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Map of the Krosmoz

The Krosmoz is a fictional universe created by the French multimedia company Ankama. It is the universe in which the online game Dofus and the animated series Wakfu take place.


In the beginning, there was nothing but raw energy. This energy came in two forms: The Wakfu, a force of creation, and Stasis, a force of destruction. These two forms of energy represented all matter and magic in this universe. Unlike most universes, they don't clearly explain "good and evil" or "order and chaos"; they just exist. If anything magical happens, it's a creation or destruction effect. If science happens, it's still a creation or destruction effect, it's just easier to understand.

Eventually, the Wakfu formed a sentient entity: the Great Goddess, Eliatrope, and the Stasis fragments became the Great Dragon. The two joined in a "dance", and from this "dance" a complex universe was born. It is shaped like an egg, and all that exists there is either inside the egg or in these two gods. The "yolk" of the egg is the Material Plane and its neighboring star systems.

This membrane is the Astral Layer known as the "Ether", and at the ends of the egg's yolk are the Incarnam and the Inglorium, and the Externam and the Shustuft Crust. The former two are on the tip of the egg, and the latter two are near the bottom of the egg. When a being dies, their soul flows from the bottom of the egg, through the Great Dragon, and into the body of the Great Goddess, through which it is reincarnated back into the Krosmoz.

Planes of the Krosmoz

  • Incarnam: The dimension in which souls exist and can be reincarnated.
  • Inglorium: The realm of the gods.
  • Shustuft Crust: The realm of the Shushus and their leader Rushu.
  • Externam: The world of the dead.
  • Astral Plane: The dimension separating Inglorium and the Shustuft Cruft.
  • Material Plane: Located in the middle of the Krosmoz, it is the material world, where mortals live. The World of Twelve is also located here.