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All Simples, also widely known as Tan'yao (Japanese:断么タンヤオ,Tan'yao or 断么九タン​ヤオチュー, Tan'yaochuu), is a 1-han yaku of Riichi Mahjong.


All simples is an extremely common yaku in riichi mahjong. The occurrence rate of this yaku is the second highest among all yakus, right after riichi.

A winning hand contains this yaku when it has no terminals or honors.

Due to its simplicity, it can only add 1 han to one's hand. However, thanks to the existence of doras, one can simply reach mangan with a combination of tanyao and 3 or more doras.

For the same reason, all simples is preferred and welcomed by newbies. Though it's easy to make a hand of "Tanyao nomi(タンヤオのみtan'yao nomi, only tan'yao)", it's not that frequent to see in high-level tables for its low cost-effectiveness.

All simples is also frequently used when one wants to end another's dealer or block others' high-cost hands. There's this saying in China, "No matter how good your hand is, a tan'yao will end it all(功夫再高,也怕断幺)".