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Princess Pring Spring.png
Name Princess Pring
Other Names Celebrina[note 1]
Birthday March 3
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Eye Color Brown
CV Kim Hyun-ji
Moe Points rabbit, princess, magical girl
From Birthday Kingdom
Active in Birthday Kingdom
Related Characters
Pet bluebird: Pinopino
Friends: Clara, Jelly Kong, Luke, Lulubelle, Prince Louis
Do you know? The real magic of making dreams come true is said to happen when you believe in yourself.
— Princess Pring

Princess Pring is a character created by South Korean studio LOCO, and the main character of the animation Princess Pring in the Birthday Kingdom.


She is the princess of the Birthday Kingdom. Whenever someone in the real world is celebrating their birthday, Pring sends them a magical invitation. This is their ticket to the Birthday Kingdom, a place full of joy and happiness. With her magical rose scepter, the Pring Rose, she can make birthday wishes come true. Whenever children have a problem, she listens to them with her big ears. Pring makes sure that it's "Everyday Birthday!"


Season 1

In episode 25, Pring fell into a deep sleep because of the cursed gifts Mephisto sent to the inhabitants of the Birthday Kingdom, and in episode 26, she was taken away by Louis, the mysterious Clock Rabbit. It is then revealed that Louis and Pring have known each other since their childhood. After becoming the Clock Rabbit, Louis was forced to make Pring forget about him, but he promised he would find her again someday.