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Secret Jouju Lilly Fairy.jpg
Name Lilly
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
CV Jung Hye-won
Moe Points ballerina
Group Affiliation Secret Flower

Lilly is a character in Secret Jouju.


A girl from Earth who was the first friend Jouju made. Initially, she lacked confidence and self-esteem, and thought very low of herself.


Lilly is first seen sitting near the school's fountain. She wanted to practice ballet so that she could enter the school's ballet contest. That is when she met Jouju, disguised as a human. Jouju wanted Lilly to be her friend, and she reluctantly accepted. At first, she was puzzled with Jouju's mannerisms and behavior.

While chasing after a stray cat she just met, she was locked inside a pet rescue truck, as part of a plan by Violet and Camellia to sabotage her. Lilly began to feel disappointed in herself, thinking her dream of being a ballerina was over. Just then, the stray cat decided to ask Jouju for help, so she used her last chance at magic to transform into a fairy, turning the cat into a white car, so that she could go to where Lilly was. Jouju drove Lilly to the venue of the ballet contest. Lilly lacked confidence to enter, but with Jouju's help, she regained her courage.

A few days later, Lilly was at the fountain, looking at an old childhood photo of her and a mysterious blonde girl, who was a friend. Jouju wondered who she was.It turns out Lilly's childhood friend was Rosa of the Princess Club: Violet and Camellia were actually witches who erased her memories of Lilly.

When Lilly was performing in front of a group of students, a rain of caterpillars, conjured by the witch, fell from the sky, however, Jouju transformed just in time.

At the tryouts for the school's art festival, Rosa was about to play her guitar, but she slipped because of the ice Violet and Camellia conjured and was about to fall. Jouju froze time, but noticed Lilly was still moving because of the power of her heart. As Jouju gave the Secret Flower to her, Lilly gained magic powers and transformed into a fairy, saving Rosa in time.

At that night, Lilly found out about Jouju's secret mission of saving Fairy Tale Land. Lilly volunteered to help her, citing that at first, she had low self-esteem and always relied on others for help, but now she wants to be the one to do something for others.


  • In the Secret Flower Band, she plays the keyboard.