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Fairy Jouju.jpg
Name Jouju (쥬쥬)
Age 13
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown (Human)
Blond (Fairy)
CV Park Seon-yeong
Moe Points magical girl, foodie
From Fleroma
Group Affiliation Secret Flower

Jouju is the main character of the South Korean animated series Secret Jouju.


She is a fairy from Fleroma, the Fairy Tale World.


Jouju is kind and friendly, but is sometimes self-centered. Since all she could ever do was use magic to help other girls turn into princesses, she initially felt disappointed in herself. She sometimes uses her magic for her own reasons.

Jouju is also a big eater.


Jouju was a fairy who helped ordinary girls turn into princesses. One day, she decided to turn into a princess herself, so that she could marry Prince Louie, the prince of Fleroma. Just then, an evil witch appeared and was about to attack. Jouju tried to use her magic to protect Louie from her, but because the magic she used was forbidden, she lost her powers. Just then, the witch was sealed inside the Secret Diary, but she already managed to cast a spell on the prince, trapping him inside a pendant. As for Jouju, she was sent to the Human world along with the Secret Diary and a teddy bear called Lullu. While on Earth, the Secret Diary tasked her with missions she had to complete in order to retrieve her magic.

Her first mission was "make a friend". Jouju decided to enroll in a human school to find someone who could be her friend. The first friend she made was Lilly, a girl who dreamed of being a ballerina. When Lilly was locked inside a pet rescue truck, a stray cat who was with her went to where Jouju was and convinced her to go save Lilly. Jouju then used her magic to transform into a fairy and turn the cat into a car, so she could go after Lilly. After Jouju saved Lilly, they returned to school, where the ballet competition was about to start. However, Lilly lacked confidence, and didn't want to go, but Jouju encourages her to try. With her confidence restored, Lilly entered the stage.

She then met Rosa, a member of the Princess Club, a trio of mean girls. Under the influence of Violet and Camellia, she questioned Jouju about the nature of friends, and told her she didn't need anyone to help her.

When Rosa was about to fall, Jouju used her magi to freeze time, but she was surprised to see that Lilly was still moving, albeit in slow motion. Lullu then told her it was her heart asking for help. Jouju then gave the Secret Flower to Lilly, which transformed her and gave her the magic to save Rosa. It is revealed that Rosa was Lilly's childhood friend, and Violet and Camellia were actually witches and stole Rosa's memories of her. Then, at Jouju's castle, she revealed her true nature to her and her mission to save Prince Louie.

After seeing Rosa hanging out with Violet and Camellia again, she assumes something suspicious is going on with her, so she decides to "study" her to find out what happened. Jouju secretly sneaked into Rosa's mansion. The next day, Rosa's guitar went missing, and thinking Lilly stole it from her, gets angry at her. Jouju defended Lilly and scolded Rosa for her behavior. Jouju, along with Lilly, searched for Rosa's guitar all around the school, but didn't find anything. At the auditorium, when Rosa was about to play her guitar, she received an electric shock while plugging it in. It turns out the witch, hidden inside the fountain, had cursed her guitar. Jouju's flower started glowing, and, noticing Rosa, gave it to her. The flower transformed Rosa and gave her magic. Thanks to this, Rosa broke free from Violet and Camellia's spell, and regained her memories of Lilly.

Just as Rosa and Lilly were sharing their memories together, Jouju felt jealous, because she didn't have any of her own. To comfort her, Rosa and Lilly decide to go for a stroll together, so that Jouju can have memories to make with them. Violet and Camellia tried to sabotage them, but the magic of the three friends proved to be stronger.

A few days before the school's art festival, Jouju began to obsess over winning the grand prize, which was a crown. The dark magic sent by the witch brainwashed her and made her ambitious. Lilly and Rosa tried to use the magic of Jouju's Secret Diary to change her back, but the witch blocked it.

On the eve of the school's art festival, Lilly and Rosa found out nobody was cheering for their performances, because the dark magic was at work. When Jouju was about to perform, Violet and Camellia hypnotized the other students into leaving the auditorium, but the spell was broken thanks to Rosa strumming the Secret Guitar. With the combined power of Jouju's voice, Lily's dance and Rosa's guitar playing, the spell was broken. Jouju. Rosa and Lilly were declared the winners of the festival. Although she won the crown, Jouju decided to give it back to the school, having realized how valuable friendship was.