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Angels of Grifon! Advance!
Mauser C96
Basic info
Original name Mauser C96
Hair color White
Eye color Red
CV Oishii Cacao
Type HG
Rarity ★★★
Place of origin Germany

Mauser C96 is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline and its derivatives developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky.

Historical basis

The Mauser C96 was patented by Mauser on 11 December, 1895, with production starting the next year until ceasing in 1939, with a total number of about 1 million, along with several million replicas made by other countries. It was originally developed by the Feederle brothers in their spare time, but was patented by the owner of Mauser later. The original Mauser C96 fires 7.63x25mm Mauser rounds. Mauser had constantly hoped that the German military could accept the Mauser C96 into service, with a batch of 150,000 9mm-caliber C96s. nicknamed "Red 9" ordered during WWI. Mauser delivered 137,000 C96s to the German army, the only record of the German army officially using this weapon.

The C96 was also replicated in Spain, named Astra Model 900.

Spain weapon manufacturers Astra and Beistegui Hermanos attempted to improve their copies of C96s, with the improved model capable of full-auto firing, with a stationary 10- or 20-round feed system, which was sold in large quantities to the Far East.

Mauser then started to produce their own full-auto model of the C96 in 1932, naming it SchnellfeuerRapidfire, which was used in small numbers by the German military, designating it as the M712. The M712 Schnellfeuer uses a 20-round detachable magazine, and can be fitted with a stock. It is capable of forming heavy firepower at a distance of 50 to 80 meters, thereby calling it as a machine pistol or battle pistol, the first model in the world to go into mass production. This version of C96 is also called 20响20 bangs or 自来得self-sufficient in China, where a large number is present.


NOTE: Even when not counting the different barrel lengths, the number of variants (sisters) of this weapon still resides in the double-digits, which prompts us to only list the specifications of the commonly seen ones.

  • Main calibers:7.63mm/9mm/11.43mm/8.15mm(In small numbers
  • Muzzle velocity, m/s: 425(7.63mm w/ 132mm barrel)/427(7.63mm w/ 140mm barrel)
  • Barrel length, mm:99/132/140/160/180(Spanish copy)/254(German cavalry version)
  • Practical rate of fire:40-120 rpm
  • Magazine capacity:6/8/10/15/20/24/30/40(the 15- and 24-round ones are rare, with the 30- and 40-round ones for the C96/M1917 carbine. The 6- and 8-round magazines are extremely rare, and is not compatible with regular C96s.)
  • Feed system: Fixed, stripper clip (All 6- and 8-round magazines, some 10- and 20-round ones)/Detachable magazine (All 15-, 24-, 30-, 40-round magazines, some 10- and 20-round ones)
  • Sights: Flip-up "L-shaped" notch ("Red 9", model 1920)
  • Calibrated range: 50-500m (Red 9), 100-1000m
  • Effective range: 70m (without stock), 150m (with stock), 200m (with stock and long barrel)

Course of development

The C96 was criticized in Germany as well as in Europe, as it had a frame too large and too expensive for a pistol, with insufficient firepower and controllability for use as a submachinegun. It was nicknamed "Broomhandle" in the western world, but was well-used on the other side of Eurasia. It was said that the European got surprised by the way the Chinese uses the C96, calling it "the true way of using the Mauser". Though not as effective as other pistols then, its look made it the service pistol of Chinese officers.

The German Army purchased 15,000 9x19mm C96s from Mauser, with an unofficial name of M1916. But only 137,000 were made before the war ended. It was intended to pair with the original service pistol, the Luger P08. To avoid using 7.63mm rounds, this variant of C96 had a red number 9 engraved on its wooden grip, earning it the nickname "Red 9".

China was in a civil war during the early years of the 20th century, with a high demand on weaponry. The then-western-power-controlled trade almost entirely banned firearms, but pistols, for personal defense purposes was not affected. In light of this, the full-auto-capable C96 capable of being used as submachineguns caught Chinese attention, and started to flow into China via two pathways: One is by selling to Japanese weapon companies by European companies, and then selling it to China, which was no longer used after the Sino-Japanese war broke out; While the other is to have the weapon directly sold to China via the traders in Shanghai. And then it's by capturing. (With no guns or cannons, the enemy makes them for us~) A last way was the lunatic replication by Chinese factories. 11 armories, namely Hanyang, Qingdao, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Dagu, Changsha, etc. started their own replication process, with countless smaller armories owned by local warlords doing the same, producing a vast number of Mauser pistols. It became the first candidate for the service pistols of officers, with the Chinese Red Army and the Eighth Route Army choosing it as well. The first shot fired as a signal for the Nanchang uprising was from a C96 by Commander Zhu De. It is also used in large quantities during the Sino-Japanese War.

Years later, in 1980, the Chinese took inspiration from the function of the Mauser C96 as well as its outline, and produced their first indigenous full-auto pistol, the Type 80 which doesn't really have too much use in the 1980s, and is just simply a legacy project.

Some nicknames for the C96 in China, reflecting the number of variants

长苗盒子Long-stem box——A long-barrel Mauser pistol. The name is used to differentiate from the shorter-barreled Mauser pistol, referring to the 132mm- and the 140mm-barrel Mauser pistols, while it can also refer to the 160mm- and the 180mm-barrel Spanish replicas, due to their really long barrel.

大眼盒子Big-eyed box——Shanxi version of the Mauser pistol, fires 11.43mm (.45 ACP) rounds, hence the name.

头把盒子Handled box——Refers to any of the following: the 9mm-caliber long-barreled C96; the model with a thicker grip of the M1930 series; those with a barrel longer than 140mm (e.g. Astra M902/M903, Royal I, MM31, etc.)

三把盒子Three-handled box——A short-barrel pistol, usually refers to the police version of the C96 or other versions with a short barrel.

大鹅头盒子Big swanhead box——One of the hammers found on C96s, named for its swan head-resembling hammer.

麻雀头盒子Sparrowhead box——Another kind of hammer found on C96s, also named for its shape.

大肚匣子Big-belly box——Generalized term for the 20-round detachable magazine-fed Mauser/Spanish pistols. Named for the protrusion found on the front of the receiver.

大腰鼓Big hipdrum——Refers to the Spanish Astra M903, M904, Royal MM31, MM34, etc. One variant of the Big-belly box

大镜面匣子Big mirror box——One of the Mauser pistols, named for the smooth sides of the receiver without any protrusions and engravings, and its capability of being used as a mirror. Divided into the 10-bang big mirror and the 20-bang big mirror, but the latter was relatively rare in China.

马匣子Cavalry box——The carbine version of the Mauser pistol, named for its long (254mm) barrel and the fixed stock.

七钉盒子/旁开门盒子7-nail box/Side-opening box——Refers to the Astra series from Spain, named after the 7 rivets found on the side used to hold the parts together.

小镜面盒子Small mirror box——An extremely rare nickname, and possibly refers to either a variant of the police version of the C96, or a six-shot Mauser pistol introduced earlier.

快慢机Selective——Generalized term for all Mauser pistols with selectors. Includes 20-round and 10-round versions.


The Versailles pact signed by Germany in 1919 restricted the caliber and the barrel length of pistols. To comply with this, the post-war German government cut all Red 9's barrel to only 4 inches, and renamed them M1920. Mauser then commercially sold "pact-compliant" C96s, with a smaller grip than that of the Red 9, a 3.9-inch (99mm) barrel, modified for using 7.63x25mm rounds. An experimental model firing 8.15x25.2mm rounds was developed to replace the 9x19 and 9x25mm versions, but it was not introduced.

During the Chinese civil war, Yan Xishan, Governor of Shanxi province, built an armory in Taiyuan, to manufacture .45 ACP-firing Thompson submachineguns for his troops. However, the 7.63mm caliber of their C96s made logistics difficult, prompting him to produce a .45 ACP version of the C96, to simplify logistics. This model was named "Type 17" in 1929 at the Taiyuan armory, with "民国拾捌年晋造Made in Shanxi in Minguo Year 18" and "壹柒式Type 17" markings. It is equipped with a 10-round detachable magazine, fed by two 5-round stripped clips, with a total of 8500 produced. The Dagu Ship Factory started replicating the C96 after 1918, with its high quality prompting large-scale procurements by various warlords. The Hanyang armory started replicating in 1923 and its model fires 7.63x25mm Mauser rounds. The first machine pistol made after 1949 took its design from the M712 Schnellfeuer, with improvements and a grip found on the Type 64 pistol, and fires 7.62x25mm Tokarev rounds. It is capable of semi- or full-auto firing, with 10- or 20-round magazines available. The detachable stock has two variants, and comes with a bayonet available.

In-game stats

Mauser C96
Catalogue number:No.012 Rarity:★★★
Nationality: German EmpireFlag of the German Empire.svg Type:Handgun
CV:板谷彩香(Itaya Ayaka) Illustrator: 林檎愛す
Stats(Growth: B)
Health (S) 42 → 83 Damage (A) 12 → 29
Dodge (B) 9 → 61 Accuracy (B) 6 → 41
Movement speed (B) 15 → 15 Rate of fire (A) 44 → 62
Operational effectiveness
146 → 2522
Resource demands
Ammo 10 → 30 Rations 10 → 30
Skill description
Flare Launches a flare that raises all friendly units' accuracy by 55% (100%) and lasts for 8 (15) seconds.
Initial cooldown at 2 seconds with an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypads 1 6 7

Effect Affects all T-dolls
Raises accuracy by 32% (64%) and dodge by 15% (30%).
Acquired by
Production 00:30:00


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo dummy expansions.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
C96 D.png
Censored normal
Pic C96.png
Censored damaged
Pic C96 D.png


C96 after complete growth (FALSE!)
This is actually the Germany girl by artist "睦月堂", and is not related to GF in any way.
Pixiv ID:57978935[2]

Gameplay performance

As the most-produced 3-star HG and with high drop rates found on numerous leveling maps, she has become a well-known core supplier in-universe.Basically core +1 on sight.But she was proven very capable during Operation Cube. But went off the grid after that, and kept on working in cafes.

The very box

As one of the few HGstudents, and being an enthusiastic cute girl herself, she attracted a large number of commandershentais. Of course, her strong Chinese ties might have played a role.

Boxy boxy box~

Production rate

She has a very weird production rate, with a number of commandersEuropeans stuck here, unable to get her, while some painfully-living African commanders constantly receive her in batches.......


Case Line Audio
Login ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline。
Upon login ねぇねぇ、何してたのですか?
Yo, yo, what did you do there?
Acquisition あなたがわたしの指揮官なのですね?
So you are my commander now, right?
Adjutant わたしの服かわいいですか?
Are my clothes cute?
Did you see, my navel? Ehehe.
Uhm... Pretty hot here... Might just take it off......
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch)


Echelon formation わたしの出番ですね、よし!
It's my turn, yeah!
Mission start よし、頑張りましょうね。
Ok! Work hard now!
Battle start 敵です、敵!。
It's the enemy! ENEMY!!!
Damaged 痛い痛い痛い痛い痛い、ちょっと何してるのですか!
It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts, hold on-what are you doing!
Restoration ああ、休憩、休憩。新しい服を買ったほうがいいかな。でも、布が勿体ないしなぁ。うふふ
Ahh, just rest, rest. Should I go and buy some new clothes...? But that wastes the cloth... Hmm...
Winning battle as MVP いっぱい汗かいたー脱いじゃおうっと
Had so much sweat-just take the clothes off.
Retreating 信じ、られない…
Beginning logistic support 行くよ、行くよ、行きますよーだ。外はちょっと寒いです、まったくもう…
Will do, will do, I'm setting off now. It's just... a bit cold out there, my......
后勤(归还) 無事戻りましたよ!
Came back all well!
Production completion 製造完了ですよ、チェックしてくださいね。
Production finished, remember to check it out.
Expansion わたしが増えてる!やったやった。皆一杯組み立ててくださいね!
There's one more "me"!Great great!Let's have a good cooperation!
Powerup むぅう!来た来た来た来た来た来た来た来た来たああ!
Uhh--!It's here here here here hereherehereherehere--!
Skill activation 撃て、撃て、撃て、撃て、撃て、撃て、撃て、撃て、撃て、撃て、撃てえええ!
Hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it---!
It's your day to die today!
I'm not letting anyone escape even if heaven collapses!
Oath link establishment えええ、どうしてどうして?賢いから?かわいいから?由緒正しいから?

Ehh....?Why me why me?
Because I'm smart, hardworking, cute and nice-looking, or is it because of my wonderful history... or...well,
Let me just stay by your side, and take my time to guess?




  1. Artist:睦月堂
  2. Pixiv ID:57978935
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.