US Army at first, but as time progresses, it became favored. Its light weight is a blessing for soldiers operating on foot for prolonged periods, and can fire accurately out to 800 meters, according to some automatic rifleman. It creates confusion among the enemy regarding which target is the automatic rifleman, and makes it easier to change positions. The M27 is usually used for accurate engagements out to 800 meters, while providing fire support within 200 meters, prompting some M27-wielding rifleman to outright transition into designated marksmen, not mentioning its ease in maintaining. The US Marines is now striving for more funds, to develop the IAR into an LMG-DMR-able multi-purpose weapon. But it suffers from a lower sustainability in firepower when compared to the M249. The US Army did not intend to replace all M249s with M27s, but instead replaced 1 out of 3 M249s in every squad with 2 M27s, therefore eliminating the risk of lowered firepower. (But according to recent news, the USMC intends to replace all of its M4/M16s with M27s.)

④:The civilian model of the HK416, the MR223 (also called "MR556"). Shown to the public at the International Firearm Exhibition held at Nuremburg, Germany on 14 March, 2008, but pictures were released as early as in October 2007. It has no performance difference compared to the HK416, but was divided into the European and American models when introduced into the market. The European model has the locking pin of the receiver moved forward for 6mm to prevent the installation of full-auto-capable lower receivers, while the American version did not have such a modification, but the law still prohibits civilians from installing full-auto-capable lower receivers.

In-game stats

Index number: No.065 Rarity:★★★★★
Nationality: GermanFlag of Germany.svg Type: Assault Rifle
CV:野中蓝 (Nonaka Ai) Illustrator: NIXOO
Health (A) 61→121 Damage (A) 19→51
Dodge (A) 6→44 Accuracy (A) 6→46
Movement Speed (B) 10→10 Rate of Fire (A) 52→76
Operational Effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 20→60 Rations 20→60
Skill Description
High-explosive grenade Launches a grenade that deals 3.2x (15x) damage to enemies within a 1.5 radius.
Initial cooldown at 10 seconds with an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypad 6

Effect Affects SMGs only
Raises damage by 40%
Acquired by
Production 03:55:00
Drops 5-4E


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo dummy expansions.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
Normal (Alternative expression-1)
HK416 1.png
Normal (Alternative expression-2)
HK416 2.png
HK416 D.png
Cocoon of the stars
A HK416.png
Cocoon of the stars (Damaged)
A HK416 D.png
Anniversary outfit-Cocoon of the stars

一周年 HK站立.gif 一周年 HK行走.gif 一周年 HK416攻击.gif 一周年 HK技能.gif 一周年 HK倒地.gif
一周年 HK胜利长.gif



Member of Squad 404, a T-doll with few words. Slightly talks more in front of her companions, but mostly sarcastically. As opposed to her stone-cold nature, she boasts excellent maneuvering abilities and reflexes.

Has an extreme excess of self-consciousness, firmly believes that she herself is the best in terms of combat capabilities. Reliable before teammates, and trusts the leading UMP45. Due to the bad situation Squad 404 is in, she envies the relatively better-living AR squad, especially the seemingly worriless M16A1 and M4A1 who sways over everything.
—  From the official collection THE ART OF GIRLS'FRONTLINE UNTIL THE STARS

Hidden breasts

Pixiv ID:62056892[4]

It's completely unable to tell from her slim profile that she possesses such measurements, but it is not before the battle enters the most intense phase when the little beasts on her chest were found.

Know any trade slangs?

59317621 p1 master1200.jpg

Picture 1: (Cants)
Picture 2: M16A1:Hides a little beast / UMP45: On 461(sic)'s chest
Pixiv ID:59317621[6]

I know what you want to see

61447887 p0.jpg

Pixiv ID:61447887[8]

Old name

In fact, the HK416 had an old name called the HK M4. The birth of HK416 is in 2001 when HK personnel visited Delta Force, and when asked by an officer responsible for equipment R&D regarding whether HK had ideas to improve the M4 to make it more adaptive to the harsh conditions of special operations, prompting HK to collaborate with Delta Force in what was known as the "M4 Improvement Program", commonly abbreviated to HK M4.[9]

But the renaming to the current HK416 does indeed concern the M4 and the M16. So, as always, things are quite messy.

Illustration details

A few letters written vertically can be seen in her normal illustration, but was obstructed and cannot be clearly identified. It was clarified by the illustrator in the collection that the letters were part of the phrase Kommando Spezialkraeäfte, alternatively known as KSK. The badge on her headwear is also similar to that of KSK, which is a sword surrounded by oak leaves.

Thanksgiving ritual to 416

416 possessed high rarity during the 3rd Internal Test phase, and is the only 5-star AR then.

But ever since the start of the Public Test phase, it was reported that 416 had the highest acquisition rate out of all 5-star T-dolls, with commanders wishing for FAL and G41 commonly having more than a row of 416s. It is a running joke about the 416 being the only 5-star T-doll that can be expanded to full capacity without any cores. Which stands true for European commanders.

And since the iOS platform started, due to it having the Android servers as its pioneers, there were voices stating that everything can be changed on the iOS platform, as long as it isn't 416. And the clock reading "03"55:00" had become the nightmare for every commander during an increased-acquisition rate event for rare T-dolls every time since Public Test. (What's more, unlike FAL and G41 who have ammo/ration margins, every single combination that can yield an AR can have an MK416 appearing.) This prompted every increased-acquisition rate event for T-dolls to be called "the Thanksgiving ritual to 416". Which didn't avert the fate of African commanders at all.

As per 416 herself, "Commander, it's enough to have me around." Oy Shaman! Someone's gone mad here again!

No work

Said that she could do nothing while getting her salary with UMP45 when threatened by MG5 to be kicked out of the force in Episode 1-3N. So what authority does 404 have, did they have some sort of untellable deals to have the authority to eliminate anyone who stands in their path...

It was mentioned by Kryuger and Helian in Operation Arctic that Squad 404 is the "expert" in a field. Perhaps 404 lived a happy life when not on a mission, eh?

NOT YANDERE!!!It's enough to have me around

As with the aforementioned nightmare-like high acquisition rate (the highest among all 5-stars), coupled with the voiceline "Commander, it's enough to have me around", plus her relentlessness mainly directed at M16.

416 has a considerable number of yandere dojin pictures, alternative pictures, casting her image as being Yandere in the minds of a vast quantity of commanders. Especially those who failed to meet her in production. But what 416 exhibited in the plot was more coldness, and since the HK416 was more or less designed to be superior to the M4A1 and the M16, that voiceline was originally intended to express the affirmation of her own value (and adding more possibilities as to why she was relentlessly trying to harass M16.

Making it not so hard to understand her words, such as in her oath link-establishment voiceline, "Did you see? I won, no matter in combat or in getting the commander... So, commander, I'll set up everything for you, including what they can give you, and what they cannot." the words "them" and "won".

Of course, considering the fact that MK416 expanded her family into machine guns (the 16.5-inch heavy barrel variant, HK M27) and Designated Marksman Rifles (7.62-mm variant, HK417 (G28)), and becoming the weapon of virtually all top spec of units, perhaps she did indeed "win" over "them".

The post-establishmentpost-marriage voiceline, "How's everything going these times, commander? If you aren't happy, I'll use every means to get you to laugh...... Have a better opinion? What is it?", though awkward, MK416 expressed in her own way her care for her commander.While scaring bystanders who didn't know much.

No matter from the command style of the leading element of Squad 404, UMP45, or from the unbeknownst relationship between her and M16, it can be seen that 416 has her own backstory. Anyway, not angering herdating anyone else too much is the prime criterion to ensure the safety of life. Please live with her nice and sound~


Full name Girls' Frontline-Exclusive Hallucination. Due to hallucinations by GF players, and with some players forcefully modifying some anime characters to the appearance of MK416, with the game and the anime bearing no relationship whatsoever. Though some still exclaimed that "GF has an anime series" (Smile)

Check it out

416sis.jpg Sisdarkened.jpg

Looks like 416 had quite a few cameos this year. Now high acquisition rate means--- Hey what are you doing 416 put the gun down!

Artist:Silver [10]
Pixiv ID:64043564[11]

416 and alcohol

There was a furniture set called Liquor fridge in the 3-star kit Store: "Sincerely advise commanders to put the fridge behind the counter in a safe location. T-dolls get drunk. Don't ask how we know that."

If observed carefully enough since it's too hard to see due to the low resolution of the texture, a strip of paper can be seen stuck to the lower part of the fridge.

The line reads as:DO NOT Sell Liquor To HK416!

It's worth noting that the word "Liquor" refers to the American English word for high-alcohol content drinks, while the same word covers all beverages containing alcohol in British English.

That said, it's interesting that T-dolls who actually mentioned alcohol in the game amounts to just a handful (with most Russian girls not really mentioning that), except for Type 56-1 who got drunk at the New Year Festival, that old drunkard AK-47, RO635 who was taken to the bar in the story, the 16-bro who almost always mentions alcohol, and 416 who got in relationship with it in the form of warnings.

Since we are having way too much stories about 416 and M16A1 having scuffles, considering that they worked together for a while, it makes some curious about whether anything happened after 416 and M16A1 got drunk then.

Mentioned by MG5 in Episode 1-3N as a "famously problematic Grifon T-doll" along with G11. Perhaps 416-chan isn't really well-behaving (?) as we see, especially after she drinks.

Drunk 416 (Large image)

416与酒1.jpg 1: P38:Meow.

(From below bed):Meow.

2: Yaaaaaaaa-!


3: Thompson: Yo, still ain't sleeping, P38.

Want a drink?

P38: Ah, got waken by the gunshots.

A Bowmore 1957, please.

Tuk tuk tuk


Thompson: Your Tanqueray.

P38: It's all that idiot commander saying something like why can't we sell liquor to 416, and now a whole squad of elite T-dolls are trying to subdue one single drunk T-doll.


(Waking up---416)

1: MK416: (Headache) ?

MP5: (Scared)

2: FMG-9: Waaaaah! Commander save me Waaaah!

3: MK416: Weird why everyone got hurt after a night.

Even the commander was taken for a talk.



4: (MK416):And 9 are you cosplaying a mummy?

You are quite silent today

Weibo: @草草冬子[12]

The nuke cult

After the skill system received an overhaul in an update, though with a small radius, the nuke of the 416 has a considerable damage multiplier of 15, and, together with the manual-release function, creates a set-location demolition effect in certain maps, raising the effectiveness of the grenade considerably. Finally there's no need to bomb the floor to celebrate victory!

And with the balance adjustment since version 1.122, the fragmentation/high-explosive/incendiary grenade can now automatically target the hostile unit with the highest amount of health under AUTO mode, freeing players with a shaky finger.

Nuvola apps important blue.svg
This section may contain major spoilers!
Consider skipping these contents if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media releases.

Squad 404

MK416 belongs to Squad 404, which seems to be not so in harmony with each other compared to the AR squad.

Nurse for G11. All movements and combat actions of G11 was completed with the assistance of MK416 holding her in her arms during Operation Cube. G11: I'm done for. 416: Assistant bound to G11 When UMP9 stated that "I'll run if I hear anything", replied "Then I'll turn your head back--only the head."

Doesn't trust the leader, UMP45 very much, and holds disdain to the "Accomplish the mission with maximum survivability, with no hesitation in making sacrifices"-style of commanding by UMP45. When told by 45 to jump off a cliff that means absolute death in retreat, 416 replied:"Are you finally taking us out of the picture?"

When Executioner made herself an abandoned pawn for the accomplishment of the mission, and deployed explosives around the jammer to take Squad 404 with her, faced by the question from 45 as to "Why listen to that kind of T-doll", Executioner mocked back as "Like how you abandon Grifon echelons when you retreat". As 45 fell into silence, 416 made a grim smile:"Then just kneel down and say sorry. I've been waiting for too long for this."

Found that UMP45 was using Sangvis Ferri comm networks to secretly contact M1887 in Operation Arctic, which, coupled with an operation half a year earlier (Operation Cube), made 416 suspicious of UMP45 being a mole sent by Sangvis Ferri.

With AR Squad

Seems to have some unhappy stories with the AR Squad, especially with M16A1 (whose leg was the prime target of hers whenever given a break) and M4A1 (whose name was not welcome as mentioned in Operation Cube), and stated that all enemies won't be an issue for her if even the AR Squad can handle. But she expressed strong opposition when UMP45 attempted to abandon everyone aside from the AR squad in Operation Arctic when the situation got worse than expected, while expressing unhappiness to rescuing the AR Squad. It was then when a line from UMP45 caused her to fall into instant silence: "Leave your bit of false seniority behind, and join us completely... It's only when we become their dark mark when they start to really care about us." This heavy atmosphere was unbreakable even by the big-hearted "⑨". So, what backstory does MK416 have?

Concerns M16A1 to extremes, with the first thing in mind being to break M16A1's leg, and she sure did so. Slowly experiences the atmosphere where 16-bro fought when chasing M16A1 (per UMP45)

Revealed in the plot that she once served with M16A1 in a National Security Agency, with M16 stating that "I only felt that you are quite decent then--only then." before running off with the little princess M4A1. Experienced a complete defeat when dueling with M16A1, and asked what she was in M16A1's heart, before being replied as "Nothing". So the love was basically only from 416-chan.

But as seen by observant players, the pantsu of 416 is identical to that of another member of the AR Squad, ST AR-15. But the rest of the squad all hide their pantsus complete in their damaged illustrations. It could be that the entire squad uses the same kind of pantsu. Which must be satisfying for 416-chan as she shared the kind with M16.

Well, LWMMG counts as well, but this does not really concern observation, but rather hentai-ness.

A "new T-doll with a strong dignity" was introduced when M16A1 appeared in UMP45's memories in Operation Deepdive, and worked with her in National Security Agency 6, matching the description of MK416, and it's possible that the T-doll is MK416 herself, matching the scene of M16A1 and MK416 working together in the trailer. Got slapped in the face and driven back to Grifon by M16A1 due to insubordination in action, and, in a sense, survived. This was commented on by G11 as "loser".


Case Line Audio
Upon Login ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Login おはよう。今日は誰にも負けません。
Good morning. I today won't lose to anyone.
Acquisition HK416(えいちけいよんいちろく)、ちゃんと覚えてくださいね、指揮官。
HK416. Remember this name, commander.
Adjutant 指揮官、わたしがいれば十分ですよ。
Commander, it's enough to have me around.
HKM4? What I am now, won't need that name anymore.
Then check thoroughly. Even if it concerns details, don't ignore it.
Adjutant (post-oath link-establishment)
Commander, how's everything these days? If you aren't happy, I'll use every means to make you laugh......Have a better opinion? What is it?
Adjutant (Outfit-Cocoon of the stars)
Dormitory (Liftoff)
Dormitory (Touch)


Echelon formation HK416、作戦行動に入ります。
HK416, joining operation.
Beginning mission ジェロニモ行動、開始!
Operation Geronimo, start! (Note:Operation Geronimo is the alternative name to Operation Neptune Spear, which resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.)
Beginning battle ターゲット発見、突撃!
Target spotted. Assault!
Damaged いったい…どこが足りないの!完璧なはずなのに!
What is it... that's not good enough! It should be perfect!
Restoration こんな姿、見せたくない…。
Don't let them... see me like this...
Winning battle as MVP いつか奴らに取って代わる…いつか…。
I'll replace them completely one day... One day...
Retreating くやしい…もう苦手は克服したはずなのに…。
No... Should have overcome it...
Beginning autobattle これこそ完全無欠の行動ね。
This is a pinpoint-accurate operation.
Beginning logistic support 情報確認、出発します。
Intel confirmed, setting out.
Finishing logistic support 行動終了。
Operation finished.
Finishing production 製造完了、間違いありません。
Production finished, no errors.
Expansion 増員?わたしの価値をようやく認めてくれたってことかな?
Expansion? My value is finally being accepted?
Powerup 改造を重ねて…いつか奴らを超えてみせる…
Enhancing step by step...Until surpassing them completely...
Skill activation わたしは完璧よ。
I'm perfect.
It's time to say goodbye to your luck.
Watching your last breath end...
Oath link establishment 戦績も指揮官も、全部わたしのもの。すべて手配するから指揮官は何もしなくていいのよ。
Did you see that, I won, no matter in combat or in getting the commander. I'll set everything up for you, commander, including what they can give you......and what they cannot.
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