Secret Jouju

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Secret Jouju
Secret Jouju.jpg
Original Name 치링치링 시크릿 쥬쥬
Translation Name Secret Jouju
Region South Korea
Original run November 2012-2018
Studio Young Toys
Maro Studio
Directed by Park Il-ho
Voiced by Park Seon-yeong
Jung Hye-won
Hong So-yeong
Ha Sung-yong
Gong Gyeong-eun
Um Sang-hyun
Kim Sae-hae
State Finished
Linked works Secret Jouju: Guardians of Star

Secret Jouju is a South Korean magical girl animated series produced by Young Toys in 2015.


Jouju is a fairy from Fairy Tale Land. While trying to protect the Prince of Fairy Tale Land from an evil witch, her wand broke and she lost her powers. The Secret Diary helped seal the witch away. She is sent to Secret Town in the Human World and is tasked with completing the missions the Secret Diary tasks her with,



Jouju (쥬쥬)
Voiced by Park Seon-yeong

The main character. She is a fairy from Fairy Tale Land, who lost her powers and had to go to the human world to complate tasks given to her by the Secret Diary. She does things at her own pace, likes to investigate and be artistic. She is a foodie, and likes to sing. In the Secret Flower Band, she is the main vocalist. Her theme color is pink. Her home/headquarters is Castle Fleroma.

Lily (릴리)
Voiced by Jung Hye-won

She was the first friend Jouju made while on Earth. Her specialty is ballet dancing. In the Secret Flower Band, she plays the keyboard. Her theme color is yellow.

Rosa (로사)
Voiced by Hong So-young

She was initially part of the Princess Club along with Violet and Camillia, but after joined Jouju's side. In the Secret Flower Band, she is the guitarist. Her theme color is purple.

Irene (아이린)
Voiced by Bae Jin-hong

She is a tomboy and her specialties are tennis and inline skating. Her first appearance is in Season 4, where she, disguised as the boy Iron, taught Jouju, Lily and Rosa how to skate, in order to enter an Inline Skating Championship. She gains magical powers in Season 5. She has a pink pet rabbit called Som-Som (솜솜). In the Secret Flower Band, she plays the drums. Her theme color is emerald/cyan.

Shasha (샤샤)
The youngest member of Jouju's gang. Despite being a year younger than the other girls, she shows a very mature personality. Her first appearance is in Season 6, and in Season 7, she gains her magical powers. In the band, she plays the violin. Her theme color is orange.

Fairy Tale Land

Lullu (룰루)/ Prince Louie (루이왕자)
Voiced by Hong So-young (Lulu), Ha Sung-yong (Louie)

The Prince of Fairy Tale Land. He is turned into a yellow teddy bear who acts as Jouju's companion and mentor. Lulu can turn into Louie temporarily, and Jouju can talk to him in her dreams.

Pico (피코)

A magical bird. He hatched from the egg that Jouju and her friends found.

Human World

Terry (테리)
Voiced by Um Sang-hyun

A young pastry chef who lives in Secret Town, and the grandson of Grandpa Pan. Currently, he is the new owner of the Raintree Bakery.

Leo (레오)
Voiced by

A veterinarian at Secret Town's Chuchu Animal Hospital.

Peter (피터)
Voiced by Um Sang-hyun

A teacher in Jouju's class. He first appears in Season 8. He is actually a fairy from Fairy Tale Land.

Grandma Laura (로라 할머니)

Lily's grandmother.


Black Queen (블랙 퀸)
Voiced by Park Seon-young

An evil witch who tried to take over Fairy Tale Land, but they were sealed like Pleroma by the Secret Diary. In season 1, her spirit was sealed inside the statue of an angel at the fountain on Jouju's school. However, she gives Camillia and Violet her own powers, which they use to battle against Jouju and amplify negative emotions to try to revive her, interfering with Jouju. In Season 3, she regains some of her powers and moves from her angel statue to a painted portrait, introducing her new minion, the Parrot. She casts her spells by chanting "Bubladi Bublada" (부블라디 부블라다).

Violet (바이올렛)
Voiced by Hong So-young

One of Black Queen's servants, and a member of the Princess Club. She is also a witch.

Camellia (카밀리아)
Voiced by Jung Hye-won

A member of the Princess Club. She is also a witch.

Poison (포이슨)
Voiced by Jung Hye-won

The main antagonist of Season 10. She is a witch who specializes in ice magic, and used it to freeze Fairy Tale Land and all its inhabitants.

Dia (다아) and Blo (블로)
Voiced by Lee Myeong-ho (Dia), Yoo Seon-ah (Blo)

Poison's servants.

Medusa (메듀사)
Voiced by Gong Gyeong-eun
Bella (벨라)
Voiced by Kim Sae-hae

The main antagonist of Season 11.


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