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The Sparklence, from Ultraman Tiga
Basic Infomation
Item name Transformation device
Henshin item

A transformation device is a fictional prop present in most ACG works, commonly seen in tokusatsu and magical girl shows.


Transformation devices are props present in most tokusatsu and anime/manga series, commonly used by the main character(s) to change, and they may be essential to the character.

Most of them have a fantastical appearance. Many of them may be based upon real props, but their structures are more exaggerated here.


Som edevices have buttons or switches to trigger the transformation, so you only need to follow specific steps to complete the transformation; some other devices require the user to cooperate with a specific posture or a phrase to complete the transformation; and some other devices can be driven by the user's mind power to help them transform.

Works with this prop

Only the major works are listed here.