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少女前线 logo.png
Commander, what can Springfield do for you, please order as you like.
Springfield rifle
Pixiv ID:58587117[2]
Basic info
Original name Springfield M1903
Nickname(s) Madam
| Wife of man, double ponytails, boots, trickery
Hair color Flaxen
Eye color Green
CV Horie Yoshiko
Type RF
Rarity ★★★★
Place of origin USA
Manufactured by Springfield Armory
Developed 1903
In service 1903-1974

Springfield is a character from the tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline and its derivatives developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky.

Historical basis

Spanish soldiers wielded Mauser rifles during the Spanish-American War in 1898, which prompted the US to start working on a Mauser-type rifle after the war.

The M1903 rifle was developed by Springfield Armory, and was produced under license from Mauser. The rotary bolt takes its design from that found on Mauser 98 rifles, and the rifle can be considered a variant of the Mauser rifle. The M1903 rifle has a shorter profile overall, with a barrel shortened to 610mm and a downwards-bent bolt handle.

The rifle is fed by a 5-round fixed magazine, and is reloaded via a 5-round stripper clip. Rounds can also be put into the magazine directly. The M1903 originally fired .30-03 rounds before switching to the matching M1906 (or the .30-06) rounds in 1906. The .30-06 round is an improvement over the Mauser rimless round, and became the standard rifle round of the US military throughout the 50 years that followed.

The M1903 rifle had high quality, and proved to be reliable in terms of both accuracy and reliability under harsh conditions. Early rifles were also fitted with a rod-type bayonet, however they are prone to damage under medium-force impact. Later rifles were fitted with an improved knife-type bayonet. 

M1903 Springfield


Design history

There were attempts to improve the Krag–Jørgensen rifle with high-velocity rounds, but were not successful due to its inability to raise chamber pressure.

The Springfield Armory started to design a new rifle in the following year. Though the US military evaluated the Mauser rifle in the 1890s, they still chose the German-influenced Krag–Jørgensen rifle. Later, rifles including the Mauser 93 received improvements, with greater muzzle velocities compared to previous models.

Combining the specialties of Mauser and Krag rifles, Springfield developed their prototype 1901 rifle, and believed that they had reached their goal, prompting the Armory to manufacture new moulds and arrange new assembly lines.

To their disappointment, the number of M1901s was on a constant decline in the military, with the Armory receiving new mandates from the militaries and including them in the improvement program for the M1901.

Springfield introduced the M1903 in 1903, and it was accepted into service. Though a combination of the advantages of numerous rifles, it is still close to a Mauser rifle, forcing the US government to pay licensing fee to Mauser.


  • Weight: 3.94 kg (8.7 lb)
  • Length: 1097 mm (43.2 in)
  • Barrel length: 610 mm (24 in)
  • Muzzle velocity: 854 m/s (2,800 ft/s)
  • Effective range: 914 m (2,999 ft)
  • Maximum range: 5029 m (5,500 yd)


The M1903 has 4 main improved models:

M1903A1 1930 Switched to a newer C-type stock.

M1903A2 1930s Modified from A1 models for use by civilians and artillery troops.

M1903A3 1942 Simplified method of manufacturing

M1903A4 1942 A sniper rifle based on the M1903A3, with an enhanced stock and a 2.2x-maginifaction scope.

Variants include the M1903Mk1, M1903A1 through M1903A4 and M1942, forming the M1903-family rifles. The total amount manufactured is approximately 2.6 million, though lower than the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle (which is 4 million), the number remains formidable.


The M1903 was employed in WWI against Germany. Different from WWII which relied on firepower, the US military in WWI emphasized on accurate shooting and melee combat, which suited the M1903. The US military experienced harsh shooting trainings in their country, which proved to be worthy in the war. It was said that soldiers in a US front-line outpost was attacked by a regiment, but they repelled the attack by sniping from 700 to 800 meters away, breaking the morale and formation of the German troops.

The standard-issue weapon of the US military in WWII was the M1 Garand, but the capacity of the Armory could only satisfy the US Army who placed its order first, therefore the Marines still relied on their M1903s to fight against the Japanese military. Compared to the M1, M1903's low rate of fire turned out to be problematic: One with an M1 Garand could take out 4 targets while the M1903 re-chambers for another round. Despite this, the M1903 was considered to be more accurate than the M1. The Japanese military took heavy casualties from American M1903-wielding snipers.

The M1903 was rare to see in the Western front, but this did not hamper her to be used to her advantage. Some army commanders consider that a sniper armed with an M1903A4 performs no worse than a direct-fire cannon! Though few in numbers in the Western front, with even fewer captured by the German military, she received the designation Gewehr 249(a) for her excellent performance in the German military for issue to second-line troops.


Accuracy of Springfield and Mauser rifles in 3-round groups

1. Springfield M1903 + Leatherwood 3x scope

①Lake City M2 round in 1953

200 yd -- 7 in;

300 yd -- 10 in;

400 yd -- 5.75 in;

500 yd -- 5 in

Note: Another box of rounds were used for the 400- and 500-yard groups

②Hornady match-grade rounds

300yd -- 2.5 in

2. Remington M1903A4 with 2.5x scope; Lake City M2 round in 1953

200 yd -- 5.25in;

300 yd -- 17.5 in

3. Gibbs M1903A4 with 2.5x scope

①Lake City M2 round in 1953

200 yd -- 5 in;

300 yd -- 9.5 in;

400 yd -- 8 in;

500 yd -- 16 in

Note: Another box of rounds were used for the 400- and 500-yard groups

②Denver M2 round in 1943

200 yd -- 2.75 in;

300 yd -- 7 in;

400 yd -- 11 in

③Hornady match-grade rounds

300 yd -- 1.25 in

4. Mauser Kar.98k + ZF-41 1.5x scope; s.S. round in 1945

Note: s.S. stands for schweres Spitzgeschoss (Heavy-tipped round), the standard rifle/machinegun round of Germany in WWII

200 yd -- 6.25 in;

300 yd -- 6 in;

400 yd -- 20 in

Note: It is very difficult to aim at a human-sized target at 400 yards with 1.5x optics.

5. Mauser Kar.98k +ZF-4 4x scope; s.S. round in 1945

200 yd -- 2.25 in;

300 yd -- 5 in;

400 yd -- 8 in;

500 yd -- 12 in;

In-game stats

Springfield Rifle
Index number: No.036 Rarity:★★★★
Nationality: AmericanFlag of United States.svg Type: Rifle
CV:堀江由衣(Horie Yoshiko) Illustrator:多元菌
Health (B) 42→84 Damage (A) 45→128
Dodge (A) 5→40 Accuracy (B) 9→72
Movement Speed (B) 7→7 Rate of Fire (C) 21→32
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 15→55 Rations 30→90
Skill Description
Stabilized shooting Aims for 1.5 seconds, deals 3x (6x) damage to the farthest target.
Initial cooldown at 10 seconds at an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypad 9

Effect Affects HGs.
-15% skill interval
Acquired by
Production 04:25:00
Drops 0-2,0-4,4-6,5-4,6-3,6-6,


M1903 D.png
Classical Witch
Pic M1903 5.png
Pic M1903 5 D.png
Blessing of the Holy Night
M1903 302.png
M1903 302 D.png
Empress under the Light
一周年 M1903.png
一周年 M1903 D.png
Awaken Mermaid
Pic M1903 1107.png
Pic M1903 1107 D.png


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo dummy expansions.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
Christmas Chibi version animation

Christmas 春田 Q.gif

Anniversary--Empress under the Light

一周年 M1903站立.gif 一周年 M1903行走.gif 一周年 M1903攻击.gif 一周年 M1903倒地.gif 一周年 M1903胜利长1.gif

Swimsuit Chibi version animation

春田 泳装 Q版.gif



Mature and calm, wide-hearted to her companions. However, her seemingly defenseless nature proves to be flawless no matter in peacetime or in combat.

Her distinct dress is a modified US Army uniform during the American Civil War, which is now the prom dress for West Point students.So perhaps she knows tactics better than her commander?

Official description (in Chinese)

Character- M1903.jpg

Of course, this calm, friendly miss is not that people's teacher next door Minagawa Akane.

Identical to that next door. Can't tell even if the picture is misplaced.




So please be careful not to give the oath document to the wrong person~

Name of Springfield

Many possibly consider that Springfield sounds Japanese(春田Haruta), but she is not.

Springfield M1903 was developed by Springfield (which directly translates into Chinese as "春田"), and was produced under license from Mauser (due to her close look to a Mauser rifle).

So if taken seriously, she perhaps has German blood running in her veins, and does not have any ties with Japan.

Human waster

Adjutant voicelines is virtually entirely food-centered. Breakfast, tea and main course one after another. She even carefully wipes the mouth of her commander after that.

Feels as if she was preparing from the morning all the way towards the evening. Springfield's breakfast with love! It is rumored that her specialty is apple pies.

Though all American styles. But since she served in China perhaps she could do Chinese dishes?

It was reported that a considerable number of commanders had got wasted under this and just lie in the command center all day.

Officially designated

Due to her personality and her specialty in cooking and the love from her creator, she is nicknamed "Madam".

Of course, aside from that, she was given ample performances (though not in terms of plot = =)

1.First as the Valentine's day present to commanders during the 3rd Internal Test phase in 2015

2.As the first top-up reward in Public Test

3.One of the earliest who had CVs during the Public Test Phase. Appeared in the trailer for Operation Cube in 2016 before the CV system was live.

4.Appeared as the only 4-star in the login background when the oath system went live, and in the CENTER position.

Oath system login background


5.As one of the three who had their exclusive equipment when the exclusive-equipment system went live (with the other two being AR-15 and M1918).

Though 4-star in rarity, her firepower appears to be inferior to a number of 3-star RFs , let alone the African goddess of war M14. But when matched with her exclusive equipment, she could soar to the level of a high-tier RF in terms of Damage Per Second.

Her DPS is only marginally lower than WA2000 with a full-stat exclusive equipment, reaching an even higher level. That is, excluding skills.

6.Appeared (still in the CENTER position) in the Halloween theme.

Halloween login background


7.And her creator intermittently releases the picture of her daughter.

8.The 4-star T-doll with the most outfits (Also, by 2017.10.15, WA2000 owns the most outfits, with a total of 4: Halloween, Christmas, Anniversary and swimsuit themes.), respectively the swimsuit Summerfield, prom dress Fallfield, and the Christmas Winterfield theme.

9.Also all the login backgrounds and Christmas outfits, etc.

It's Grifon Headquarters' love towards Springfield behind this high amount of exposition... Hmm... How to put it? Headquarters have already decided that you are to be the spouse of the commander.


Her creator revealed when discussing the styling of Springfield's hair that:

It's not her legs under her long dress that obstructs the development of society and the evolution of man, and in her Halloween outfit even longer dress, but riding breeches.

But this is not the reason for you commanders to peek under her dress!!!

Commander: “Oh! So that's how breeches look!”
Springfield:“Umm...Commander... This can be considered sexual harassment....”


Something's wrong

59133492 p0.jpg

Pixiv ID:59133492[4]

Springfield: Don't worry, I put some sleeping pills in the commander's dinner.


In fact there was nothing whatsoever given about Springfield's trickery from her creator and the officials.

If there's really a scent of it, it's probably because of the angle and style of the illustration. A chill goes down some commanders' spines if her illustration is examined carefully. Ah, something's awakening from that gaze as if looking at trash... Madam, please step me under your feet.

Plus that Springfield joined the game in the 1st Public Test Phase, where there was no such thing as voicelines. Even after the CV system went live, commanders who just got in contact with her have nevertheless reported that her laughter sounds a bit spooky...2333

But back to her trickery.

1. The earliest version came from AC130's comic on Springfield bullying Garand.

Girls' Frontline——Normandy (5)(Revenge from the antecessor)

来自前辈的报复-50926555 p0.png

Pixiv ID:50926555

2. Followed by her mother 多元菌 assisting in illustrations, in G&K Telegraph Bureau'sGirls' Frontline series--Springfield's Apple Pie, which, while not including any description about Springfield's trickery, Springfield was shown to have mastered the means to trick her commander.

Girls' Frontline series——Springfield's Apple Pie (Springfield)
Author: G&K Telegraph Bureau

Girls' Frontline series——Springfield's Apple Pie
“The most important thing of baking an apple pie is to make sure that the crust is crispy.” says the girl who is taking a huge oaken tub out of a cabinet. By her side lies a big pack of Gravenstein apples that was picked up later in Autumn. Yellow stripes on its red skin look so gorgeous that they would surely make people mouth-watering.

She tied her nice, tawny hair up into a ponytail,with a cute brown headband.
“Time to mash the apples~ Commander, it’s your turn, give me a hand~”
“Aye, for sure, sis Springfield.” I stripped up my sleeves and walked on.

The weather is getting colder, and the autumn wind blows. In New England, the leaves look like just got splashed by pigments as if every piece of the country has turned into some kind of impressionist art in only one night. Red leaves fell all around the backyard, making it a surely hard task to clean it up.
But those younger T-dolls are playing in the yard, with joy.
“Hmm… So, you will have to help me to make some apple pies, right?” looking at those kids, she said.
Indeed, it's Thanksgiving, and probably it’s hard to satisfy her by just roasting a turkey. However, I did not realize that this task is way harder than my imagination. Peeling thousands of apples, removing their cores and smashing it, it’s a really hard work for a man who works in an office whole day.
Meanwhile, Springfield is pouring bags of brown sugar and maple syrup into that oaken tub, humming some random tunes while mixing them up.
“Wow...who are you going to feed with so many apple pies?” I said, with a sigh, and look at those apples. feels like that they have multiplied twice than 10minutes before.
“You don’t get a chance like this every day. By the way, why don’t we make some cider as well? Some hot cider with vanilla would be excellent for Christmas.”
I look at her smile which seems a bit scary. Is that some kind of revenge? For the game last week?
That was the week 6 game. The Seattle Seahawks--the team which I support, beat The New England Patriots with the score 24-23. After that game, as a big fan of the local team, this dear girl who born in Massachusetts tried to use her eyes to kill me for a long time. It was not until a couple of days before when she was willing to talk to me normally...
“It's true that Seahawks was having an edge...” I whispered to myself.
“No, nothing.”
Yea, that must be the reason.

Sunny afternoons in New England always makes people relax, and that’s the thing I had learned after I came here. Golden lights pass through the window, paint the white kitchen's floor with warm colors. I really appreciate the destiny, the decision I made, because of the girl who is sitting beside me. Of course, I have surely become a PNG(Persona non grata) for the Naval Academy.

I can still remember the first met with her. It was 5 years ago, on June 6th, the day we had decided to strike back at those Sangvis-Ferris’ bastards.
It seems as if history had played a joke on us. The date was also the day when the Allied Forces decided to invade Normandy, the"D-day", June 6th. At that time, I was the chief officer on a Wasp-class LHD. And my mission was to send our troopers, make sure their boots on the ground. I can’t forget the gloomy sky at that day. The dark, heavy clouds were smashing the sky. The wind whistled, with freezing water splashing into cabins.

Never like a summer. The storm is coming--my instinct as a sailor told me.
The Air Force was unable to back us up under that circumstances. And if a tactical withdraw was called, those choppers of the Army's had zero ability to EVAC our girls.
Yes, I knew these "Tactical Doll" girls are much more combat-worthy than any other human soldiers who keep training all year round. But I can't treat these girls as any other non-human being.
These girls were sitting side by side in the cockpit, with combat gears on, firearms in hands. And they were about to rush into the battlefield filled with enemies as lethal as they were.
Maybe I should report the status to the captain. "Fifteen minutes to nav point!"
However, what I heard was the order of attack.
I lowered my hat visor:
"Well deck check! Landing crafts ready! All hands on board!"
Sacrifices can't end a war.
I shook my thoughts off. Those enemies never shy away from a fight. I just needed to do my job--Send our girls to the shore, safely.
I heard the roar of our jets and huge sounds of bombs dashing into the sea.
Only those naval aviation nuts dare to provide air support in a storm. Now our intention has been completely compromised. If we get any closer, their coastal defense will tear us apart.
Yes, we are getting closer and closer.
To the enemies. To the battle.

"Open the stern gate! All units on standby!" freezing water poured into the well deck as the gate opening. Those landing crafts looked just like falling leaves when comparing to the raging sea.
I was waiting for the green light.
However, something caught my eyes. A girl stepped up to the front side. I can see her beautiful tawny hairs hiding under the helmet. She stood on the top of a landing craft.
She had everyone's attention.

"Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light," sang the girl. Sounded like her clear voice was louder than the roaring sea, louder than the continuous gunfire, louder than the explosion of bombs.
What she was singing was the national anthem of the country. Everyone stood up with their right hands on their chests, heads held high.
"What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?"
"Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,"
Everyone was singing with her. At that moment, I can hear nothing but their chorus.
"O' er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?"
"And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,"

Somehow, her figure overlapped with the ones on old pictures. The photos my grandpa had shown to me, on the landing ground of Omaha, soldiers are charging toward the machine gun positions.
"Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there."
"Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,"
"O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

Those girls were cheering, raising their fists into the air. As if what was waiting for them was a grand celebration instead of a battlefield forged by blood and fire.
That girl raised her right arm, what she was holding an M1903 Springfield rifle. The wooden stock and the blued barrel was somehow... glowing.
"They can have it all," She shouted.
"From OUR COLD DEAD HANDS!" Girls shouted.
"Let's get Oscar Mike!" In the end, I roared, with anger and every piece of my strength.

That is the real reason why I left the navy and took part in the candidate election of the Joint Command. Just because of that girl, and her figure on the frontline. Of course, that is a secret. A secret no one knows, and no one should ever know.

"Err..." The setting sun shines through the window. It’s a little bit dazzling. Wait...What? The setting sun?
"Nice dream hah, kid?" The girl with tawny hair stood in front of the oven, smiling while taking off her apron.
Why is she able to catch my every single embarrassing moment I have?
"I’ve told you don’t call me like that……."
"As you wish, my dear commander."
Ahh... She is teasing me again. I can tell from that smiling face.
I sigh deeply.
Time flies. From Naval Special Warfare Command to Grifon&Kruger, I have overcome many difficulties. Sangvis-Ferris wanted to kill me; Those bureaucrats wanted me to stop shooting and start dancing.
The only one I can’t deal with is this girl who always tricks me around with a smile.

She handed me two bottles of beer, I took out my pocket knife, opened the bottles, handed back her one.
Glass went ping. Bottles turned empty.

She is one who always looks after others; The one who trains so hard; The one who possesses serenity and fearlessness and never back off at the very front line.
She is the one who is careful in whatever she does, the one who never wrinkle her uniform, the one who seems to be able to deal with anything without any trouble.
She is the one who loves beer and Bourbon but always gets drunk easily, and then tipsily argues with me which team is stronger.

Yes, that’s right.
I am the kid who has a crush, no, fall in love with her.

Whether she’s in blue full dress, white shirt, or that brown apron, and even when she was wearing blue Patriots' shirt and shouting rudely at the stand.
Whether her smile while cooking, her calmness when facing trouble, or her rage towards enemies, and even her regretfully tears she didn't want to show anyone after that ambush.

I love everything about her, fanatically.

A moment later, the sun is completely gone. Only the sunset clouds glowing like flame still lay in the sky.
"Chop-chop girls, time for dinner!" She calls to those younger girls--or Tactical Dolls if you like--playing in the backyard.
The only source of light in the kitchen is a dimming lamp and the crackling flame in the oven. Holding the empty bottle which is still cold, I am enjoying the remaining peaceful time before naughty kids come back.
"What are you waiting for? Give me a hand~" She said, walking to the kitchen. The stove is opened, then the great smell of apple pies fills the air within a second.
I put plates on the long table, "May I have a taste first, sis Springfield?" I said to the girl behind me.
I had a glance at those freshly baked pies. The image of baked butter and syrup on the surface has branded on my pupils. I am pretty sure she is really proud of this recipe. The extremely tempting smell of cider is rising with hot steam, infiltrating my starving body.
“Hmm, no way. Unless you take it FROM-MY-COLD-DEAD-HANDS.”
She whispered into my ear.

"Eh!" I almost dropped the plate on my hands.
I immediately turned around, only to see her smiling face as if she had seen through my mind.
I try to control every single piece muscle on my face, struggling to show I still got the slightest bit of calm with me.
"Hum... "She masks her mouth with her hand, "You really think that I would forget your silly face on that day? I had never seen a sailor who shouts so loudly before."
"Hey! " I wish I could know what my face looks like right now.
"Hahahaha, what a funny kid." She turned around to hide her face. But she can't hide the joyful tone of pranking me in her voice.
Then suddenly, she stopped laughing and turned back to me.
I have never seen that smile on her face before.
“But...yea, pretty handsome, I have to admit.”
I can finally feel my face now.
It's burning. I guess the color may just like her apple pies.

Illustration assistance Artist:多元菌


3. Springfield and WA2000 form the widely-welcome lily-couple, in which WA2000 plays her tsundere role tsundere=being played. In this sense, Springfield, in her interactions with WA2000, naturally becomes the trick-player.

But how to trick a tsundere? Leave it to natural airheads, or to a trick-player for better results. Of course, yanderes work.

Also, Springfield was described as "seemingly defenseless nature proves to be flawless no matter in peacetime or in combat". Considering this to be mature seems normal, and one characteristic of being mature is being subtle, and being subtle means to excel in tricking.

So, for fun reasons, many dojin works prefer to describe Springfield as being a tricky person. While in the case of the commanders, as long as it's interesting it's ok.... Of course, basically WA2000 and the commander fall victim to her.

4. And the last and the most important aspect is that Springfield, as one of the most important sources of core suppliers, is dismantled on a large scale, which, naturally, makes her mind a bit twisted. Of course, the commander is to blame. (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


Case Line Audio
Login ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon Login えふふ,おはようございます。
Hehe, good morning.
Acquisition 指揮官,この私にできる事があれば,どうぞご命令を。
Commander, what could Springfield do for you, please order at your courtesy.
Adjutant マフィンが焼けました、一绪に食べましょう?
I've baked a muffin, come and have it together.
Got some bread on your mouth. Ehehe... Don't move, let me take that off for you.
It's hard work for you commander. How about a cup of coffee.
Adjutant (post-oath link establishment)
Commander, Springfield's setting off shortly, is it fine for you on your side? Please, speak my name when you miss me. I'll hear it.Why a flag!!
Adjutant(Outfit:Classical Witch)
Hmm... it's Halloween. M14's getting happy somewhere....
Adjutant(Outfit:Blessings from the Holy Night)
Hehe, it's Christmas. What dish should I do...?
Dormitory (liftoff)
Dormitory (touch)


Echelon formation うふふ,私,頑張りますね。
Ok, I'll work hard.
Mission start 全員!出撃開始!
Everyone, commence operation!
Battle start 敵軍に遭遇,戦闘準備してください…
Contact, get ready to fight.
Damaged 私なら大丈夫です,ご心配をおかけしてごめんなさい。
I'm fine... Don't worry about me...
Restoration ごめんなさい,今日は私の事をよろしくお願いしますわ。
Seriously sorry for having you take care of me today...
Winning battle as MVP うふふ,大勝利ですわね!
Hmm, a glorious victory!
Retreating 仕方ありませんわ,いったん引き下がりましょう。
There's no way.. Please pull back for a while.
Beginning autobattle ご心配なく、このスプリングフィールドが、みなさんをお守りします。
Don't worry, I Springfield will protect everyone.
Beginning logistic support スプリングフィールド,行きます!
Springfield, setting off!
Finishing logistic support スプリングフィールド,無事,戻ってまいりました。
Springfield, returning, all well!
Finishing production あら~~製造が完了しましたわ,えへへ~~,どんな子が出て来るのかしら?
Alas, production finished. Ehehe, who's coming this time?
Expansion 皆さん,また帰って来ましたわ,それに私,さらに強くなりましたの。
I'm back, companions, stronger!
Powerup うふふ,装備のメンテナンスが終わりましたよ。
Hmm, equipment maintenance finished.
Skill activation 用意ーー!撃て!
Strength to me, everyone!
This bullet will end everything!
Oath link establishment 指揮官,どしてこの私をお選びになんたですか?あなたみたいな優しい方が,これから私と一緒にいてくださるなんて,私は,永遠に,あなたのお力になりますわ!
Commander, why did you choose me? A subtle person like you, willing to be with me from now on. I Springfield will eternally be your strength!

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