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Nye He He
Origin Name Papyrus
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Papyrus (/pəˈpaɪrəs / pə-PY-rəs) is Sans's brother and a main character in Undertale.

He first appear in the Snowdin ,and at first, he wish a human so he can become a member of the Royal Guard.在你和他战斗并饶恕他或跟他战斗3次后,他会希望与你成为朋友(Needs translation)


Spoiler Content
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NE rote[TR][TR]


GE rote[TR][TR]
In GE rotr,Papyrus的行为大多和他在其他两个路线时一样,除了主角对谜题不感兴趣这点让他觉得“怪异”,并称主角受到了“文化冲击”(双关)。他依旧保持着乐观,甚至到当他们战斗的时候,Papyrus还试图宽恕主角、引导玩家向善并和玩家变成朋友。
即使当玩家选择杀掉Papyrus,他依然想要相信玩家能够洗白。如果玩家选择饶恕,Papyrus将会如释重负,因为主角并没有使用暴力,并坦承他其实很害怕玩家。而后就会回到NE rote,主角可能会和Papyrus一起出去玩。

PE rote[TR][TR]



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Papyrus is a tall, perhaps anatomically inaccurate skeleton, with a skull more vertical and geometric than his brother. Being skeletal, many of his expressions incorporate a toothy grin. His eyes resemble vertical slits; his skeletal pseudo-brows form most of his expressions. He has eyeballs which show at times when he is experiencing strong emotions.

Normal ("Battle Body")

For most of his in-game appearances, he wears his "battle body," an outfit that he created for a costume party.It consists of a white chest plate with gold trim, coquelicot gloves with a golden trim, blue briefs with a golden belt, and knee-high coquelicot boots. A symbol that resembles that of Starman from the MOTHER series adorns the chestplate. He also wears a short, orange-red cape.

Befriending (Cool Dude)

Halfway through the date/hangout with Papyrus, he changes into his "secret style": a backward baseball cap, a t-shirt that reads "Cool Dude," small shorts with buttons, gloves with striped trim, knee-high socks, and sneakers. He also wears basketballs on his shoulders, likely Mettaton's MTT-Brand FashionBall.

Alphys Date (Jogboy)

During the "date" with Alphys, Papyrus arrives wearing a sweatband, shorts, and a t-shirt that reads "JOGBOY," with hearts on the pauldrons. He still wears his boots, gloves, and scarf.


Papyrus is a flamboyant skeleton who presents a confident, charismatic image of himself. He works hard and, despite his brash personality, is kind at heart. He is optimistic, brave, and considerate even when the protagonist beheads him in the Genocide Route. He is also occasionally oblivious and nonobservant but can be cunning at times, as seen when he uses reverse psychology to trick Undyne into befriending the protagonist.

Papyrus believes in others just as much as he believes in himself. He has so much faith in his abilities that he waited outside of Undyne's house all night and begged her to accept him into the Royal Guard. Seeing his persistence, Undyne offered to train him, but instead gave him cooking lessons.His confidence in himself and others is so great that he interprets direct insults towards him as the protagonist trying to make themselves look bad so he can hurt them easier, rather than the possibility that they dislike him.

He cooks spaghetti from time to time, though many characters seem to think that he is not very good at it.One of the reasons for this is because Papyrus never ate spaghetti himself to complete the chef's guidebook to cooking by tasting their creation before serving. He, therefore, cooks spaghetti only because everyone else loves to eat it, indicating he does not play favorites.He loves puzzles and japes, as shown in the numerous puzzles he prepares for the protagonist as well as his collection of "complex tomes about puzzle creation." Though advanced puzzles may seem cerebral, Papyrus also enjoys children's booksand is somewhat childish with the decoration of his room. He also collects action figures. He has some unexpected skills besides cooking however, such as consistently high-claiber artistic prowess from things such as: being able to paint a rock formation to look exactly like a bridge, creating a snow sculpture to look just like himself but with musculature, to the various puzzle designs he creates for the protagonist. He also has a photographic memory for phone calls, and the ability to perform physics-breaking acrobatics.

Papyrus seems to be strangely unconcerned about his own death, comically stating that "AT LEAST I STILL HAVE MY HEAD." right before dying. He has mentioned in a phone call that he would like to meet Death, although the meaning of this is unknown.

Papyrus also watches Mettaton's TV shows, and admires Mettaton so much that he would move to Hotland, a region that he hates.

Papyrus is implied to have a deep loneliness as he wants to join the Royal Guard in order to be popular, and therefore, loved. Papyrus is shown to not get nearly as much positive attention (or any attention for that matter) from the people of Snowdin compared to his much calmer and more amiable brother, Sans. This is further implied by their mailboxes in which Sans's is packed with junk mail, while Papyrus's mailbox has only emptiness, even prompting him to claim that it is "[HIS] EMPTINESS, NOT YOURS." Papyrus exclaims to the human that he's never come across someone who is so much alike him in taste, passion, and skill. He further exclaims that he "[DOESN'T] EVER WONDER WHAT HAVING LOTS OF FRIENDS IS LIKE." clearly projecting his lack of said friends. This desire to be favored amongst the crowd runs so deep that Papyrus will change his opinion on something on the spot just to gel in with the majority as with his opinion on Grillby's.And this desperation for a true friend leads Flowey to easily manipulate Papyrus into calling the protagonist's friends to the barrier room, although whether or not Flowey considers Papyrus a friend is vague.

Papyrus is also shown to have a level of kindness and understanding to such a fault that no other character in the game possesses, as in battle he never kills the protagonist, always leaving them with 1 HP. This level of philanthropy is emphasized in the King Papyrus ending in which Papyrus is the only leader to take up a level of judgement upon fallen humans that is to not judge them as all good or bad, and that they get puzzles either way. This level of kindness is most shockingly presented in the Genocide Route, where Papyrus's mercy is often a deciding factor for the protagonist to abort the route.

in battle


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This article was originally from page in fandom, and the license might be different from English Moegirlpedia. The contents might differ after being modified by different users on both sides. For more information, see Moegirlpedia:Copyrights.

SOUL Modes

  • Papyrus turns the protagonist's SOUL blue at the end of the attack that occurs after the protagonist spares or fights him.


Note: All damages assume no armor and LV 1.
  • If the protagonist ACTs to Papyrus at the beginning of the fight, his bone attacks slowly scroll across the bottom, sometimes progressively rising in height and sometimes doing the opposite. However, the bones are not high enough to hit the protagonist's SOUL if the SOUL stays in the middle and as a result, are easy to dodge. Papyrus continues using this attack until Spare or FIGHT is chosen. This attack deals 4 damage per hit.
  • Attacks go in the following order:
    1. A "blue attack" that Sans warned the protagonist about, causing blue-colored bones to scroll across the Bullet Board. After all the blue-colored bones have passed, however, Papyrus turns the protagonist's SOUL blue and sends a small bone across the screen that catches most players off-guard. Papyrus states that this is his attack, and the SOUL remains blue for the rest of the battle. This reveals that Sans was technically misleading the protagonist about the nature of the assault. Blue bones deal 3 damage per hit; the white bone deals 4 damage.
    2. Series of small bones, then a medium-sized bone.
    3. One small bone, three medium-sized bones, and finally three large bones. 
    4. A large bone followed by a large bone dangling from the ceiling of the Bullet Board, three small bones, and a medium-sized bone followed by another large bone dangling from the ceiling.
    5. Three large bones followed by a blue bone, followed by a fast-moving small bone coming from the right of the screen rather than the left.
    6. Two bones with a narrow opening to jump through, a large bone dangling from the ceiling coming from the right side, and 8 bones that form a 'hump'.
    7. Two series of 2 bones with a narrow opening to jump through, another two series of 2 bones except that the opening is higher, a blue bone and a large bone coming from the right side. Finally, 2 bones with a narrow opening come from both sides of the screen.
  • Papyrus continues the battle by attacking the protagonist with series after series of bones scrolling along the bottom of the square, which can be dodged by jumping. His blue-colored bones are used far less often. All of his attacks use bones, similarly to how Sans attacks. They also are slower and less intense versions of Sans's attacks.
  • Papyrus eventually prepares a special attack; however, a dog steals it, and he continues the battle with an "absolutely normal attack", albeit more difficult. The attack includes the appearance of the dog (3 damage), bones spelling "COOL DUDE", a bone on a skateboard (2 damage), and a large crowd of bones (3 damage per group, 2 for final bone) that can be jumped over to a far higher level than the blue SOUL can usually reach. After surviving this attack, Papyrus decides to spare the protagonist.