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Commander--! I promise this is the last bag of snacks for the day! So, just give it back to me quick!
Girls' Frontline: SPAS-12
Gfspas12 1.png
Girls' Frontline 2 year anniversary celebration
Basic info
Original name SPAS-12 multifunctional shotgun
Moe point
Hair color Silver
Eye color Red
CV Kobori Miyuki
Type SG
Rarity ★★★★
Place of origin Italy
Developed by Franchi
Developed 1970
In service 1979-2000
Relative(s) or related person(s)

Luigi Franchi

SPAS-12 is a character from the tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky and its derivates. She joined the fray on April 6, 2017.

Historical basis

The SPAS-12 multifunctional shotgun is a special-purpose close-quarters weapon designed by Franchi in the late 1970s for use by military forces and the police, with the capability to switch between semi-auto and pump-action to cope with different mission requirements and ammo types. The semi-auto mode best fits situations where a high rate-of-fire is preferred, while the pump-action mode better suits cartridges without enough recoil to cycle the weapon (such as tear-gas rounds). The SPAS-12 first entered production in October 1979, and soon became a preferred police and spec-op weapon. However, this dual-operation feature added to its weight, making it heavier and more complex than similar shotguns, as well as being more expensive.

The SPAS-12 is gas-operated when in semi-auto, with a circular piston inside a gas tube outside the tubular magazine below the barrel, and is locked by lugs that lock into the rear of the barrel. A firing mode selector is located at the bottom of the pump, by pressing which and pushing the pump forward turns the weapon into semi-auto, while pulling it back turns it into pump-action. The pump accepts tactical lights and laser-pointers as well.

The SPAS-12 has a magazine cutoff in place that stops the weapon from feeding from the tubular magazine, enabling the shooter to manually load a round into the chamber, especially when a special round is needed. This enables the shooter to quickly adapt to the changing situation, such as when a breaching round is needed while the magazine has been filled with buckshot rounds. The cutoff can also be disabled if needed to revert to feeding via the magazine.

A rectangular heat shield covers the barrel of the SPAS-12 to prevent the heat from the barrel from interfering with normal operation and tactical maneuvers done by the shooter.

Early models of the SPAS-12 has a safety lever in front of the trigger guard, but was changed to a button on the production models later. A special carrying safety is also fitted to the left of the feed port of the SPAS-12, which prevents misfires by locking the hammer should the weapon impact hard objects should the user carry the loaded-and-cocked weapon across obstacles or make tactical maneuvers.

The sights of the SPAS-12 consists of a front blade and a rear open aperture, which is in turn a large aperture connecting a semi-circular opening at the bottom for shooting buckshot at close range and precision firing of slugs respectively, which, coupled with the magazine cutoff, suits the practical need of military and police personnel.

The SPAS-12 is fitted with either a fixed plastic stock which is a whole with the plastic grip or a folding stamped-metal stock which folds up and lies flat at the top of the receiver, which is also capable of accepting a hook at the rear-end which acts as a carrying handle or a physical support when firing with one hand. Due to how the receiver is made of aluminium alloy while the heat shield and the barrel is made of steel, the weapon is highly imbalanced, posing difficulties when attempting to shoot with only one hand, as the force exerted by the hand may not even suffice to keep the weapon towards the front. The hook helps by pressing against the arm as the weapon tilts downwards to reduce stress on the wrist. However the hook proved to be more of a redundancy as virtually no one even wanted to operate such a heavy shotgun with only a single hand, and the hook was too big in size which was troublesome even when not in use. The hook soon fell out of favour as an optional accessory.

Franchi provided different chokes and flash hiders for the SPAS-12, all mounted via the threads at the front end of the barrel. Some chokes widens the spread horizontally or vertically to shoot targets in different stances, moving targets or grouped targets. The SPAS-12 also has some short-barreled variants to reduce weight and improve handling in confined spaces, but the tubular magazines on such variants are shortened as well, and therefore ammo capacity is reduced.

Interestingly, the actual meaning of the "SPAS" part in the weapon's name has undergone three changes during its marketing, first "Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun" when it was first introduced in Europe, then "Semi-auto / Pump Automatic Shotgun" when imported into the US by FIE in 1988, next "Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun" to help sales in the civilian market. However the "military features" of the weapon was too obvious from its look, such as the heat shield adding extra weight to the weapon making it unsuitable for matches, with a lot of civilian users complaining about its carrying safety, considering it to be a redundancy while adding unnecessary complications to the maintenance of the weapon. Eventually, the BATF of the USA recognized the weapon as a "destructive device" and subsequently banned the civilian market from importing the SPAS-12. Due to how the SPAS-12 was never a hit in the US market when it was still legitimately imported, and how Franchi put production of the SPAS-12 to a stop to manufacture and market the new SPAS-15 in full force, the SPAS-12 has now become a weapon sought after by collectors worldwide.


  • Overall length: 996.95 mm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Caliber: 12 or 16 Gauge
Specifications found in-game
  • The following data may contain errors and represent only the game's stance towards the firearm. For reference only.
Type                       Combat shotgun
Weight                     4.4 kg (8.75 lb)
Length                     1041 mm (41 in) stock extended
                           820 mm (32.5 in) stock folded
Barrel length              18".19-7/8".21-1/2".24"
Cartridge                  12 gauge 2 3⁄4 inch shells only
Action                     Pump-action/gas-actuated
Rate of fire               Semi-automatic or pump action
Effective firing range    Dependent on ammunition used
Feed system                Tube Extension 5+1. 6+1. 7+1 and 8+1 rounds. internal tube magazine
Sights                     Regular iron sights

In popular culture

The physical profile of the SPAS-12 attracted the eyes of many film directors, making a presence in a number of films, such as Terminator and Jurassic Park.

It is also widely depicted in video games such as Half Life, Rainbow Six and Max Payne. The folding-stock SPAS-12 is welcome to directors and game designers in the field of entertainment, and a lot of collectors adore the folding-stock model. However, the fixed-stock SPAS-12 suits shoulder-firing better, as the metal stock introduces quite a pain when firing from the shoulder. However, due to the heavy weight and the large inertia, the SPAS-12 is more comfortable when shooting without resting the stock against the shoulder, compared to other shotguns.


Index number:NO.162 Rarity:★★★★
Nationality: ItalianFlag of Italy.svg Type: Shotgun (SG)
CV:Kobori Miyuki Illustrator: 陆生の洲川
Stats(Growth: C)
health (S) 138 → 1375 Damage (A) 14 → 33
Evasion (C) 2 → 9 Accuracy (A) 2 → 11
Movement speed 6 → 6 Rate of Fire (S) 23 → 32
Ammo count 4 → 4 Armor (A) 3 → 21
Operational effectiveness
262 → 4723
Resource demands
Ammo 30 → 90 Rations 40 → 140
Ability Description
Firepower Focus SG (火力专注SG) Raises firepower by 30% (120%) while momentarily raising the number of targets to 5 for 8 seconds.
(Does not stack with the effects of slug shots)
Has an initial cooldown of 8 seconds with an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypads 4,7

Effect Applies to MGs
Damage +20%
Acquired by
Production 07:40:00 HEAVY PRODUCTION ONLY
Heavily damaged
SPAS12 D.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.

Chibi version animation

SPAS-12 Q版.gif


Pixiv ID:64740249[2]

Official setting

SPAS-12 (Chinese introduction)

SPAS-12 官设.jpg

Not fat

SPAS-12 watches her weight but at the same time adores junk food without any thought about going on a diet, which makes her physical build a bit fatter compared to other dolls.

"It's just the equipment being heavy, I'm a lot lighter when I take them off."

"Commander it's just I'm heavy with all the equipment, should be a lot lighter when I take them off eh?"

SPAS-12 物理圣剑.png


However she appears to take pains from talking about weight, therefore it is commonly advised to avoid talking about it in front of her.



The silverish-white device in front of the trigger appears to be a speedloader absent on normal firearms. The tubular objects found on the armor of SPAS-12 (also found in her heavily damaged illustration) are in fact tubular magazines, which, coupled with the speedloader, facilitates the speedy reloading of the shotgun.

SPAS12 快速装弹具.jpg

Of course, the speedloader is rarely found on SPAS-12s, as few favour the device and it takes some effort to modify a SPAS-12 to accept speedloaders.

Jerry Miculek's speedloading


However SPAS-12 is never found using these devices in battle, instead loading shells one-by-one.


SPAS-12与Jerry Miculek.png

The name JERRY MICULEK can also be spotted on the left armor panel of SPAS-12, directly referring to the "Greatest Shooter of all Time", Jerry Miculek.

Other icons

Marks of SPAS-12

Her illustrator released icon designs of SPAS-12 on September 2, 2017. Aside from the aforementioned reference to Jerry Miculek, a number of other clear-drawn icons are present as well, each one with a particular reference.

Shoulder badge and GIS seal

The GIS Special Intervention Group (from Italian: Gruppo di Intervento Speciale) is an elite airborne spec ops counter-terrorism tacitcal response unit inside the ITalian Carabinieri military police. First formed in 1977, it later evolved into a special forces unit. However the shoulder badge of SPAS-12 did not exactly originate from this, but was rather redesigned from the "burning grenade" at the center of the seal.

The Carabinieri is the gendarmerie of Italy, tasked with policing both the military and the civilian populations. It used to be the first force of the Italian Army, but on March 31, 2000, this force was officially independent as the fourth force of the Italian Armed Forces, commanded directly by the Ministry of Defence. The seal and the burning grenade are signs of the Italian national gendarmerie as well.

Button of clothing and the Coat of Arms of Italy

The design of the buttons on SPAS-12's chest originates from the Coat of Arms of Italy, with a red-lined white star at the center placed above the five-axle gear standing for the working population, around which are the olive branch signifying peace and the oak branch for strength and dignity. Below which inscribed "Italian Republic" in Italian.

Icon on the shield

The badge on the shield seen in the heavily damaged illustration is a redesign from the logo of SPAS-12's original manufacturer, Franchi.


Federal Assault Weapons Ban.jpg

There's a marking found on the shield, specifically the letters "AWB", which, when asked about what it stood for, her illustrator replied "Federal Assault Weapons Ban", directly pointing towards the Ban imposed by the US government which banned the SPAS-12 from being imported into the US due to a lack of "Sporting purposes" from its look and design.

Motto used by SPAS-12
“Nei Secoli Fedele” is the motto of the Carabinieri, meaning "Faithful throughout the centuries".
One of the meanings of the "SPAS" part in SPAS-12's name.
The full name of the GIS in Italian: "Gruppo di Intervento Speciale"

Older equipment

The old uniform

Spas12设定 The old uniform ​​​.jpeg

A relatively more "hardcore" setting was released by SPAS-12's illustrator on August 16, 2017, comapred to herself in the game: A gun in her right and and a riot shield in her left, with a simple-yet-effective tactical vest. However it is worth mentioning that firing the SPAS-12 with a single hand while the other carries a riot shield is all but possible. Her illustrator also mentioned the unreliability of a human firing a SPAS-12 with only one hand in the comments of this post: "Only humans use pistols due to the insufficient force of their arms. (只有人类才会因为臂力不够用手枪。)"

Many commanders have considered this to be the early settings or abandoned drafts of SPAS-12, but her illustrator pointed it out that "[it] is not abandoned original setting, it's what she was before she became 'spas12'sic. (并不是弃稿原设,这是她成为‘spas12’之前的样子。)", marking the first case of a T-doll having a setting before she became a T-doll.

In addition, the following text can be found at the bottom-left corner:


"Project Valkyrie" turns out to be the illustrator's own idea, and the number 12 represents SPAS-12. However, the name, Sabrina Franchi, is so far the first name give to a T-doll by her respective illustrator. Sabrina is also a common female name in Italian, originating from Hebrew, meaning "quick", or "boundary" in Latin. The surname Franchi is however obviously taken from Luigi Franchi.

It is also mentioned in the same post that "The Spas12 doll is set at 162cm, the gun without the stock measures 88cm, drew a bit of comparison. (Spas12人形设定身高是162cm,枪不算枪托长88cm,对比大概画了一下。)"


The text below needs help with translation!
场合 台词 语音
登录界面 ショウジョゼンセン。






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