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Being hostile to just too hasty.
Girls' Frontline: NTW-20
Ntw20 ran.jpg
Pixiv ID:64204829[2]
Basic info
Original name NTW-20 Sniper rifle
Hair color Pink
Eye color Pink
CV Kayano Ai
Type RF
Rarity ★★★★★
Place of origin South Africa
Manufactured by Denel
Developed 1993-1996
In service 1996-

'NTW-20 is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky and its derivatives. She joined the struggle during the Closed Alpha phase.

Historical basis

The NTW-20 is a large-caliber anti-material sniper rifle developed by Denel of South Africa in the 1990s.

It is designed to become a multi-purpose sniper rifle capable of striking a variety of targets, with the ability to fire special ammunition. Like weapons of the same kind, the NTW family of sniper rifles can also be used in counter-sniper and explosives disposal roles.


  • Overall weight: 30.5 KG
  • Overall length: 1795 mm
  • Barrel length: 1000mm
  • Cartridge: 20 x 82mm / 20 x 110mm / 14.5 x 114mm / 12.7 x 99mm / 12.7 x 108mm
  • Caliber: 20mm / 14.5mm / 12.7mm
  • Action: Short-recoil (gas-operated), rotary bolt
  • Muzzle velocity: 720 m/s
  • Effective range: 1300 m
Specifications found in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and represent only the game's opinion towards the firearm. For reference only.
Type                       Anti-materiel rifle
Weight                     31 kg 
Length                     1.795 mm 
Barrel length              1.000 mm
Crew                       Two; rifle breaks down into two parts for 
                           transport and fits into two backpacks
                           weighing 15kg each. one containing the weapon 
                           receiver section. while the other contains the 
                           barrel and ammunition
Cartridge                  20 × 82mm
Action                     Bolt action. recoiling barrel
Muzzle velocity            720 m/s 
Effective firing range     1.500m 
Feed system                3-round detachable box magazine 
                           (20 x 82mm and 14.5 x 114mm)
                           Single shot (20 x 110mm)
Sights                     8 x 56 Lynx Telescopic sight


The reason for South Africa to develop the NTW-20 may have ties to the weapons imporation ban caused by Apartheid. South Africa had to seek out other options due to the unavailability of heavy anti-armor weapons. Development of the NTW-20 was announced in 1993 and officially commenced in 1995, first under Aerotek, and then the design was purchased by Denel, and is now materialized by Pretoria Metal Processing, part of Denel. The chief designer of the weapon is Tony Neophytou, a specialist in designing helicopter turrets and recoil buffers, who also participated in the development of the Neostead combat shotgun. Using ready-made parts from the Vector GA1 autocannon, the first working prototype is completed in only four months.


Index number: No.053 Rarity:★★★★★
Nationality: South AfricanFlag of South Africa.svg Type: Rifle
CV:Kayano Ai Illustrator: RAN
Stats(Growth: S)
Health (B) 47→93 Damage (SS) 56→165
Dodge (C) 4→29 Accuracy (B) 9→75
Movement speed 7→7 Rate of Fire (C) 20→30
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 15→55 Rations 30→90
Ability Description
Cutoff shot (阻断射击) Aims for 2 seconds before dealing 3.5x (8x) damage to the nearest target.
Has an initial cooldown of 15 seconds and an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypad 6

Effect Applies to HGs
Cooldown -18%。
Acquired by
Production 04:45:00
Drops 8-4e
Pic NTW20 D公测.png
NTW20 D.png
Christmas Reindeer (圣诞鹿)Unavailable to English build
NTW20 307.png
Christmas Reindeer-Damaged
NTW20 307 D.png
Op. Blazing Sun
Pic NTW20 1101.png
Op. Blazing Sun - Damaged
Pic NTW20 1101 D.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
Christmas chibi version animation

Christmas NTW-20 Q.gif

Swimsuit chibi version animation

NTW-20 泳装 Q版.gif


Outgoing and calm, superior performance, but a bit aggressive and arrogant, doesn't listen to others much, but rather talking to herself often. Likes hunting and going for rides, a well-known lonewolf.

— From the official art collection THE ART OF GIRLS'FRONTLINE UNTIL THE STARS


The inspiration for this character is mentioned in the official art collection:

ntw-20 as a large-caliber anti-material, I started with a powerful, confident and tsundere doll. But then thought that silence and steadiness suits a sniper better. Not a fan of words, but undoubtedly powerful, not activating her ability when she should (no). The clothing didn't take inspiration from anything, started off from seifuku, the black-pink coloring and not choosing a military uniform are hopes to sense some activity, but if there's a modification might just want to draw a military uniform. Previously saw comments about that why not make her a black as a South African gun, and later on regretted having not done so, sensing the charm of being black. I hesitated a bit on the size of the gun, the original version's too big feeling that it's going to pierce the screen.. so just downscaled it a bit, making the doll standing at 2 meters, but actually somewhere near 1.65?!!? CV's a bit more hardline than I originally thought, but still a fit, actually I originally out of personal preference wanted Touyama [Nao], and it's great that I wasn't heard. (ntw-20作为一把大口径的反器材,开始的思路是強大、自信、傲嬌的人形。不過後來感覺沉默、穩重更適合狙擊手。不善言辭,但是毋庸置疑的強大,該出技能的時候就不出(沒有)。服装倒没有考据,原形是水手服,黑粉的配色和沒有選擇軍服的也是希望多感受到一點活力,如果有改二的話可能就想畫軍裝了。之前看到吐槽南非枪为什么不画成黑人,其实后来有点后悔没有画成黑人,后知后觉感受到了黑皮的魅力,枪的大小我是犹豫了一下的,原版的太大感觉要戳破屏幕了。。于是就缩小了一些,人形的身高就變成兩米了,其實可能1米65左右?!!?cv比我想象中硬了一些,不過還是挺合適的,其實我開始憑喜好指名了東山,沒有聽我的真是太好了。)

Finally thanks to everyone loving ntw, you'll have to go through me if you want to marry her (what (最後感謝喜歡ntw的大家,要結婚先過了我這關(什麼))


Her illustrator, as shown, gave a detailed description of how NTW is born, including her personality, clothing, and her height perhaps behind only that of PTRD, and threatful thanks to all players who likes NTW-20.

Cafeteria stories-NTW-20 "Christmas Reindeer"

The celebration event of the Christmas Eve was about to begin, and some dolls were already coming to the small plaza where a Christmas tree is placed.
According to plans, the first part of this event would include Springfield dressinig as Santa Claus giving presents to the dolls. Though according to traditional records, the present should be quietly placed by the pillow at midnight, enjoying the moment of happiness earlier is nevertheless more important to the dolls.
Of course, measures needed to be taken in case they get too excited. Just as I was thinking about how exactly am I to protect Santa, a sheet-metal bucket suddenly dropped right in front of my eyes.
"Who's down there? Eh, commander?! Did I hit you?"
"No no I'm fine......But you are.......?"
"It's me, NTW-20. What, you can't recognize me with just a bit of a camouflage, command?"
"I focused a bit and only then did I find that it was NTW who peeked out. The two tree branch-like stuff is nothing other than a bunch of deer antler ornaments she was wearing on her head."
"Oh it's NTW......What you doing up there?"
"Preparations for the show. Commander, you wanna come up and have a look? The ladder's at the back of this warehouse."
"Kay, I'm on my way up."
I made my way up the rooftop of the warehouse, and saw NTW adjusting the positions of some stuff on the roof.
"Sorry about that, command. I thought no one would be down there then and didn't care too much......"
"Haha it's ok. I should've been in the office waiting for the thing to start, but just met some problems and had to come out here......NTW, what are you working on up here?"
"I'll be sniping here when the event starts, but never thought that there's so much junk up here. I have to clear out a place to stay."
" you are the 'partner' Springfield's talking about?"
NTW pointed at the antlers on her head.
"Springfield says that per human festival traditions, Santa Claus needs a reindeer or something, so I dressed this way. Awkward?"
"Haha not to me. This outfit really has some atmosphere for a festival. A perfect fit for you to me."
"......It just feels strange dressing as a prey as a hunter. But if you commander says so......It'll be fine. After all, there should be an interesting hunt today."
"Though you NTW loves hunting......Don't be too harsh today. The primary goal for tonight is to ensure that Santa gets to hand the presents to everyone. If the recepient doesn't get to receive his present, Santa will be sad as well."
"You got it, commander. I know what the real prey is to day. Those conspiracies to disrupt the event and the greed of attempting to take all the presents, will be pierced by my bullet!"
"I'll rest assured this way. Oh by the way, what do you want for Christmas present?"
"Hmm? Does a Christmas reindeer receive a present?"
"Of course. Everyone in the base should get a Chrisemas present in this event."
NTW slightly gave this a little thought.
"I'm not having a present I'd like pretty much."
"Then......any wish or something?"
"If it's a wish......I'd like to see some snow."
"Hmm. There ain't no snow in my homeland. Saw borderless deserts and hid within jungles, but I never saw any snow. Says that things turn really beautiful when it snows, want to see it......"
"Yeah, it'll be even better if it snows on Christmas. But it's just a wish. After doesn't change simply for the mood of a hunter."
"But it just might. Christmas is a day where all wishes are satisfied."
"All right all right, commander. I ain't a kid......But I'm already happy to have you talking about these with me."
"It's about time, and I'll leave this to you. But......I still advise you to look forward to the Christmas present this year."
I had read recent weather forecasts when I was planning for the event. Though it's all clear skies for today, but, to give it a bit more of an atmosphere, I still prepared some extra stuff, to fulfill their wishes.
NTW didn't hurry into the house after the small plaza returned to silence. She sat on the rooftop, staring into the starry sky.
"Snow ain't falling with a clear sky like this......"
NTW jumped down from the roof, heading towards the banquet room.
Deep humming sounds escaped from the corner of the small plaza, NTW stopped by the Christmas tree.
"......What is it, did they forget some machines out there?"
"NTW stood next to the Christmas tree seeking for the source of the noise, as a white snowflage gently fell to her shoulder."
"It's cold!......Is this......snow?"
She opened her hands catching the snowflakes falling from the sky, watching them melt in her palms in deep surprise.
"Christmas is a day where all wishes are satisfied, isn't it?"
The snowmaker was running in perfect condition. Though it took some effort to fix these machines, but I thought everything was worth it as I saw NTW's face.
NTW turned to face me, a satisfied smile on her face.
"Commander......Now I believe, that Santa exists on this world."


Pixiv ID:62408452[4]
I NTW will kill ya today!!!


NTW-20 as the dominant high-damage RF has the highest damage value (165) and the highest ability multiplier (8x) amounting to a staggering 1320 points of damage in one hit, forming a team of high-damage one-shot RFs with M99, PTRD and also 98k. But however, aside from some high-intesity maps, they are usually replaced with other dolls due to the relatively low need for them in ordinary maps and their slow rate of fire.

But as the buffs of HGs received an overhaul as well as the calculation of ability damage, and the bosses of Operation Cube PLUS are introduced,

NTW and M99 received wide acclaim for one-shotting Executioner, Architect and Weaver, signifying the rise of high-damage one-shot RFs.

They have also contributed to the ever-increasing number of auras above Weaver's head.


Case Line Audio
Login screen ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon login やっと戻ったか、指揮官、待ちわびったぞ。
Finally back, commander, been waiting on you for long.
Acquisition 指揮官、対物ライフルのダネルNTW-20だ、鋼鉄の壁であろうとも、この私が貫いて見せよう。
Commander, anti-material rifle Denel NTW-20. Even if it's steel walls, I'll penetrate it for you.
As adjutant 私の背後に立たないてくれないか?
Can you not stand behind me?
Who! ......what, it's commander. Touch me like this more, and you may get hurt.
Leave the sniping missions to me. I'll score a shot even if its a jaguar running on the grasslands.
As adjutant (post oath-link establishment)
Commander, how about going hunting for tomorrow's hunting? I'll lower my skills, so rest assured haha!
As adjutant (Outfit: Christmas Reindeer)
Does it snow on Christmas? Never saw snow fall, want to see......
As adjutant (Outfit: Broadsun mission)
Dormitory (Liftoff)
Dormitory (touch)


Echelon formation やっとスナイパーの出番か。
Finally the sniper's turn.
Beginning mission 出撃だな、ラジャー!
Commencing, roger!
Beginning combat 敵をほそく、攻撃開始。
Target acquired, beginning attack.
Damaged くっあーー!この私が…
Gah--! Made me.....
Restoration 私にもこんな時があるのか?では、頼むぞ。
Do even I have this kind of moments? Then, I'll leave [restoration] to you.
Winning battle as MVP さあー、帰るぞ。ミッションクリアだ!
Then, we'll head home. Mission clear!
那么,要返回了。Mission clear!
Retreating すまない、撤退する。
Sorry, I have to fall back.
Beginning logistic support 行動開始か?任せてオッケー。
Has the mission begun? Just leave it to me.
Finishing logistic support 任務完了、簡単すぎやしないか?
Mission accomplished. Does it seem too simple?
Finishing production 新しい銃が完成したようだ、私と同じくスナイパーか?
A new gun has been completed. Will she be sniper like me?
Establishment augmentation 拡大完了、強くなりすぎじゃないのか?
Establishment augmentation complete. Will I become too powerful?
Powerup これで射程がさらに伸びた、恩に着る。
Range extended this way, many thanks.
Ability activation 狙い…発射!
Target's that guy. Ready?
You dare to be hostile to me, you arrogant thing.
Oath link establishment これまでずっと、私の力と信念は、貴方がくれた物だった。指揮官、分かっていったよ。そして今ようやく見つけた、私が強さを求める、本当の理由を。
Up until now, all my power and belief are gifts from you commander, I know. And now I finally know the true reason, for me to seek out more power.

External links and references


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