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Name Tushan Susu (涂山苏苏)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Gold
Character Voicing Chinese: Liu Xiaoyu
Japanese: Kana Asumi
Moe Points ageless loli, fox, yōkai, kemonomimi, ahoge, tennen boke, baka, genki, jingai
Group Affiliation Tushan Foxes
Related Characters
Bai Yuechu, Tushan Yaya, Tushan Rongrong, Tushan Honghong

Tushan Susu (涂山苏苏) is a character from Fox Spirit Matchmaker, and is the titular fox spirit of the series.


Sister of Tushan Yaya, the matriarch of the Tushan Foxes, and Tushan Rongrong, the housekeeper. She is the third and last one of the sisters. She wants to be a good and capable matchmaker (in the eyes of the Tushan Foxes, this is a "proper profession"), but because she has no spirit powers, she often makes mistakes and mess up the tasks. All of the other spirits called her "Stupid Su".

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Susu's past life


Tushan Susu receives her first assignment

Moe Contests

Bilibili Moe Awards
  • 2016 Moe King


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