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Name Cleatus
Other Names Fox Sports Robot
Moe Points mecha
From Made in the USA
Group Affiliation Fox Sports
Related Characters

Cleatus is the official mascot for Fox Sports.


The origins of Cleatus can be traced back to 2006, when Fox Sports was going through a rebranding. One fateful day, while everyone was watching their football match, a giant robot suddenly had appeared in the sponsors' corner. Nobody knew why.


  • Almost every sports graphics package on television had a futuristic, mechanical design. Cleatus was said to be the "personification" of all that.


  • Cleatus was conceived by Gary Hartley, a designer at Fox Sports, inspired by one of his son's drawings.[1]
  • American magazine Esquire published an "interview" with Cleatus.[2]



Company name Fields Co., Ltd. (株式会社フィールズ)
Founded March 19, 2003
Headquarters Shibuya Garden Tower (16-17 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Key people Hidetoshi Yamamoto (Chairman)

Fields is a Japanese pachinko and pachislot machine manufacturing company.


The company was originally known as Toyo Shoji Co., Ltd. (東洋商事株式会社) Its original headquarters where in Minato-ku, Nagoya, in the Aichi Prefecture.

RizSta -Top of Artists!-

RizSta -Top of Artists!- (リズスタ -Top of Artists!-) is a Japanese television series produced by OLM and Takara Tomy.


The legendary top artist, Ryuuji Hoshigami, has created an entertainment stage, the "RizSta Stage".
The performances and dance battles here will be broadcast around the world,
where viewers can use their "RizSta Lights" to send Voltages (cheering energy) directly to the artists.

And so, an exciting dance battle stage of dreams,
where the viewers determine the outcome of the dance battle by sending "Voltages", was born.

However, only those who have a "RizSta Brace" in hand can become a RizSta and stand on the stage.

Ryuuji has created the "RizSta Dance Academy", where new RizSta are being raised.
There, young people from all over the country aim to be top artists,
but a strict entrance exam awaits them.

Miu, Rion, and Shota, with all their passionate feelings in mind, aim to become RizSta.
But can they hone their personal skills, compete in dance battles,
work hard and overcome tough challenges in order to seize their dream of becoming the top artist!?

This is the story of the growth of children,
who chase after their dream with all their might...!

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Kyoka Shino

Kyoka Shino
Kyoka Shino.jpg
Name Kyoka Shino (響歌シノ)
Hair Color Pink and blond
Eye Color Blue
Birthday July 4
Illustrator Senano
Moe Points singer, hair clips
Links YouTube
Tags Songs: #絶対生歌
Fanart: #シノ絵届け

Kyoka Shino (きょう シノ) is a Virtual YouTuber and singer.

She had her start streaming in the app REALITY, but later moved her channel to YouTube, where she remains to this day. Since during her days at REALITY, her avatar would move according to how she opened her eyes, she was nicknamed "intraocular singer" (かんがつうたひめ). She used to be the lead vocalist in a band, and her singing and performing skills let her convey a variety of emotions.

She used to be affiliated to the agency LIVE UNION, until her departure in December of 2022.


DecemberHer departure from LIVE UNION was announced.[1]
February 25She announced her marriage.[2]


Single albums

Title Release Date
Hajimari no Aizu (はじまりの合図)
Can't take this anymore
Please be happy


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Name Alanya (桉榄桠)
Age Unknown
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pink
Moe Points singer
From Chengdu, China

Alanya is a virtual singer created by Uniwarship Records.


Alanya is a warrior singer that comes from the Lyra constellation, and she is the daughter of a Cosmic Fleet Admiral. She is Uniwarship's first metaverse artist.


Extended plays

  • 降世 (2022)


  • 花海 (2023)

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Name Seiya (星矢せいや)
Other Names Pegasus Seiya (天馬星座ペガサス星矢)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Moe Points
Related Characters
Shiryu, Shun, Ikki, Hyoga, Saori Kido

Seiya is a character in the Japanese manga series Saint Seiya created by Masami Kurumada and its derived works.


He is the main character of Saint Seiya.

He is the Bronze Pegasus Saint (or Knight), but in later chapters of the manga and in later anime series, he becomes the Golden Sagittarius Saint, succeeding Aiolos.

One of Mitsumasa Kido's orphans, he was sent to the Sanctuary in Greece to find the Pegasus Cloth. There, he was trained by Marin, who was a Saint herself. After that period, he discovers that his sister Seika had went missing ever since he started his journey to the Sanctuary, and decides to return to Japan and find her. He then encounters Saori Kido, who proposes that he take part in the Galaxian Wars, a fighting championship that determines who can win one of the Gold Cloths.

But one of the fights gets interrupted by Ikki, an evil Saint. He finishes off the other contestants, except for Seiya and three others: Shun, Shiryu and Hyoga.



Oropo is part of the Eliotropes, a race created in the moment Yugo used the power of the six Eliatrope Dofus (the Dofus of his siblings and their dragons) to confront Ogrest. When Yugo tapped into the power of the Dofus, he scattered fragments of himself into time and space, creating the Eliotropes and sending them to the Age of the Dofus, a thousand years back.

As each Eliotrope perished, the life of the surviving others was made longer, which was the reason why it took centuries for Oropo to become an adult.

World of Twelve

The World of Twelve is one of the numerous planets in the Krosmoz.

After a long journey, the Eliatropes arrived on the planet aboard their vessel, the Zinit, and established a colony here. But Orgonax and the Mechasms had found them, because of Qilby intentionally sending them a signal. Thus, a second battle against them was held, in which the adult Eliatropes used up all their power to open a portal to another dimension, sending their children there to safety. Nora, a member of the Council, made a desperate plea to the Goddess Eliatrope, and using her power, she defeated Orgonax, causing an explosion that wiped out all life on the planet.

Several millennia later, the god Osamodas arrived at the desolated planet, and decided to breathe life into it. The other nine Gods soon followed.

The gods then saw that there had to be balance in this world, so they decided to create powerful artifacts to ensure this balance. The god Sadida created dolls to seduce Osamodas' dragons, making them lay Dofus. The resulting six Dofus, each representing an element (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wakfu and Stasis) were placed on the care of guardians.

According to the pulsations of these six Dofus, the god Xelor created a giant clock with which to calculate time. This was called Xelor's Clock, and the year in which the clock was created and started to function was considered "Year 0".

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3 cover.jpg
Original Name スーパーマリオランド3 ワリオランド
Official Translation Name Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Platform Game Boy
Rating E
Developed by Nintendo R&D1
Published by Nintendo
Designed by Hiroji Kiyotake
Music by Ryoji Yoshitomi
Kozue Ishikawa
Mode Single-player
Series Wario series
Publication Date January 21, 1994

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 is a Game Boy game developed by Nintendo, released in 1994. It is the third installment of the Super Mario Land series.


The game's protagonist is Wario, formerly the villain of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

After Mario took back his castle from him in the previous game, Wario decides he wants a castle of his own. He hears of the Brown Sugar Pirates, who have stolen a grand quantity of coins and treasures, including a golden statue of Princess Peach, and hid them in Kitchen Island.

Santa Monica Studio

Type Video game developer
Founded 1999
Main works God of War
Related Companies Sony Interactive Entertainment

Santa Monica Studio is an American video game developer.


The studio was founded in 1999 and spun off from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Like its name implied, the studio had its main offices in Santa Monica, California, they later moved to Playa Vista in 2014.


Leopold the Cat

Leopold the Cat
Leopold the Cat.webp
The main character, Leopold
Original Name Кот Леопольд
Translation Name Leopold the cat
Region Russia
Original run 1875-1987
Episodes 11 (short films)
Studio Studio Ekran
Directed by Anatoly Reznikoz
Written by Arkady Khait
Music by Boris Savelyev
Voiced by Andrey Mironov
Gennady Khazanov
Alexander Kalyagin
State Finished

Leopold the Cat is a Russian cartoon character created by Studio Ekran in 1975. He is the protagonist of the Leopold the Cat series of animated short films. There were eleven Leopold films produced in total, from 1975 to 1987.


Leopold is a kind, orange cat who wears a bowtie. He often has to deal with the mischief of the two mice, Grey and White.

List of Leopold films

  • The Revenge of Leopold the Cat / Месть кота Леопольда (1975)
  • Leopold and the Goldfish / Леопольд и золотая рыбка (1975)
  • The Treasure of Leopold the Cat / Клад кота Леопольда (1981)
  • Leopold the Cat's TV /Телевизор кота Леопольда (1981)
  • Leopold the Cat Goes for a Walk / Прогулка кота Леопольда (1981)
  • Leopold the Cat's Birthday / День рождения кота Леопольда (1982)
  • Interview with Leopold the Cat / Интервью с котом Лепольдом (1984)
  • Leopold the Cat in Dreams and Reality / Кот Леопольд во сне и наяву (1984)
  • Leopold the Cat's Polyclinic / Поликлиника кота Леопольда (1986)
  • Leopold the Cat's Automobile / Автомобиль кота Леопольда (1987)

Derivative works


The New Adventures of Leopold the Cat
Original Name Новые приключения кота Леопольда
Translation Name Cat Leo
Region Russia
Original run January 2016
Episodes 13
Studio Mondo TV
Russian Mobile Television
Directed by Anatoly Reznikov
Orlando Corradi
Written by Anatoly Reznikov
Faibo di Ranno
Music by John Sposito
Voiced by Alexander Kalyagin
Andrey Barkhudarov
Diomid Vinogradov

True and the Rainbow Kingdom

True and the Rainbow Kingdom
True and the Rainbow Kingdom - Poster.webp
Original Name
Translation Name
Region USA
Classification TV-Y
Original run August 11, 2017-present
Episodes 39
Studio Guru Studio
I am OTHER<r>FriendsWithYou
Home Plate Entertainment
Directed by Harold Harris
Jamie Whitney
Written by Craig Young
Tom K. Mason
Voiced by Addison Holley
Anna Claire Bartlam
Ben Diskin
Brandon McGibbon
State Finished

True and the Rainbow Kingdom is an American animated series created by Guru Studio, it premiered on Netflix on August 11, 2017.


True is a young girl who lives in the Rainbow Kingdom with her cat Bartleby. By tapping into the powers of the Wishes, she helps the inhabitants of the kingdom.


  • True: Michaela Luci
  • Bartleby: Tom Kenny
  • Grizelda: Anna Claire Bartlam
  • Zee: Nicolas Aqui
  • Rainbow King: Eric Peterson
  • Frookie: Sam Marin
  • Bingo Bango: Brandon McGibbon
  • Rocky, Wishing Tree: JG Quintel
  • Silverclaw: Patrick Warburton
  • Shadow: Stephany Seki


  • Creative Directors: Brandon James Scott, Yurie Rocha
  • Creators: Ralph Fulton, Arturo Sandoval III, Samuel Borkson
  • Directors: Harold Harris, Jamie Whitney
  • Editors: Kelly Carlson, Tom Berger
  • Executive Producers: Bill Schultz, Frank Falcone, Jeremy Larner, Mary Bredin, Pharrell Williams, Robin Frank