Rosa (Secret Jouju)

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Secret Jouju Rosa Fairy.jpg
Name Rosa (로사)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond (Human)
Purple (Fairy)
CV Hong So-young
Moe Points ponytail, guitar, genius, ojou(?)
From Earth
Group Affiliation Secret Flower

Rosa is a character in Secret Jouju.


She may appear cold-hearted, but on the inside Rosa is kinder than anyone else. She always makes calm and objective choices, thus making her a good leader and let her act as the "brains" during dangerous situations. She is Secret Flower Band’s guitarist.
— Young Toys


She is first seen as a member of the Princess Club, a trio of beautiful but mean girls, composed of her, Violet and Camellia. When they saw Jouju, they were not fond of her presence, saying she couldn't be a princess. They were mean to Jouju and Lilly for the entirety of Season 1, until Jouju saw Rosa play her guitar near the fountain, and decided to join her.

The next day, Rosa's guitar disappeared, and Violet and Camellia decided to put the blame on Lilly, when in reality, the two witches were the ones who stole it.

Rosa was Lilly's childhood friend all along. Violet and Camellia, who were actually witches, cast a spell on Rosa and erased her memories of Lilly.

On the night of the school's art festival, Rosa was about to play her guitar, when suddenly, she received an electric shock. Seeing this, Jouju gave the Flower of Memory to her. Rosa then gained magical powers and transformed into a fairy. At that time, Violet and Camellia's spell on her was finally broken, and Rosa regained her memories of Lilly.