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This page is the prologue before entering the episode 1. If you don't want to be spoiled, do not browse this page please.

Guide Reading

Chapter 0

Agent: I have brought Death to your doorstep.
Agent: Now, open your eyes...
Agent: Look at me, Tactical Doll M4A1, look at me.
Agent: It's time for your finale, and you must stay till the show is over.
M4A1: Cough...
Agent: Interesting. Even the look in your eyes is different from theirs in the face of Death.
Agent: But this is the look I want. Show more shock! More indignation! More hatred!
M4A1: Cough...cough...
Agent: You've stolen something that's very important to Master. Do you think you can just leave?
Agent: I'll kill you first, then your AR team, and those Griffin T-Dolls still slaving away for you.
Agent: Very soon, they'll be completely as a loss, like infants who've lost their parents.
Agent: They'll struggle blindly on the battlefield, and fall prey to us.
Agent: You just have to die... and you will, in just a few more seconds.
M16A1: ...Sorry, but she wont't be dying here.
Agent: ...!
M16A1: I'll spare you the wait! Go to hell right now,
M16A1: Sangvis scum!
M4A1: Cough...cough...
M16: Yeah, thank me. Death's scythe missed you by a hair's breadth yet again.
M4A1: Phew... M16, how is the situation outside? AR-15 and SOP-II are still...
ST AR-15: We're back, but Sangvis reinforcements are here. We have to retreat soon.
M4 SOPMOD II: The backup squad can hold them off for a while. Let's go!
M16A1: M4, you all right issuing commands? You seem to be in pretty bad shape.
M4A1: I am fine... cough... M16, please do some repairs on me. I will run a diagnostic on my command system first.

Chapter 1

Ten minutes later...
M4A1: It is fine. The tactical maps are intact. What about the comms system?
Skorpion: Comms are functioning normally! We're hearing you loud and clear!
M4A1: ...I am so sorry, but you will have to bring up the rear.
PPSh-41: No problem, comrade. It's our duty.
M4A1: ...Thank you. We shall finish evacuating as soon as possible.
StG44: Let's move out! AR team, can you guys see the entire field from where you are?

Chapter 2

M4A1: Hmm, I see Sangvis reinforcements fast approaching. Get into position as fast as you can!
PPSh-41: Poger! Griffin back-up squad is ready!
Skorpion: Here we go! I'm got gonna lose to those monsters.
StG44: AR team, all of us are in position. Get ready to move yourself.
M4A1: Understood. One last check on our destination, then we are moving out!

Chapter 3

M4A1: We have to take our command post and deactivate the alarm at the exit.
ST AR-15: The backup squad can't hold them off forever. We have to hurry!

Chapter 4

StG44: The first wave of enemies have been annihilated. Thank you for your coordination, M4.
M4A1: No problem. The next attack will come from your flank. Be careful.
PPSh-41: Understood. Get ready for defense maneuvers!

Chapter 5

PPSh41: Phew...
PPSh41: Papasha here is safe. What about you, Skorpion?
PPSh41: ...Skorpion? Skorpion VZ61 of Squad S61, please respond!

Chapter 6

Skorpion: ...There! I'm done here! That was close!
PPSh-41: Phew... That's great. We managed to fend off the first wave of attack.
StG44: We should've bought a lot of time for the AR team. Well done guys!

Chapter 7

Agent: Isn't it too early to sigh in relif?
M4 SOPMOD II: It's that Sangvis! It's here again!
Agent: Killing me once is truly commendable for trash dolls like you.
Agent: This time I'm bringing more dummies. You'll be making their acquaintance soon.
M4A1: Back-up squad, signals of powerful Sangvis units detected! Be careful!
PPSh-41: Roger! Prepare for combat!

Chapter 8

StG44: It is...over...?
Agent: Indeed, Griffin trash.
Agent: Apart from sullying my floor, you've achieved nothing.
StG44: You dirty lumps of sheet metal... should've been thrown out long ago.
Agent: Sadly, your employers didn't realize that until it was too late.
StG44: Soon, the AR Team... will definitely make it out!
Agent: It's no use. You've merely delayed out movements for a short time...
Agent: ...And right now, we have all time in the world.

Chapter 9

PPSh-41: Is that... the best we can do.
Agent: It's over, Griffin leftovers. There's nothing left that you can do.
PPSh-41: No, I... I can still... protect them...
Agent: If you're the only one left to face your friends' broken parts, what can you do for them?
Agent: No rush. We'll see that in no time.

Chapter 10

Ar Team in retreat.
M4A1: Hailing Griffin back-up squad. How are things on your end?
Skorpion: Run... Go back and find... comman...
Skorpion: ARGHHHHHH!
M4A1: ?! Griffin squad! Are you all right?!
Agent: Still moving, are't we? But this should be enough to make you drop dead for good
Agent: ...?!
Skorpion: ... The one that's gonna drop dead... is YOU!
The sound of an explosion comes through the comms.
M4A1: ...
M4A1: The signal... got cut off...
M4 SOPMOD II: Don't tell me... they...
ST AR-15: ...Dammit!
M16A1: ...Snap out of it, guys. They bought us this chance.
M16A1: M4, seize that command post asap and deactivate the alarm.
M16A1: ...M4?
M4A1: ...?!
M4A1: Ah, understood. We have to...
M4A1: Sorry... I... I am just a little...
M16A1: Remember, we are all just following orders. Just like them.
M4A1: I understand... We must return with the 'data', at all cost...

Chapter 11

M4 SOPMOD II: Phew... Can we catch our breath yet?
ST AR-15: Not yet! There are still too many of them! We can't make it out!
M16A1: Then let's switch to backup Plan C, just as we've agreed.
M4A1: You mean... I return to Griffin HQ alone and ask for help?
M16A1: Yeah. We'll scatter to draw their fire. That'll buy you some time.
M4A1: But... if that sangvis is still alive, you'll...!
ST AR-15: Stop dawdling, M4! This is the safest way!
M4 SOPMOD II: That's right, you're our only hope!
M4A1: ...Understood, Be careful.
M16A1: All right! Everyone scatter and draw away the sangvis troops!
M4A1: I WILL find a dependable commander. Wait for me.
M4A1: I have to, for everyone's sake.
System Report. No response from Tactical Doll Echelon [AR Team] for an extended period of time.
Persica: ...Call request. Connect to Griffin HQ.
Middle-aged man: Things have been going terribly today. You'd better give me some good news, Persica.
Persica: Good news... The AR Team got the data, but...
Persica: We lost contact with then after they came under Sangvis ambush...
Middle-aged man: (Sighs)... That's the T-Doll squad most capable of independent operation in all of Griffin, Persica.
Persica: I know... No one knows better than me. That's why we must rescue them as soon as...
Middle-aged man: The area they were headed to isn't under Griffin's jurisdiction. We can't just get in there.
Persica: Is there... no other way? M4A1 and the others...
Middle-aged man: I'll think of something, Persica, but remember...
Middle-aged man: ...This time, you owe us one.
Middle-aged man: Helian, tell me which Griffin commander is stationed closest to the area.
Helian: I just looked into it. The commander in Area S09 is a rookie.
Middle-aged man: Well, isn't that just 'splendid'... How must field experience does the rookie have?
Helian: According to the records, the commander has only just...
Helian: ...reported for duty?

The prologue is now being over, the real story of Girls' Frontline is about to begin.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.