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少女前线 logo.png
Gr G11
59493064 p0.png
Pixiv ID:59493064[2]
Basic info
Original name HK G11 caseless rifle
| Hypnosia, Laziness, Just we(From her eyes?)
Hair color Silver
Eye color Silver
CV Fukuhara Ayaka
Type AR
Rarity ★★★★★
Place of origin Germany
Developed by Heckler & Koch
Dynamit Nobel
Manufactured by Heckler & Koch
Developed 1970-1990

Gr G11 is a character from the tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline and its derivatives developed by MicaTeam and published by Sunborn Network Technology Co., Ltd. She is based on the Heckler & Koch G11 assault rifle.

Historical basis

The military of various nations are keen on replacing their service rifles with small-caliber ones in the 1960s, but the West German army (Deutsches Heer) then did not replace their 7.62mm-caliber G3 rifles with 5.56mm-caliber ones. The army, Heckler & Koch and Dynamit Nobel reached to an agreement, considering that any and all small-caliber rifles cannot win over traditional rifles in terms of both quality and limitations. They turned to conduct research on caseless cartridges/rifles, which Germany and the US previously worked on with no fruit in WWII and after WWII, respectively, in an attempt to directly overtake the small-caliber system and work on a revolutionary caseless rifle system instead. This yielded the G11 caseless rifle system.


  • Overall length:750 mm
  • Width:74 mm
  • Height:295 mm
  • Empty weight:3.6 kg
  • Combat weight:4.3 kg (with 2 full magazines)
  • Barrel length:540 mm
  • Firing modes:Single/3-round burst/Auto
  • Theoretical rate of fire:
    • 2000 RPM (burst)
    • 460 RPM (auto)
  • Feed system:45-round detachable magazine
  • Muzzle velocity:930 m/s
Specifications in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and reflect only the game's opinion. For reference only.
Type                       Assault rifle
Weight                     3.6 kg (8.0 lb) empty
                           4.3 kg (9.5 lb) loaded  
Length                     750 mm (29.5 in)
Barrel length              540 mm (155 mm per twist)
Cartridge                  4.73×33mm caseless ammunition (DM11): G11 K2. LMG11
                           4.7mm. 4.3mm. 4.9mm for other G11 prototypes
                           4.73×25mm caseless: G11 PDW
Action                     Gas-operated. rotary breech
Rate of fire               460 rounds/min (full auto)
                           2100 rounds/min (3-round burst)
Muzzle velocity            Approx. 930 m/s (3.050 ft/s)
Effective firing range     400 m 
Feed system                45- or 50-round detachable box magazine
Sights                     Integrated optical sight

Related info

The West German Ministry of DefenseBundesministerium für Verteidigung, BMVg developed a standard as the design requirements for this revolutionary infantry combat weapon, which hopes to greatly enhance the individual combat capabilities of West German soldiers. And the standard is as follows.

  • Maximum length of rifle:<750mm
  • Maximum weight (incl. 100 rounds):<4.5kg
  • Ammo capacity: around 50
  • Capable of highly-accurate 3-round bursts
  • Effective firing range without adjusting sights:300m

The biggest problem lies in enhancing accuracy in live combat, as psychological stress often lowers firing accuracy. Also, statistics taken show that targets hit in the 3-round burst mode is lower than in full-auto, since the first round usually has the best accuracy, and the recoil from that round influences the rounds that follow, in addition to the fact that the 3-round burst mode fires 3 rounds with a single pull of the trigger. Research found that only when the rate-of-fire is raised to above 2,000 RPM can the accuracy in the 3-round burst mode be improved. Therefore, to achieve high-rate of fire burst capabilities, HK introduced a cylindrical rotating bolt to raise the rate of fire.

Initially, the caseless weapon system project involved only 2 companies, with H&K working on the designs and Dynamit Nobel on the caseless cartridge. These two companies are collectively named GHGS (From Gesellschaft für Hülsenlose Gewehrsysteme, "United Corporation for Caseless Rifle System). Later on, German optics manufacturer Hensoldt/Wetzlar joined the GHGS to develop the 1x-magnification sight of the weapon. H&K came up with theory-proving prototypes, the Type 1 and the Type 2, and deemed the caseless system viable after they passed through technical verification at the end of 1971. NATO expressed interest in the caseless system in 1973, and hoped that the weapon can be handed over in April 1977 for trial in a military exercise, which prompted H&K to accelerate their research.

H&K developed their first prototype, the Type 1, which already had many distinguishing features found on the G11, and this is when the basic structure of the G11 was hammered down, including the magazine placed parallel and above the barrel, with the cartridge facing down perpendicular to the barrel, the bullpup layout, the optical sight doubling as a carry handle, and the 3-round burst mode with a rate of fire of 1,800 RPM and the full-auto mode at only 400 RPM. The BMVg was optimistic towards the prototype, and signed a contract with H&K demanding all research work to be finished in autumn, 1977.

H&K developed 5 prototypes from Type 1 to Type 5 from 1974 to 1977, but trials show that the system at the time immature to be issued to the troops, causing H&K to be unable to deliver it to the armed forces in 1977. Aside from the weapon itself, comparisons with the HK33 also revealed that the 4.3mm cartridge was prone to wind influences, having an accuracy far worse than 5.56mm cartridges. Experienced shooters firing at 300 meters yielded a result of a circular error of 1.8 meters. After testing the original 4.3mm and the newly-developed 4.7mm caseless rounds, H&K decided to modify their weapon to have a 4.7mm caliber from Prototype 6.

After years of work, the caseless system of H&K was getting mature. The Type 14 developed in 1981-1982 was deemed suitable for issuing to troops. The Type 14 was officially designated G11 by the Heer in 1986 (later G11K1). The G11 started trial productions in March 1987. The G11 used a unique rotary bolt, with single, 3-round burst and full-auto modes available. No iron sights were present on the rifle. The original version had a fixed 1x-magnification optical sight, which was replaced with a detachable one. The polymer magazine found on early prototypes had a capacity of 50 rounds, which was reduced to 45 rounds on later models. On both sides of the magazine well there were two slots for magazines, allowing a total of 3 magazines to be carried on the weapon at the same time. Later models also had a bayonet lug, and were able to accept bipods.

The model after this series of improvements was named G11K2, and was handed over to the armed forces for trials. It was found to have a 50% better accuracy in the trials in 1989.

After a series of trials, the Federal Institute of Defense Technology deemed that the caseless rifle, technologically, had reached the level at which it was suitable for issue. The Heer announced that the G11K2 had reached the need for armed forces use and subsequently gave an order worth 60 million Mark on 4 April. It was reported that 1,000 rifles had been delivered by the end of the year.

But in the very same year, the Berlin Wall fell, with the eastern parts in dire need for funds for construction, which, coupled with the dissolution of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact which reduced the threat, rifle replacement was not on the top of the list. As a result, Germany decided to no longer discuss the issuing of the G11 in mid-October, 1990, which abruptly ended the production, procurement and the issuing of the G11.

Though a cancelled project, H&K still attempted to export the G11 to other countries, but all attempts failed. It was rumored that only the spec ops unit of the Heer and of the US armed forces had equipped the G11K2 in extremely small numbers, but there was no evidence to prove it.


Gr G11
Catalogue: No.122 Rarity:★★★★★
Nationality:Federal GermanFlag of Germany.svg Type:Assault Rifle
CV: Fukuhara Ayaka Illustrator:音符
Health (A) 61→121 Damage (B) 16→43
Dodge (B) 6→41 Accuracy (A) 6→44
Movement Speed 10→10 Rate of fire (SS) 66→95
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 20→60 Rations 20→60
Ability Effect
Assaulter's Eye Deals damage twice (thrice) for every shot fired and lasts for 3 (4.5 seconds)
Has an initial cooldown of 6 seconds with an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Formation buffs

Keypad 6

Effect Affects SMGs only
Raises damage by 30%, dodge by 10%.
Acquired by
Production 04:04:00


  • HGs will see their effect tiles improved in effect after undergoing establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses are the maximum values possible for this stat.
Neet Zombie
Pic G11 9.png
Pic G11 9 D.png
My Most Beautiful GiftNot currently available in EN build
Pic G11 1602.png
Pic G11 1602 D.png
“Fairies of the Snow-My Most Beautiful Gift” chibi version animation
G11 我最美丽的礼物 Q版动画.gif


Official description

A lazy, sleepy stunted T-doll, with most of her time being lazy, and does her work only to the extent at which it is enough. Doesn't care when she's bullied or laughed at, but concentrates when the situation demands, and accomplishes her mission in a cold way. (懒散贪睡的小个子人形,大部分时间都在犯懒,工作也是做到及格就罢手,被人欺负或者嘲笑都无所谓,但是必要时也会进入集中精神、用冷酷的方式完成任务。)

Cafeteria stories_Gr G11“Zombie in House”WORK IN PROGRESS

G11 remembered, that she ought to be preparing her clothes for Halloween.
Perhaps technically not "preparing", since it was too troublesome. Just tear up the clothes and add a bit of bandage, and simply hold a pumpkin? Scent of Halloween? Check. Dressing as a ghost? Check.

That's what G11 thought.
There was no way to reject commander's humble invitation anyway, and it seemed ok to attend an activity in which there's candy to eat. But for all the rest, just pardon her.

——So what's the deal with this?
G11 sat up, and looked around in confusion.

Why am I in a pile of dirt after a sleep? Why there's a tombstone with "404NEET" carved into it behind me?
Did... HK416 actually thought that I was dead when I was asleep and dumped me?

Nah, she won't. 416 won't set a tombstone for me.

G11 tried moving a bit, and found a zombie placed by someone beside her... No, not a zombie, but a pillow.
And it looked a lot like the commander who hadn't bought a pillow for her and instead acted as a pillow last time.

——Whatever, just hold it in the arms, must be cozy sleeping with it.
And that was when G11 discovered a box of rum-flavored ice cream beside the pillow, in front of the tombstone.

Hmm.. Why does it look as if it is a tribute?
But.. quite tasty anyway.

Tribute or not it's all fine, as long as there's something nice to eat, without UMP45 forcibly giving orders to me, and without HK416 dragging me out of the bed...
It's ok to just work your way through your life.

“Wake up! G11!”
Just as G11 thought, the familiar voice shouted the familiar line.

Ehh... It's common for life to get unlucky..

That familiar devil's tear appeared again in front of her vision half obscured by the bandage.
That familiar figure once again raised a foot.

Just as the scene taking place thousands of times was about to occur again,
G11, who sat up straight in a flash, hit something.

G11 scratched her head.
Ahh.. If remembered right, G11, after tearing up her clothes, saw a coffin for use for Halloween, and simply slept inside with the pumpkin, and hit the lid just now.

So that was all a dream..
Quite sorry for that rum-flavored ice-cream..

As G11 continued feeling sorry about that ice cream, an immature voice from outside the pitch-black world came in.
"Ala? Halloween has already ended, and what's this coffin doing here... Umm... better stow it away...."

And the darkness was slit, the coffin lid sprung open——
G11 sat up, rubbing an eye, gazing into MP5 who just opened the lid.

If only MP5's face hadn't been as white as the bandage on G11 herself.























A loli who loves to sleep, and is basically lazy or sleepy at any given time. The facecloth with a pig's nose depicted on it seems to hint about this, which, plus her directly asking the commander whether there's enough beds when she first came, casts some light on how sleepy she actually is. But she won't come to a commander with bad luck.Gr G11 sleeps even on battlefields. No this is a sign of being broad-minded strong psychology.

Actually Gr G11 is quite formidable when she gets serious.

Gr G11's ability, "Assaulter's eye", when activated, can deal damage twice (for that of level 9 or higher, thrice) in a single shot, qualifying it as the prime offensive skill. Coupled with the best rate of fire among ARs, even with a damage rating of B she can take the MVP with little effort. A veritable MG among ARs, without the need to reload. But this ain't the excuse for you to sleep on the battlefield!!!!!

Her teammates all expressed substantial reliance on Gr G11's firepower in Operation Cube. Especially the Gr G11-exclusive babysitter 416

And in Episode 2 of the operation, Gr G11 managed to destroy Hunter's maneuver systems with only four shots to shake off her pursuit. In the same episode, HK416 deemed Gr G11 capable of outright killing Executioner. But instead Gr G11 was freaked out by Executioner, retreating in 416's arms. At the end of Episode 3 of the operation, the limbs of Executioner were taken out, again by Gr G11. And Gr G11 and HK416 had a nice scuffle during the process.

Of course, during the entire process, Gr G11 either demanded to be taken home or simply sleep, while eventually getting dumped by everyone (actually 416). After all most of the distance covered by the Gr G11 was on HK416's back or being held in her arms.

Gr G11: Not that I want to sleep, but it's simply that I'm afraid that everyone may only need to sit back if I keep this eye open.


When MG5 threatened to fire 416 and Gr G11 in Episode 1-3N, Gr G11 was scared. But when HK416 expressed that with UMP45 around they can just sit back and relax, Gr G11 came back to her usual self: "It's all sleep and no work anywhere." But when MP5 took out a box of rum-flavored ice cream to Gr G11 "originally made by G36 for MG4”, Gr G11 instantly "mutinied", saying that she would go anywhere G36 wanted her to. Now we have her favourite taste Leaving 416 alone.So the entire nighttime episode was like giving food to eat.

Artist:TanDoHark [3]
Pixiv ID:64128877[4]

The true love of HK416 (?)

Throughout the entire Operation Cube Gr G11 and 416 seemed to be in a scuffle, and HK416 became the means of transportation to Gr G11 (incl. carrying and holding). When encountering an explosion, 416 pushed Gr G11 to the ground and covered her from the explosion in addition to almost breaking Gr G11's waist

It can be inferred from Episode 1-3N that the duo works together for most of the time, and Gr G11 seems to take joy from playing pranks on 416 (such as that password).

Weak digi-mind

When fighting the enhanced Executioner in Operation Cube, due to Executioner being too aggressive she was frightened, and UMP9 shouted to 416: "Gr G11's freaked out by Executioner! 416! Carry her away a bit further!", 416:"Keep it on and G11's digi-mind would....". From these it can be seen that Gr G11's neural cloud appears to be relatively weak, and perhaps has taken damage previously, which may have contributed to her sleepiness and bad self-regulation.

Will concentrate and accomplish her mission in a cold way under UMP45's forced orders. However, she is prone to digi-mind breakdown when encountering unexpected situations, expressing a simulated personality not found on T-dolls.
— Official collection of 《Girls' Frontline》artworks. VOL.1

As stated above, the neural cloud of G11 appears to be very weak, and this setting possibly takes inspiration of the G11's reliability, which was criticized by some.

Due to many technologies being incorporated en masse into the weapon (including microcaliber caseless cartridges, rotary bolt), there is no doubt in the G11's technological advantages, but at the same time this brought about low reliability and made it economically unfeasible, plus the contemporary international situation(using 4.73mm-caliber weapons when NATO is mass-introducing 5.56mm ones, the dissolution of the USSR), the G11 was never used in large numbers.

Nevertheless, the G11 remains an excellent weapon in terms of technology.

Pain of M4

The "Assaulter's eye" of Gr G11, due to a bug, once appeared on M4 in test servers, which surprised test players, calling the AR squad as "invincible", as it makes up for the squad's mediocre stats and their echelon formation. However, the developers soon fixed the issues, clarifying that it was solely a bug, and no changes were to be made on the ability of M4.

M4 weeped off her tears, and went back to making deliveries.

Hobbies aside from sleeping

In Operation Deepdive, Squad 404 trekked into Zone S15 (a contaminated zone), and mentioned topics related to zombies. Gr G11 revealed that she had been a fan of The Flying Dead for a total of 26 seasons, before the series abruptly ended with the outbreak of WWIII. Gr G11 also revealed that Biohazard-punk had been her favourite, and was looking forward to "the Bridging German Suplex in Episode 9 and the Seabed Zombie King who was injected with the жzh as in vintage virus plus three liters of tyrannosaurus fetus. Before being commented on by 416: "Because the only difference between this shmuck and zombies is that she sometimes speaks human language.

So it seems unsurprising why she dressed as a zombie in Halloween.

Also she loves watching anime, and may repeat some of the interesting lines found in it. Once moved HK416 by saying "What you do don't represent you, 416". But after 416 found out that it was simply a line from an anime series, said in disappointment:"Now how can I count on this idiot..."

Sometime before Operation Deepdive, she learned a phrase that's "so kawaii" called "PO...I" and wanted to say it out in front of 416, but was interrupted the next moment.


After being warned by 45 of the severity of the situation, Gr G11 went serious and expressed her reliable side.

Still in Operation Deepdive, when Destroyer Elite was showing off in front of Squad 404, Gr G11 sarcastically noted that Destroyer had only grown old for some years with more fat and longer bones, with her intelligence still in a decline. (Well that's one of the 404 indeed. xD)

And that's not only verbally. It can be easily seen in battle that the accuracy of Destroyer (Elite) was still low, and, though spectacular visually, she was not as powerful as everyone imagined, and can be easily defeated with little effort by commanders who got hold of her patterns.


Case Line Audio
Login ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon login 今日はヒマ?じゃ、先に寝るわ…。
Commander, I assume that you aren't busy today, so may I get to sleep for a while...
Acquisition G11(じーじゅういち)…です…指揮官、お布団、まだある?
G11...... Commander, are there enough beds here?
As adjutant 指揮官、なんか言った?
Commander, what did you say?
Please make the room, otherwise there would be only the floor to sleep on.
Ummm... Don't get serious... I know, I'm getting off the bed in a moment...
Adjutant (post-oath link establishment)
Ah.... Commander, where's the pillow I wanted? ....No? ....Are you busy right now?
As adjutant (in outfit "Zombie in House")
It seems ok to attend an activity that just gives me candy.... Eh? There's more to do? Nevermind.
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch ふふ…。
Echelon formation いかなくちゃダメ…?
Can I just not go?
Beginning mission うん…出発…頑張れ--。
Hmm...Setting off... Good luck...
Beginning battle 待った?
Took you long enough?
Damaged しつこいな--、死んでもらうよ?
Such a relentless one... Die first?
Restoration 寝てればすぐ終わるね。
Let me win it back in dreams...
Winning battle as MVP 任務完了、ふうう…これで休めるでしょ…。
Mission accomplished, phew.... So I get to rest for a while....
Retreating ダメだった?早く家に帰ろう…。
Has it ended? Let's head home....
Beginning autobattle あたしが奇跡を起こしてあげる!
Am I the miracle you are waiting for?
Beginning logistic support え~?やだよ、お出かけなんて…。
Eh? No please... Don't want to head out...
Finishing logistic support ただいま…ご飯食べていい?
I'm back... Do I get to eat?
Finishing production 静かな娘(こ)がいいな…。
Hope that she's a quiet one...
Establishment augmentation わぁ--これならサボっていい?
Wow-- Can I slack off this way?
Powerup ありがとう、これでいい…?
Thanks, is this enough?
Activating skill うるさいよ。
You're too noisy.
Back off, dirty thing.
Oath link establishment 指揮官、こんな夜中に何の用ですか?…えっ?これって…告白ってやつ?すぐ帰って寝たいから、返事は今するね。……いいよ……あの、ありがとう。
Commander, why call me out this late? .....Is this.. a proposal? Seeing how sincere you are, I can't sleep without saying "I do."..... Ok, just this time.


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  2. Pixiv ID:59493064
  3. Artist:TanDoHark
  4. Pixiv ID:64128877
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.