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OTS-44 圣诞1.jpg
Basic info
Original name OTs-44OC-44 sniper rifle (Russian:ОЦ-44)
Hair color Golden
Eye color Black
CV Takahashi Rie
Type Rifle
Rarity ★★★
Place of origin Russia
Developed by KBP Design Bureau
Developed 1990s

OTs-44 is a character from the tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline and its derivatives developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky. She joined the struggle in 2017.01.25.

Historical basis

The OTs-44OC-44 sniper rifle (Russian: ОЦ-44) is a large-caliber sniper rifle employed in anti-personnel roles, designed by Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms (also known simply as ЦКИБ СООTsKIB SOO), a branch of the KBP Design Bureau. The rifle has a bullpup layout and is chambered manually. It's highlight lies in its integral suppressor. According to revealed data, it has a magazine that houses 8 rounds, but it cannot be seen from the released sample pictures.

Due to the large recoil when firing the 12.7×108mm rounds, the buttstock of the rifle is fitted with a spring damper, which, coupled with the ventilation ports found on the barrel, reduced the recoil to human-bearable levels. But due to its relatively short barrel, low muzzle velocity and low accuracy, its effective range is relatively short. However, its primary targets are not long-range targets for sniping, but rather lightly-armored units that the 7.62mm-caliber SVD cannot pose a threat to. It is reported that the KBP Design Bureau has applied to conduct research on an improved, 14.5mm-caliber model, but yielded no fruit as this 12.7mm-caliber model didn't progress past the sample stage.

Due to the inherent noise problems induced by the 12.7×108mm cartridges, TsKIB SOO incorporated a suppressor into the weapon, to lower the noise level to that of the SVD.

The OTs-44 can use the standard 12.7×108mm cartridges, but due to its low muzzle velocity, long-range ballistic performance will be unpredictable for a standard cartridge. Also, due to that it is not feasible to completely suppress the firing of a 12.7mm cartridge, even when not taking ballistic performance into account, the suppressor will only suffice to reduce the noise level to that of an SVD, to form the illusion that it is an SVD that fired. M21:Talking about silencer I'm the senior one who fought Viet Cong with 16.


  • Empty weight:14 kg
  • Overall length:1070 mm
  • Muzzle velocity:800 m/s
  • Effective range:1000 m
  • Ammo capacity:8 rds
Specifications in-game
  • The following specifications may contain errors, and only reflect the game's opinion. For reference only.
Type                       Anti materiel rifle
Weight                     14 kg 
Length                     1070 mm
Cartridge                  12.7×108mm
Muzzle velocity            800 m/s 
Effective firing range     1200 m
Feed system                8-round detachable box magazine


Index No.: No.145 Rarity:★★★
Nationality: RussianFlag of Russia.svg Type: Rifle
CV:Takahashi Rie Illustrator:rosele
Health (C) 40→80 Damage (S) 52→157
Dodge (C) 4→32 Accuracy (C) 8→67
Movement speed 7→7 Rate of Fire (C) 18→32
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 15→55 Rations 30→90
Ability Effect
Lock-on Aims for 2 seconds, dealing 3x(6.5x) damage to the target.
Has an initial cooldown of 15 seconds with an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypads 3 9

Effect Affects HGs only
Reduces cooldown by 12%.
Acquired by
Production 3:50:00 (Heavy production only)
Drops Infested 1-3


  • Handgun(HG)s will see their effect tiles improved after receiving establishment augmentations.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses are the maximum possible value of the stat.
Pic OC44.png
Pic OC44 D.png
Reindeer in the Forest
Pic OC44 1608.png
Pic OC44 1608 D.png
A mistake
OTS-44 圣诞2.jpg


Born premature?

No matter in terms of outline, length, layout or the recoil-damping stock, the rifle closely resembles the VKS "Ventilator" sniper rifle developed by TsKIB. But the VKS uses the subsonic 12.7x55mm cartridge. But this cartridge does not come with an API variant necessary for anti-materiel operations, and was later developed for use in the ASh-12.7.

But it is no surprise that there lie errors in the specifications of an experimental model. You tell me that this stick weighs 14 kilograms and can fit the overtly visible 12.7x108mm magazine? Suppressed? Perhaps she did evolve into the VKS.

Still, leaving the AK family alone while working so hard on the OTs series.... Mica must have some dirty deals with the KBP.



A creepy slipper.

The official microblog released info that the new skin for OTs-44, "Reindeer in the Forest", would come live soon, posted on December 6, 2017. And subsequently players found a minor mistake found in the illustration, and commented on this with a picture.[1] The official microblog also replied that "The illustrator is working on fixing the problem. Thanks for pointing out."

In addition, the illustrator herself forwarded the post, commenting:"Sharpeyed, I didn't find it myself." And fixed the problem swiftly.


The text below needs help with translation!
Case Line Audio
Login ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline.
Upon login
Hello, commander-sir. Happy to see me?
Finally got to see you, commander-sir. I'm OTs-44, can I stay?
As adjutant
What else do you need, whether black tea or cocktail, I can help out.
Commander, are you busy? Is it time to relax a bit?

Commander! You haven't seen how I am when I'm angry! I'm showing it to you! Really!
As adjutant (post-oath link establishment)
What's the game this time? It's ok to stay with you for a while. But if I win, give me my rewards like before.
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch)


Echelon formation
Understood, stay well, everyone.
Beginning mission
Ok! I'm setting off!
Beginning battle
Contact, commencing counter-offensive.
Sometimes... This... happens... Ehehehe...
It's ok for me to stay alone, commander-sir, please don't worry about me.
Winning battle as MVP
It's a moment worth remembering, commander-sir, please remember it well.
Had I worked harder......
Beginning autobattle
I'll make a breach.
Beginning logistic support
I'm leaving, please take care of yourself, commander-sir.
Finishing logistic support
I'm back! Any rewards?
Finishing production
A new friend, does the commander like her?
Establishment augmented
<nowiki>[If there are] Noisy [kids], I won't show mercy.
Thanks for trusting, I won't forget what happened today.
Ability activation
I'll wreck it. (?)

What needs to be protected is no more. (Why the change?)
Fire the cannon!
Oath link establishment
Ahh... Such a happy moment, comes to me... I must have spent all my good luck.... But it doesn't matter, even if I have nothing from now on, as long as you are with me, I'm for ever the happiest..... Commander.

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  • 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.