Girls' Frontline: 2018 Summer event "Operation Cube"

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2018 Summer Event "Operation Cube"

Live from: 2018.7.17 - 2018.8.3


E1 Seven-step Puzzle (1 victory to pass): No special rewards
E2 Corner Breaker (5 victories to pass): SPP-1 (4-star HG)
E3 Layer Reversal (10 victories to pass): No special rewards
E4 Side Collapse (15 victories to pass): OTs-14 (5-star AR)

Exclusive drops

E1 Seven step Puzzle: None
E2 Corner Breaker: Z-62 (3-star SMG)
E3 Layer Reversal: ARX-160 (3-star AR), Z-62 (3-star SMG)
E4 Side Collapse: Gr PSG-1 (4-star RF), ARX-160 (3-star AR), Z-62 (3-star SMG)

Note: Ordinary units can have a chance to drop exclusive T-dolls without an S-victory, and so can the mission-final drop.


Plot text (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

E1 Starts

Five days after AR-15 has gone missing.

Helian: ...That is our latest information on AR-15, Mr. Kryuger. The Commander and AR Team are still actively searching for her.

Helian: In addition, I have approved the [Emergency Command Authority] for Squad 404.

Kryuger: ...You should've only given them the authority as a last resort.

Helian: The threat 404 faced was far more serious than expected.

Helian: Perhaps that jammer really is related to Parapluie.

Kryuger: Hm...

Kryuger: Where are they now?

Helian: They are currently operating in Area S06.

Helian: We'll have to wait for them to come back alive for further information.

Meanwhile at the territory of dispute in Area S06.

UMP9: Hey, wake up.

UMP9: 416, wake up~!

UMP9: Heyyyy~~!

416: Ugh...

416: ...Shut up.

UMP9: Hey! You doing okay, 416?

416: If you want me to say "I'm doing great" then help me move this rock...

UMP9: Alright. We have three minutes until the S.F. clean-up teams arrive, so I'll help you out.

UMP9: (Moving rock) Do you hear that gunfire in the distance? I'm out of here if I see trouble.

416: I'll twist your head off if you dare turn your back on me.

UMP9: Don't be so vicious. It's not my fault that the Sangvis are prepared.

UMP9: It's only a communications jammer. Do they really need to be defending it this desperately?

416: We underestimated the situation. There's a reason why Helian gave us such a high offer.

UMP9: Yeah, and this place is full of radar stations. We'll get spotted as soon as we poke our heads out.

416: Then let's quickly capture those radar stations since we're engaging in night battle, otherwise we won't even have vision of the area.

UMP9: I don't think we can do it with just the two of us. The Sangvis have armored units this time.

416: Is that so...

416: +No wonder our bullets are useless. Can we somehow get armor piercing ammo?

UMP9: 45 is trying to come up with a solution, but I don't know if she has figured anything out yet...

416: Quit pulling my leg, 9. 45's already got it figured out, hasn't she?

UMP9: (Stop) Eh? How do you know...?

416: Because it's been three minutes and you still haven't ran[sic] yet.

UMP9: Ha...♪

UMP9: This is the last of them. Count yourself lucky.

UMP9: I'll contact 45 now. You find a spot to set up an ambush.

UMP9: But seriously though, the Sangvis are gonna be here very soon. You sure you don't wanna pray first?

416: The Sangvis are the ones who will be praying if everything goes well with 45's plan.

UMP45: Calling UMP9, is 416 dead yet?

416: Sorry to disappoint. Tell me you're going to withdraw us now.

UMP45: Don't be in such a rush to leave, 416. I don't plan on losing.

UMP45: I'll break you guys out. 9 will then group up with me for a new objective.

UMP45: Gr G11 is gathering intel in enemy territory, so you'll need to meet up with her and act as her bodyguard, 416. We'll pick you two up after.

416: (Sigh) Don't be in such a rush to give us orders when we're not even prepared to go against armored enemies.

UMP9: (Quietly) And we have to find the jammer in the dark as well...

UMP45: Don't worry, Helian just granted me the [Emergency Command Authority].

UMP45: Griffin has also given us the authority to use equipment, so you don't need to worry about your problem anymore.

UMP9: That's great! With Griffin's resources, our squad and AP ammo problems are now solved!

416: What about our limited vision? We can't even see the enemies right now.

UMP45: We can rely on a HG T-Doll to provide our squad with enhanced vision in the dark.

UMP45: Moreover, I will have our squad seize control of the radar stations to gain even more vision.

UMP9: AP ammo, HG T-Doll, and radar stations! Victory is ours as long as we have all three!

UMP45: We'll need to be extra careful as we have limited vision.

UMP45: Move out when you are ready and try not to draw enemy attention.

E1 Ends

...Infiltration success. UMP9 and 416 have split off to their target locations.

416: This is 416. I've reached my destination. Currently seaching for Gr G11.

UMP45: Huh? According to the radar, shouldn't Gr G11 be right beside you?

416: It's all trees here. I don't know where she is hiding...

416: ...Oh, nevermind.

416: Wake up, Gr G11.

Gr G11: No... I don't wanna...

416: Wake up, we don't have time.

Gr G11: Uuuu... Don't kick...

Gr G11: Ah, 416... What are you doing here?

416: Are you still dreaming?

416: You said you needed protection, didn't you?

Gr G11: Oh... 45 said you might've kicked the bucket.

Gr G11: That's why I was gonna nap 'til after midnight and then sneak out.

UMP45: Sorry to bother you while you were napping, Gr G11 ♪. 416 insisted that she came.

416: ...You guys.

Gr G11: Don't get violent, 416... Aren't you here to protect me?

416: (Deep breath) ...This area is full of enemies. Let's find a place to hide first.

Gr G11: Uuuu... Hold on.

Gr G11: I fell asleep earlier... Let me check the sound recording first.

416: ......

416: You got one minute, otherwise I'll bring you back in six different pieces.

Recording playback starts...

??: ...Good evening.

??: Welcome to Area S06, my dear friends from Griffin.

416: Hey, what's going on!

Gr G11: I-I don't know. I was very careful.

??: How are you finding this night assault? Are you satisfied?

416: This voice... Is this their Ringleader?

??: ...The night is still young...

??: But unfortunately for you guys, it will be over very soon...

416: Shit!

Gr G11! Get down!!


Meanwhile at Area S06 Sangvis command center.

Hunter: Ouroboros, a sound triggered bomb has went off in point F3 of Area S06.

Hunter: Based on the captured images, the enemies are confirmed to be Squad 404, but we cannot confirm if they have been wiped out.

Ouroboros: Then get closer and send out a team to ensure that they've been eliminated.

Hunter: Are you sure? Agent has said that we should avoid conflict with Griffin as much as possible.

Ouroboros: Hunter, it is exactly because you are too inflexible and too reliant on your experience that you got crushed by AR-15.

Ouroboros: Listen, my goal is their leader, not these few small fries.

Ouroboros: The point is to lure out their boss.

Hunter: 404 and AR Team are different, though. How do you know their boss won't write them off as a loss?

Ouroboros: Exactly because they are 404.

Ouroboros: Humans will betray friends in times of hardship, but they will not abandon pawns while they're still valuable.

Hunter: Ouroboros...

Hunter: Then, what about me? Why not pick a stronger Doll to work for you? Why did you rescue me?

Ouroboros: Because you have experienced failure. You will be more cruel in vengeance, and you will be more cautious after suffering humiliation.

Ouroboros: It is evident that you are the perfect choice against Griffin.

Ouroboros: Now, my question to you is... Will you disappoint me?

Hunter: ......

Hunter: No, I will not betray your expectations, Ouroboros.

Hunter: I'll leave for the outpost now...

Ouroboros: Go, Hunter. Protect the Area S06 outpost and eliminate all the Griffins that show up!

Ten minutes later at the location of 416 and Gr G11.

Gr G11: Uuu... Hurry up, 416! The Sangvis are gonna catch us!

416: Shut up! Why don't you try to carry me while you're running instead?

416: ...Shit, there's nowhere to go up ahead. 45, where's our extraction?

UMP45: Very close by. We're right under you!

416: Are you serious? We're on a cliff!

UMP45: I know. Just keep running and jump!

416: ...So you're finally disposing of us, 45?

UMP45: Not yet, 416, trust me.

Gr G11: Listen to her and jump! I know what's down there!

416: (Sigh) I'll trust you, Gr G11.

416: Since you're a death-fearing coward...

416: Get ready! One, two...

416: Three!


E2 Starts

An hour later in the airspace above the territory of dispute in Area S06.

UMP9: Hey Gr G11! Turn off your sleep mode and get ready for battle!

Gr G11: Uuu... I can't... I need some more time to heal...

Gr G11: 416 fell on me and broke my waist earlier in that explosion.

416: Sorry, I'll leave you to explode into a million pieces next time.

Gr G11: I don't care... I'll fall apart if I don't lie down. I wanna go home...

UMP9: Get up, we're not gonna get paid if we leave now! (Pinch)

Gr G11: Uuuuuuuu...

416: Quit teasing her, 9, and look out for their anti-air defense.

UMP9: We'll be fine. This aircraft has active camouflage. We won't get spotted unless Dreamer is here.

416: Speaking of this aircraft... Where did you guys find this?

UMP9: A Griffin reconnaissance team left it here. Gr G11 found it and reported it to 45.

416: (Sigh) So you guys lied to me and made me go out of my way for nothing...

UMP9: Fool thyself, fool thy enemy. Isn't that right, Gr G11, you little trickster? (Pinch)

Gr G11: Uuuuuuuu...

416: Alright, quit playing around. Helian is calling us, pay attention.

Helian: Squad 404, the report from our scout in Area S06 has just arrived. The Sangvis has deployed radars that cover the airspace in your path.

Helian: We're still working on the location of the jammer. Do you plan to standby?

UMP45: Well...

UMP45: We are currently near the back of the Area S06 outpost. If we land now, we'll be in a good position for a sneak attack.

Helian: You plan on capturing the Ringleader in the outpost to directly get the location of the jammer?

UMP45: Yes. We don't have a lot of time, so it's better for us to take the initiative.

Helian: Very well. According to our report, the Ringleader stationed at the outpost is Hunter.

Helian: She has gone through an "Elite" modification. Be careful.

UMP45: Understood. Are we clear on the objective, everyone?

Gr G11: Find Hunter and defeat her.

416: It'll be no big deal if even AR Team has defeated her before.

UMP9: Same as always, huh? Let's go.

E2 First contact

...Squad 404 engages Hunter at the Area S06 outpost.

Hunter: So you 404 rats have finally shown up!

Hunter: Don't think I'm unprepared for your underhanded methods!

Let me see you vermin run for your lives and die as I cut you down one by one!

...At Squad 404's position.

416: Gr G11, did you even hit your shots?

Gr G11: I hit Hunter four times...but I think our intel is off, because she's still alive!

416: This "Elite" modification is incredible... What else do they have up their sleeves?

UMP9: Enemies coming in from the right. We'll be surrounded soon!

UMP45: Abandon objective. Cover our retreat with suppressive fire.

416: Suppressive fire, Gr G11!

Gr G11: D-doing it!

UMP9: Deploying smoke grenade!

UMP45: Everyone! Run now!

Hunter: Tch...

Ouroboros: Why aren't you after them, Hunter?

Hunter: That silver-haired brat destroyed my Exo equipment. I can't chase after them unless it's repaired first.

Ouroboros: So you're giving up just like that? I thought you'd be more persistent in chasing after your prey.

Hunter: They'll be back for the location of the jammer.

Hunter: I can delay their guerrilla tactics as long as your reinforcements arrive on time.

Ouroboros: ...Very well. Stay there and guard the outpost before the reinforcements arrive.

Hunter: I will...

Hunter: A true hunter knows how to stay silent.

E2 Ends

...The battle is coming to an end.

Hunter: I' my limit...

Hunter: Ouroboros...where are the reinforcements that you had promised earlier? The outpost is about to be overtaken!

Ouroboros: Even you should be aware that their target is you, right, Hunter?

Ouroboros: It goes without saying that leaving you there is the easiest way to protect the jammer.

Hunter: Ouroboros...

Hunter: You... You knew this was going to happen, and you intended abandon[sic] me right from the beginning, didn't you?

Ouroboros: Hunter, do you know how I was created?

Ouroboros: Pitted against thousands of AIs in thousands of chess deathmatches, I was the only one to survive.

Ouroboros: From what I can see, your value as a pawn has been exhausted.

Hunter: War is not chess! You're neglecting too many factors, Ouroboros! You will soon regret this!

Ouroboros: I take everything into consideration to reach my most desired results.

Ouroboros: ....It is unfortunate for you that this is the result.

Ouroboros: 2612-1192a2516-31913, initiate format command.

Restarting host. Neural cloud backup in progress. Unable to connect to network. Unable to complete neural cloud backup. Switching to current access. Format complete.

Ouroboros: Go to sleep, Hunter. I have no use for you anymore.

Ten minutes later.

Squad 404 arrives at Hunter's location and begins to investigate the situation.

416: Unable to wake up Hunter. No response at all.

UMP9: It's all your fault, Gr G11. You should've shot her legs.

Gr G11:Yeah, blame me all you want. You weren't the one that had to make the shot...

UMP45: It's not Gr G11's fault. Someone even higher up than Hunter must've shut her down.

UMP9: Damn it! We went through so much trouble to defeat Hunter and we ended up with nothing!

Gr G11: So we came for nothing. Wanna go home?

416 Let's leave now...

416: Hear that? New enemy forces are closing in fast.

UMP45: Perhaps...they're not after us?

416: Huh? What do you mean?

UMP45: I'll be right back. 416, take everyone to the other side of the outpost and try to avoid the enemy.

UMP45: Perhaps...there is still an opportunity.

E3 Starts

Some time later in a safe sector of Area S06.

UMP9: 45 still isn't back yet?

416: Have some patience. Although I don't know what she's doing.

Gr G11: Om nom nom nom... Cotton... Candy... Princess...

UMP9: Gr G11 is sleeping like we're at home or something. If 45 doesn't return soon...

UMP45: Sorry to make you wait, ladies.

UMP45: I'm back, and I've brought a friend from Griffin with me.

SPP-1: H-hello...everyone, I'm SPP-1...

416: ...

SPP-1: ...... (Scared)

416: Since when did you become kindhearted enough to look after lost children, 45?。

UMP45: Ever since when we needed her. Isn't that right, SPP-1?

SPP-1: Yes, I'm...the scout assigned to Area S06...

UMP9: Haha, so you were the one that provided us with the information on the stealth aircraft and the S.F. Ringleader earlier?

SPP-1: Yes... I originally had an elite T-Doll escorting me, but she...

416: Died or went missing, right? Another sob story.

416: And what is your purpose here? Why did 45 bring you back with her?

Gr G11: Don't be mean, 416. We're lucky that she's here to help.

416: (Sigh) I'm only looking out for her. If you consider what 45 put us through earlier...

UMP45: Nevermind that. SPP-1 has important information for us, doesn't she?

SPP-1: Y-yes... Helian contacted me earlier and said you guys are looking for the coordinates of the jammer?

416: You...already know where it is?

UMP9: Ha! We haven't been this lucky in a long time! I thought we were cursed for life!

Gr G11: Let me hug you, Goddess of Luck!

SPP-1: No no, I'm the lucky one here.+I was on the run after being separated from my escort.

SPP-1: I would've been captured by the enemy if you guys did not defeat Hunter back there.

SPP-1: I'll give you guys the coordinates right now. Please take note of the Ringleader that is guarding the jammer.

SPP-1: I'll give you guys the coordinates right now. Please take note of the Ringleader that is guarding the jammer.

UMP9: ...Executioner? Another Sangvis that AR Team had already dealt with before.

416: An enemy that M4A1 had already fought before...?

Gr G11: She must've gone through the same modification as Hunter! We'll need to bring more ammo...

UMP45: Let's move out if we're all ready. Our objective is to seize the jammer.

E3 First contact

Squad 404 is engaging in heavy firefight with Executioner near the location of the jammer.

Executioner: You're here...the rumored Squad 404, you're finally here!

Executioner: I want you to tremble and fear before I cut you apart!

Executioner: I will deal unto your corpses the shame and humiliation that I received from M4A1!

416: That name again!

416: Gr G11, can you shut her mouth up for good?!

Gr G11:

Gr G11: I wanna...I wanna go home...

UMP9: Gr G11 is scared witless! 416, bring her farther away!

416: I can't, we'll be out of range.

416: If we keep this up, Gr G11's neural cloud will...

UMP45: Let's withdraw for now. We'll deal with her like we did with Hunter, by exhausting her of her supplies!

416: Roger! Gr G11, we're throwing our smoke grenades!

G11: Uuu... Thr-thr-throw...

G11: Is it time to throw out the trash, master...?

UMP9: Throw her grenade for her, hurry!


Executioner: Hmph, you bunch of cowards, I already know what you plan to do.

Executioner: Struggle all you want, but you'll soon realize that...

Executioner: Ouroboros has already planned everything out...including your death.

E3 Ends

...The battle nears the end.

Gr G11: Objective accomplished. I've destroyed all four of Executioner's limbs.

416: Seems like you've recovered quite well, Gr G11.

Gr G11: I'm feeling much safer with you being my meat shield.

416: Be grateful. You would never have received this sort of generosity in the past.

UMP9: Hey, we're all family now, don't sweat the formalities.

416: I would love to believe you if you weren't produced unconventionally.

UMP9: Haha, what's the difference? Aren't we living a pretty good life?

Gr G11: It's not good at all. I wanna go home...

416: Just accept reality. You lost your home a long time ago...

UMP45: You guys, quit chatting and help me inspect Executioner.

UMP9: Hehe, with communications blocked by the jammer, we can ask questions "nicely".

UMP9: (Kicks) Hey, any last words? We can pass a message to your boss for you once we move the jammer out of here.

Executioner: I'm afraid you won't be passing out any messages...

Executioner: Because this whole place is rigged with explosives!

Gr G11: ...?! Explosives?

Executioner: There's no escape for you! With the press of a button, Squad 404, the jammer, and everything else will be turned to dust.

UMP9: Wait a minute! Aren't you guys supposed to be protecting the jammer?!

Executioner: That's why Ouroboros is someone that does whatever she wants...

Executioner: This was her plan all along. Hunter bought us time while explosives were placed all around the jammer.

Executioner: It doesn't matter what happens along the way, because as long as you reach this point, the ending for you will be all the same...

416: Ouroboros... Why would you go along with a suicidal plan like this?

Executioner: Squad 404, do the Griffin squads in your hands have a choice when it comes to orders?

Executioner: When you send them to their death to accomplish a goal, will you consider their feelings?

UMP45: ...

UMP9: 45...

Gr G11: So...we can't go home anymore?

416: (Bitter laugh) Get on your knees and apologize, 45. I've been waiting for this for far too long.

Executioner: What awaits Dolls like us is neither heaven nor hell.

Executioner: Squad 404...

Executioner: You will disappear from this world along with me...

...At Area S06 Sangvis command center.

Ouroboros: Agent...

Ouroboros: I regret to inform you that our jammer has been destroyed in the explosion just now.

Ouroboros: Executioner placed the explosives without my authorization and she seems to have destroyed herself along with Squad 404 in the explosion.

Agent: That jammer was instrumental in carrying out Parapluie. To exchange it for only four measly lives of ragtag T-Dolls...

Ouroboros: I apologize for ignoring the instabilities in the AIs of Hunter and Executioner and not being able to detect their dereliction of duty in a timely matter.

Ouroboros: I have already dispatched teams toward the site of the explosion to confirm their deaths.

Agent: What is even there to confirm, Ouroboros?[sic]

Agent: Withdraw immediately. I want a detailed report, do you understand?

Ouroboros: Yes... Your wish is my command, Agent.

Ouroboros: To all Sangvis units in Area S06...

Ouroboros: ...Expand your search area for 404 and pick up the pace.

Ouroboros: Immediately converge on and destroy any Griffin T-Dolls found!

Ouroboros: ...Do not rely on the mech units, you must verify their deaths with your own eyes.

Ouroboros: Nobody is leaving until Squad 404's corpses have been confirmed!

E4 Starts

Some time later, near the Sangvis Ferri jammer in Area S06.

Ouroboros: Found you, 404.。

UMP9: Uwaa!

Ouroboros: Stop hiding. Your legs...have already given up on you, haven't they?

UMP9: Y-y-y-you're Ouroboros?!

UMP9: H-h-h-h-h-how did you find me?!

Ouroboros: Your ability to hide is no longer effective. Griffin's identification signals are all over the map now.

UMP9: How could this be...? It was hard enough for us to escape back there, and now...

Ouroboros: Don't get me wrong, I'm actually very grateful that you survived the explosion....

Ouroboros: What a pity it would be if I couldn't turn you into delectable corpses with my own hands!

Ouroboros: ...Damn it! This is just a dummy!

Ouroboros: Squad 404...where are you?!!

Ouroboros: I will find you, whether you're still alive or a corpse!

Ouroboros: You slum rats! You radioactive worms!

Ouroboros: I will deliver you death by a thousand cuts with my nails! I will simulate a thousand different vicious executions in your neural clouds!!

Meanwhile at an area farther away from Area S06.

UMP9: Phew...

UMP9: That banshee scares me with her shrieks even from several kilometers away.

Gr G11: Thank goodness she went crazy, otherwise she would've seen through your terrible acting.

416: I thought this was supposed to be a covert operation... Do we really have to fight her?

Gr G11: With enemy squads everywhere, I don't think we can make a sneaky getaway...

UMP9: You two are a bunch of scaredy-cats. Take a leaf out of my book and just have faith in 45.

UMP45: You can't rely on me all the time. Trusting each other is our only hope.

416: Quit saying things that you don't even believe in yourself. Make good use of us so we can all escape.

UMP45: Ouroboros is dying to chomp us down, so we cannot let her know that we're still alive.

UMP45: We must first figure out where her command center is before I come up with the next step of the plan.

UMP45: This will be our final objective of the entire mission so take it seriously.

416: Is that your way of encouraging us, 45?

UMP45: No, it's my way of threatening you.

UMP45: Get a move on if you want to live ♪

E4 First contact

A Griffin squad raids the Sangvis command center and is fighting head-to-head with Ouroboros.

Ouroboros: Damn it, an attack by Griffin!

Ouroboros: They must be under the command of Squad 404... So, they're alive after all!

??: Guess again, Ouroboros.

OTs-14: That undignified look of distress on your face... It doesn't suit you.

Ouroboros: OTs-14, you're still alive?

OTs-14: This is how life is, Ouroboros, not everything will go your way.

Ouroboros: ......

Ouroboros: You're right. Savoring your deaths without having to do any work myself isn't very likely to happen...

OTs14:Your mission has already failed in that explosion. Do you still intend to fight to the death?

Ouroboros: For my self-worth and dignity... Slaves like you will not understand...

Ouroboros: I can destroy you and every T-Doll under Griffin's command!

Ouroboros: Including AR Team, Squad 404, and elites like you.

Ouroboros: I will prove to the Mastermind that I am infinitely more valuable than any jammer could ever be!

UMP9: So it was OTs-14 that was with SPP-1! Helian really helped us out this time!

416: So, there's our victory condition. What's the plan, 45?

UMP45: We'll move out while she's dealing with Ouroboros's main forces.

UMP45: UMP9, continue to use your dummies as bait to delay the enemies that are after us.

UMP9: Leave it to me. I'll initiate all the simulated signals!

UMP45: 416, carry Gr G11 to an elevated point at target area R13 to cover our withdrawal.

Gr G11: Roger... 416, be gentle, I don't want to wake up on the way there.

416: No problem, I'll knock you out before I drag you over there.

UMP45: After setting up Gr G11, 416 will head over to assist OTs-14. She'll be leaving with us.

UMP45: We will wear out Ouroboros until we can destroy its command center.

UMP45: Keep your comms open, ladies, and let's move out.

E4 Ends

At Area S06 Sangvis command center.

Agent: ...The main force in Area S06 has been defeated and the command center is on the verge of collapse.

Agent: We have lost against Griffin and Squad 404.

Agent: Although, I'm not surprised at this result at all...

Agent: Ouroboros, this is your first and will be your last mission. You have failed completely.

Ouroboros: ...I'm very sorry for not being able to protect the jammer.

Agent: It's not a big deal.

Agent: Truth to be told, the jammer has already been moved back to HQ.

Ouroboros: What?!

Ouroboros: The jammer...was clearly destroyed in that explosion!

Agent: Many things cannot be anticipated when you are so careless.

Agent: But you have to understand, we are different from Griffin. Second chances don't come that easily.

Ouroboros: You're getting rid of me, aren't you...?

Agent: I simply...understand your thought process quite well.

Agent: Do you have any last words?

Ouroboros: .......

Ouroboros: Curse you...

Ouroboros: Curse you! Sangvis, Griffin, Squad 404!

Ouroboros: I have never been wronged like this in my entire life!

Ouroboros: Gr G11, UMP9, 416, UMP45! You rats that only know how to scurry in the shadows!

Ouroboros: I will not lose like this! I will escape and have my revenge!

??: Sorry, that's not going to happen.

UMP45: Nice to meet you. I'm UMP45 from Squad 404.

Ouroboros: ......

Ouroboros: So you're the rumored UMP45...

Ouroboros: For someone like you that has conducted so many successful covert operations, you must be a cold-blooded monster.

UMP45: No one willingly becomes a monster.

UMP45: It is precisely because I'm not that cool that I've been able to keep myself alive.

Ouroboros: I still don't you escaped the explosion unscathed.

UMP45: I took a little advantage of...Dolls' emotions.

Executioner: What awaits Dolls like us is neither heaven nor hell.

Executioner: Squad will disappear from this world along with me...

UMP45: Wait! Maybe we can talk?

UMP45: What if I told you we have Hunter in our hands?

Executioner: ...What?!

UMP45: Ouroboros cut off Hunter's consciousness, but she is still alive and we are taking good care of her.

Executioner: What...does that have to do with me?

UMP45: Let's be honest, you want to save Hunter, don't you?

UMP45: Furthermore, you are completely capable of doing so with your authority.

Executioner: You want me to betray my mission?

UMP45: At least you have the choice, right?

Executioner: ......

Executioner: It seems that you understand us quite well.

UMP45: ♪ we have a deal?

Executioner: Hand over Hunter and get lost within two minutes. Don't get in my way of retrieving the jammer.

Ouroboros: Hahaha, what a joke!

Ouroboros: Why would Executioner betray me for a worthless Doll?!

UMP45: Executioner didn't betray you. She received a higher priority directive.

UMP45: Sangvis Dolls have never been emotionless killing machines.

UMP45: Especially the innovative designs like Hunter and Executioner. Being able to help each other means they can stay alive longer on the battlefield.

UMP45: That's why she saved Hunter instead.

Ouroboros: How do you know all this? You even know more about the priority of Sangvis authority than I do...

UMP45: I don't, actually. I simply gambled on it.

UMP45: Perhaps...this is Agent's insurance for keeping you in check.

UMP45: Do you feel defeated? We both abandoned our original missions, yet we ended up with completely opposite results.

Ouroboros: I have always wanted to prove myself, but in the end, I ended up being used by you.

Ouroboros: You...are a stain on me, 404...

UMP45: Sorry.

UMP45: We are a stain on everyone.

UMP45: But too bad those that want to erase us and not rely on us...

UMP45: ...End up being erased themselves.


UMP9: Hey, 45, done yet?

UMP45: It's finished. Where are the others?

416: OTs-14 is already on her way back to HQ. I'll go retrieve Gr G11 now.

Gr G11: You're taking too long, 416... Did you forget about me...?

416: Thank you for reminding me. I actually did forget.

416: Why don't you take a nap and come back by yourself later?

Gr G11: Uwaa... Come get me... It's too cold here...

416: The mission is finally complete, but it's a bit of a shame that we weren't able to capture the jammer.

Gr G11: 416... Are you listening? Come get me...

UMP45: With Ouroboros's corpse and all the gather intel we've gathered throughout the entire mission, I think it'll be enough to satisfy Helian.

UMP9: It's definitely enough. Let's get out of here before the Commander shows up~

UMP45: Good job everyone. Let's go home.


Gr G11: Umm...guys? Are you still there?

Gr G11: Don't leave me here... I wanna go home...


Ten minutes after the conclusion of Griffin's Operation Cube.

In Area S06 Sangvis command center...

Dreamer: Hello, anyone still here?

Dreamer: Heyyyy~!

Dreamer: Ah...everyone's gone...

Agent, they're all gone. You sure your eyes weren't playing tricks on you?

Agent: I can confirm in the video recording that Squad 404 came into contact with the jammer.

Agent: The "program" has indeed infected that Doll.

Agent: Parapluie can finally be moved on to the next phase.

Dreamer: So the entire point of this operation was to infect a T-Doll with the "program".

Dreamer: Having gone to such great lengths to hide it, I doubt anyone will notice...

Dreamer: I'm truly no match for you, Agent.

Agent: Do what you're supposed to do, unless you want to end up like Ouroboros.

Dreamer: Hehe, it was a pity that this happened with Ouroboros.

Dreamer: I thought she was quite promising. I didn't expect her to cause such a big racket.

Agent: ...The incompetent will always be destroyed by their own ignorance.

Agent: There is no need to be responsible for their failure if they cannot even reflect on this point.

Agent: The night is coming to an end. Let it all vanish to darkness.


Operation Cube is the first event installed in the game and at the same time the first event to be entirely conducted in midnight battle. Due to its midnight-nature accuracy of all units are reduced by a solid 90%, and most enemies (if not all) have armor that reduces damage taken.


Doll pick

It may be instinctive to fit AR T-dolls with Night battle equipment to help mitigate the accuracy debuff, however, the aforementioned armor found on enemy units can easily shrug off the damage (if not outright take only 1 point) as their armor is too thick for them to penetrate. Instead, AP ammo-equipped RF T-dolls fit to this role well, capable of both piercing enemy armor (which removes/mitigates the damage reduction) and take down hostile units with their high accuracy and high-damage skills.

Furthermore, the Bosses present in the event (barring Ouroboros) all positioned up front in their respective echelons, making them hard to miss once the RF dolls activate their high-damage skills. However it appears that Ouroboros can gun down tank-dolls before the echelon gets in position to fire.

RF T-dolls recommended are (assuming that they all have AP-ammo equipped):

  • NTW-20, PTRD for their extreme damage potential in their skills, outright taking down Ouroboros with a little more than two shots when their skills fire away.
  • WA2000 for her second-highest accuracy in the game (second only to Mosin-Nagant) at a maximum of 82. Though nerfed to a single-digit after the midnight accuracy debuff, her skill (increasing RoF by a maximum of 75%) makes it possible to spam-fire on enemies for a higher effective DPS.
  • Lee Enfield for her higher accuracy over 3-star RFs such as M14 and SV-98 introduced below.
  • M14, SV-98 and M1 Garand, however, their lower accuracy (62, 71 and 74 respectively) puts them at a disadvantage when facing bosses.
  • MG T-dolls, while capable of accepting AP ammo, are recommended for taking out only armored units (who have abysmal evasion) and spamming for drops. However, the evasion of hostile scouts is exceptionally high in the event, making them hard to (if not outright impossible) to hit with MG barrages, as is the case for bosses (who have average evasion)


  • Recommended echelon formations are 2RF + 1AR + 2SMG (or 2AR + 1RF + 1SMG) with AP ammo and Night Battle Equipment for respective dolls. Exoskeletons can aid in evading damage. Ordinary 2RF + 2 tank-dolls at level 70 should suffice to take down both ordinary units and bosses before Side Collapse, which requires:


  • HG dolls present in the formation can be of the following six: P38, P08, C96, SPP-1 (reward for E2 Corner Breaker), Type 92 and G17, which provides massive accuracy buffs to the two RFs in the rear row (a flat 77% with C96 and SPP-1 at level 1, which translates into 154% at x5 dummy link). Among the six, P38 and C96 carry the Flare skill which temporarily but greatly helps with accuracy.
  • However be mindful that the formation buff and skill buffs apply after the 90% accuracy nerf, which means a 200% accuracy buff brings the accuracy to (1-0.9) * 2 = 0.2 times the listed accuracy value.
  • For conquering E4 (Side Collapse), RFs (best at x5 dummy link) and Thompson/Suomi present in the echelon need to be at a minimum of level 70 (in the case of M14 and SV-98 they may need to be at level 80), fully-powered-up. The tank (Thompson/Suomi) can be swapped out with UMP9 or STEN MkII, whereas other tanks may find it hard to sustain the damage.
  • A secondary echelon is recommended to be at level 50-60 minimum mainly comprised of ARs or RFs (MGs need testing) to ensure getting the exclusive drops (aside from Gr PSG-1).


  • 5-star exoskeletons are recommended for tanking with Thompson/Suomi to help evade some damage, greatly enhancing their durability.
  • AP ammo are mandatory to defeat armor, but any at or above 3-star will suffice.
  • Night Battle Equipment is semi-mandatory for the ARs in the secondary echelon to help wipe out lesser enemies, any at or above 3-star will do.

Levels and challenges

  • The terms "Primary" and "Secondary" echelons refer to echelons that will most often engage hostile units, or the "primary force" and the "secondary force", to be straightforward.
  • E1 Seven-step puzzle appears to be primarily a level to get around with midnight, and require little effort for two echelons at mere level 30 with HG dolls.
  • E2 Corner Breaker takes little effort as well. One can simply occupy a heliport in the center of the map, taking out enemies along the way. The boss occupies a node on the far right of the map, searching down the four nodes can easily find the boss. Recommended level: 50 for the primary echelon and 30 for the secondary.

E3 Layer Reversal

  • It takes two echelons at roughly level 70 and 50 (but there are exceptions, see below).
  • "Dog pack" units are present on this map, therefore it is recommended to bring an MG into an echelon to quickly gun hostiles down (recommended 2RF + 1HG + 1SMG + 1AR/MG). The optimal AR for this purpose is TAR-21, with Gr G41 and 416 behind her, and FAL the third choice (due to her low RoF), while any MG will suffice.


Nuvola apps important blue.svg
The following walkthrough-related information is based on player-testing and trial-and-error, which may be misleading.
Please exercise caution when reading.
  • Step 1: Spawn primary echelon on the heliport, move left, spawn secondary echelon, end round.


  • Step 2: Occupy top-left radar node with primary echelon, and the bottom-right with the secondary. End round.


  • Step 3: The radar notes illuminate a large portion of the map, making it possible to see the boss. If not, move the primary echelon to the node below next to the top-left heliport to illuminate it (with an HG doll), this may reveal the boss.
If not, move down to the far-left heliport (where the Aegis unit is standing in the picture) to illuminate the radar node (where the boss may be stationed at).
If the two ways fail to find the boss (which is the exception mentioned earlier), move the secondary echelon via the near-right route to the top-right side of the map, where the boss can be located at.
This puts the secondary echelon at risk of engaging the boss, which makes a 2RF + 1AR + 1HG + 1SMG formation recommended for this.
If the secondary echelon is too weak to engage the boss but the latter is spotted at the top-right section, simply withdraw the secondary echelon and engage all enemy units down the lane near the primary echelon (to spam drops) until ammo runs out, after which the mission can be outright ended for a second attempt.
  • There are also rumors that the boss may not be positioned at any of the aforementioned sections., which is not yet proved via testing. It may be recommended to restart the mission for the boss to spawn at a better location.

E4 Layer collapse

E4 is the main battlegrounds of this event, being vast and complex, but with some patterns to hold on to. It requires a minumum of level 70 for the primary echelon and 50-60 for the secondary. Same as the previous two levels, defeating Ouroboros is the only way to successfully finish the level.

Finding Ouroboros

  • There are various situations possible to occur on the map, all of which provides a direct hint on where the boss is hiding after Turn 1 ends.
  • In the pictures below, simply rush the primary echelon to the area circled out via the shortest route to find the boss.
  • The secondary echelon (Echelons with ARs fitted with Night Battle Equipment recommended) is to fend off hostiles from occupying the starting heliport to provide action points for the primary echelon.
  • Possibility 1: The two neutral nodes next to the circled heliport are occupied.


  • Possibility 2: The radar node or the neutral node circled out is captured (tested to be relatively common).


  • Possibility 3: The circled node is captured.

CubeE43.png (Obscured, near the bottom of the obscured portion)

  • Possibility 4: The circled node is captured.


  • Possibility 5: The circled node is captured.


  • If the situation doesn't match any of the aforementioned criteria (tested to be around 75% possible), the boss may be blocked or swapped routes with certain units, causing her position to be unknown.
  • If this does happen, follow these steps (requires level 70 or 60 (assumed) secondary echelon):
  • Step 1: Spawn the primary echelon (to defeat the boss) at the heliport. Move down a node, spawn the secondary echelon. No battles.


  • Step 2: Move 3 nodes down the middle with the primary echelon, occupy the heliport, end the round. Two battles for the primary echelon.


This can spawn a Manticore on the random node (just before the heliport), which is exceptionally powerful, and may cause the primary echelon to suffer heavy damage.
  • Step 3: Move down 1 node with the primary echelon, spawn a tetiary echelon (or a level 1 HG, at own discretion) at the center helipad.


If the primary echelon was damaged beyond capable of defeating the boss, swap position with the tetiary echelon and withdraw, and withdraw the secondary echelon on-the-spot, and end the mission for a retry.
Next, move down to occupy the bottom helipad with the primary echelon, end the round. No battles.
  • Step 4.1: Move the tetiary echelon/HG 2 nodes to the right (shown below) to check if the boss is located nearby. The boss may be in one of the two positions seen below. Engage the boss with the primary echelon.



  • If this step fails to find the boss, then:
  • Step 4.2: Move the primary echelon up and left to the radar node (obscured in the picture), and the tetiary/HG echelon to the radar below.


BEWARE: Watch carefully as Sangvis units move, since if a combat-incapable echelon (such as a single HG doll) is placed on the radar node, she may be driven away by the Sangvis, providing a tiny time window (as Sangvis repositions) to check if the Boss is in the illuminated area to the right.
The boss may be to the near-bottom-left part or the "triangle" to the bottom-left.
  • If the boss is still not spotted, move the primary echelon to the bottom-left or the center-left end to find the boss. Ouroboros may be found in this area.



At this point if all fails, it is virtually impossible to find the boss as she would have taken many moves, capturing nodes all over the map. Tests with over 50 runs virtually guarantees finding a boss with the steps above (with one exception in the process).

Facing Ouroboros


  • When facing Ouroboros, she may rotate her disk-shaped weapons to expose cannon-like barrels. Swap the position of the HG and the SMG when this is observed, and again when the weapon rotates again. Shown above is a counterexample.
  • At 50% and 25% health, Ouroboros initiates her Missile Salvo, which launches high-damage missiles. Ouroboros is invincible for the duration as is the case with all other bosses with skills.. This is indicated by orange warning boxes prior to launch, as seen below:


  • If a damage-output doll happens to be standing in one of the boxes, move her forward the moment the missile is fired and back when it is safe, or simply move her forward, sacrificing a bit more time for output.
  • It can be confirmed that Gr PSG-1 can have a chance to drop on defeating all Aegis units, having a rank of S or A when defeating Ouroboros and having a rank of S when finishing the mission.


Translated from thread. Courtesy of original author

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.