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Advice about setting New Bangumi Topic

The New Bangumi Topic of the Chinese version(zh:Template:首页/专题/新番专题) is great! But the English version only has a Welcome topic(Template:Main Page/Welcome).

What about setting a New Bangumi Topic at the English version? It would be great, I think. If OK, I'll try to help.

Honoka55(Message me·My contributions) 02:02, 21 May 2017 (CDT)

SRY,the patroller has no rights to edit the Template about the mainpage and mainpage......we can try to make it first and ask the aministrator to edit(faceplam)--Patroller KumoKasumi 07:16, 21 May 2017 (CDT)

(+)Agree. Good idea. So just write in our personal sandboxes first. Issho ni ganbarou! Honoka55(Message me·My contributions) 07:55, 21 May 2017 (CDT)
User:Honoka55/New_Bangumi_Topic/Monday Honoka55(Message me·My contributions) 08:56, 21 May 2017 (CDT)
英语不好XoX--Zyksnowy (talk) 09:01, 23 May 2017 (CDT)
2333— Honoka55(Message me·My contributions) 09:06, 23 May 2017 (CDT)